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Hello, I'm Ahmed Crow from Egypt. I'm not a student but translating and new languages are one of my hobbies, I lack some sources to improve my Latin learning, and I'm seeking that here.
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My first post

Thank you for allowing me to join this forum. I am a theology student from Poland and this is my first year. I am an English teacher and I have never been studying Greek. I would need some help and believe that this forum is the right place :)
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"I am an adult Greek beginner (currently intermediate beginner) in Mexico. I started my journey to learn ancient and modern Greek a year ago with the Greek Boy At Home text. I have been translating it, analyzing it, creating my own audio for it. Since then I have branched out to other texts, including Nichomachus' Arithmetic and Poryphy's Isagogue, along with some kathareousa and demotic texts for children. Along the way, I encounter difficulties with ...
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I'm a secondary school student from Victoria (Australia), but won't be for much longer as I'm in year 12 and there are only two weeks until the last exams here! I have been studying French since primary school and have got more or less competent at it by now and as I found it so fun to learn, I've recently started trying to learn some Latin and ancient Greek as well for a spare-time ...
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Qualified to question Porson and to Be-Bentley Bentley

Not meant as any sort of political commentary (unless we are talking about 19th century politics). But I enjoyed the Porson and Bentley reference.

Then, quite early in the Session, immediately after the voting of the address, a motion had been made by the Government of the day for introducing household suffrage into the counties. No one knew the labour to which the Senator subjected himself in order that he might master all these peculiarities,—that ...
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Just curious to ask

Do you think that lack of depth in the grammar of their own language is the main thing
that can make Latin & Greek so difficult for some?

I ask because I'm just wondering if another answer in the past might have been the
**requirement** of courses like Latin and Greek in some schools. This meant students would
achieve deeper grammatical knowledge as a result of grammar's mandatory role in public
education rather than some ...
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Greetings! I am an ongoing student of Greek. My formal coursework has been in New Testament Greek. I am working on a translation of Christian hymns written in the 8th century by John of Damascus and Kosmos of Jerusalem. Specifically, I am translating the hymns sung for the feast of Theophany (aka the Festival of Lights, or the baptism of Christ). The hymns are written in atticized literary koine. As I work through these hymns, ...
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biblical greek.

i haven't been in here for a very long time now, but i'm back. i have been interested in learning greek for some time now, but i'm having problems keeping track of the terminology : nom, acc, dat,voc, etc. anyone have any ideas?

also, other than mounce, what is a good book to use for learning greek? i currently have dobson, duff, and another one i can't remember.
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Latin typography


Attending a fairly traditional Catholic school for 13 years exposed me to plenty of Latin. I have always been quite used to seeing Latin in my environment. So it surprised me today when I was writing up a lesson plan for my Typography class when I was confounded by a silly dilemma.

I am providing my students with samples of various typographic styles. I have a font called Latin Uncial. Latin Uncial does not ...
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I've learnt latin for 13 years with a level that might be very mediocre for a living language. That were times where "speaking" latin was not a goal, nor producing latin texts.

Now that my children started learning latin on their turn, I want to take my level a step further and be able to talk fluently, which is why I'm reading a lot of Plautus as this is a fun approach and contains ...
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