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Greek Text of the Alexiad?

Does anybody know of an online or print text of the Alexiad of Anna Comnenus? Thanks.
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the need for deputy administrators

Textkit has well set up so it go on for some time without anyone checking on it.
However approving new members is essential and seems to be a growing delay in this.

The obvious solution is a team of deputy administrators so that if somebody has a period when the are unable to devote much time to textkit others can take up the slack.
If those deputies also have the power to remove spam accounts ...
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Can we try to get new member Θῶμας approved?

He says he has posted several times for several months and is still not approved. Can a moderator look into this? He is not (as I think the vast majority of attempted new members are?) a spammer.

thanks. I will delete this message one he is approved.
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Early Modern Italian (?) in relation to Latin (reading)

I hope this is not too off-topic for this section of the forum.

I introduced myself a couple years ago and got apparently solid advice on returning to Latin and getting started with Greek -- advice that I admit I have done little with. Excuses, excuses.

I am here to ask if anyone knows of resources that would be helpful for reading what I guess is Early Modern Italian - Leonardo, to be specific. I ...
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spam account?

The account africa has made a single post and it does look as if it was created simply to provide a link to an off topic film site:
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I'm curious what everyone thinks about this topic. I've noticed that it can be a very heated subject on wikipedia articles. My personal view is that the BC/AD system is better on practical grounds: 1) the uniformity of two characters in each 2) easier to distinguish at sight 3) easier to say in speech.

As I christian I don't really care which system is used, but the motive (as I understand it) behind the BCE/CE ...
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Other Greek Textbooks subforum

Σαῦλος mentioned that it would be nice to have a subforum where we could make a new topic for every composition exercise in Sidgwick, without cluttering up the main boards.
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A new commer

As a Asian student who studied Latin language alone, I found myself getting answers from this forum which couldn't be found everywhere. Being my first romance language, Latin always overwhelmed me with it's complex grammar. At least some borrowed words can help me with vocabulary, like what I've done to japanese with my chinese background. Unfortunately, the difficulty between grammars of japanese and latin is not at the same level, so here I am, ...
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Greetings Greek and Latin Singers!

We are looking for a singer or singers that can sing Greek and Latin. This is for one or two days of work. We need somebody who has a range of at least an octave and a half (preferably from a C on the bottom end although this is flexible). Both male and female singers are possible as the range can be lowered. So we want somebody who has a good voice and some experience ...
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New member, introducing myself.

Hi there,

Just joined the community and want to introduce myself. I'm a complete beginner looking to learn Latin. I've recently developed an interest in history and philosophy, and the urge to read texts in their original languages came with it.

I've picked up some tricks over the years when learning Chinese and Japanese, and I'm looking forward to the challenge of learning a new language.

:D ...
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