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I'm a college graduate who has never really studied Greek or Latin to any meaningful degree, but now wish to do so by myself; how feasible that is with my schedule is dubious. I originally simply wanted to acquire a familiarity with Latin and Greek vocabularies and to understand the processes which brought many pieces of them, in one form or another, to English, but I find as I am reading that I am ...
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Greetings to all. I have been perusing Texkit for a while and have finally decided to join in. My interest is studying Greek, with a chief focus on Koine, though I have done a little with Byzantine and a little with Attic and, time permitting, will push further in those directions. I have been actively studying for around 4 years to date and am busy working in the direction of doing more composition and speaking, ...
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Untranslated Greek & Latin texts

A while back, there was some discussion about "untranslated" Greek and Latin texts. Does anybody have any update on that topic? I would love to have a fairly interesting Greek (or Latin) text to work on. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
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Google's translation of Shakespeare into Latin

Hey all,

For a bit of fun, try opening Google Translate, enter "Shakespeare" on the left and select English, and in the translation box on the right, select "Latin". Here's a direct link to speed things up: https://translate.google.co.jp/?um=1&ie=UTF-8&hl=en&client=tw-ob#en/la/Shakespeare

Ta da! I guess he was a Roman-era equivalent of Shakespeare.


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Greetings from London and Loeb Classical Library Question

Good afternoon and hello from London

I am new to the site and am looking at collecting the Loeb Classical Library. I would love some guidance as to where to start with this as there are over 500 books. The books are a gift so I am somewhat out of my depth with knowing where to start with this search. Any recommended places in London or online sites to purchase these books from and whether ...
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Good Tutorials for Basic Video Editing?

Oh, would you look at that, my question fits in the title?

Seriously though, are there any basic platforms/tutorials people would recommend?
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Refreshing a language

Eleven years ago I took the last of my seven years of French instruction and was more or less fluent; however I've done nothing with it in the decade-plus since. The other day I was reading some liner notes (to Dvořák's Slavonic Dances, both sets on one LP, mirabile dictu) and noticed that the French was different from the English; I gave it a look and found that I could read maybe 3/4 of it, ...
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How do you do, everybody? Having been a lurker for about ten years, I have many a time found the posts here both interesting and helpful, and I hold the central mission of the website in the highest respect. My main interest lies in ancient Greek, and I hope to be able to contribute something in my turn.
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χaῖρετε / salvēte!

χaῖρετε / salvēte!

I have been studying Greek with an excellent tutor here in NYC for 3 years now (he is a graduate of the "greats" program at Oxford, how lucky am I?) and have recently been working on Latin too (I maintain they're the same language just the words are different. :lol: ). Its twice the work, but also twice the fun.

In Greek we first ...
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Ars transcribendi


I was approached concerning the subject of transcriptions. How do I transcribe texts? I started writing an answer and after a while it got rather long, so long in fact to merit placing it somewhere where others can read it as well.

How did I create transcriptions for Project Gutenberg-versions, for example the Project Gutenberg-version of Meissner's "Latin Phrase Book"? First of all, I did not create the Meissner-transcription explicitly for Project Gutenberg (PG). ...
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