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Direct Method for non-Indo-European languages

Are there any books following Direct Method for teaching "non-Indo-European" languages (that are not classified as Indo-European)? Languages using a version of Latin alphabet are my priority, but I wonder about others too.
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Hello world.

Hello - I'm Peter, a UK retiree currently living in Surrey. On first reading the Odyssey, over 30 years ago, I decided to visit as many places as possible mentioned by Homer, a journey that continues and which has taken me to Greek and particularly Crete, Anatolia and Toscana for extended periods. Aside from a passion for Homeric geography I am largely self-taught in ancient Greek despite attending classes at Birkbeck College and UCL in ...
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New member

Hello all,

I did 2 years of Greek at school and enjoyed it. I've been reading various translations of Homer over the years (admiring the Iliad and thoroughly enjoying the Odyssey). I retired from full-time work some years ago, and recently learnt about an excellent adult-education class in ancient Greek in Bristol UK, and took it for three terms, a weekly class of 90 minutes with homework taking an hour or two. Occasionally three. The ...
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Hello everyone; I just registered, so I'll give a quick intro: I had my introduction to Greek in 1977/78 under a then young Stanley Lombardo. He taught first year Greek using passages of the Iliad with only Goodwin's Grammar and Liddell and Scott (No Pharr). In the second semester, we morphed into New Testament, which at the time was more my interest.

Anyway, life got in the way and I barely looked at Greek for ...
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newbie or novus homus

Hi, I'm glad to sign up to textkit after so many web searches led me here. Funnily enough the issue that gave me a bee in my bonnet I''ve resolved while waiting for my email inbox to refresh with the confirmation link for my account here. That is, or was, where can I get hold of a colebourne key. Eventually I read down the bottom of a prior thread and followed a link to dropbox ...
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New Comer

Hello my name is Michel and I am a new comer to this site. I live in Montréal, Québec, Canada. I studied three years Latin when I was in College. My insterest in Latin has been continuous. Later on, I learned by myself Ancient Greek and Sanskrit. Due to a lack of time, I was studying these languages on and off. I have many books on Latin, Greek and Sanskrit but since these languages are ...
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Goth at the Gate

Greetings from Britannia, my name is DayRaven (alright it ain't, but it sounds more mysterious and sexy than Keith or John or Malcolm).

My linguistic interests mainly lie in old Germanic languages. I have been working (on and off) on translating Beowulf and several of the "elegiac" poems in Old English and several of the poems from the Old Norse Poetic Edda. I've learned some Gothic and mourn the fact that there is no poem ...
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Hi my name is Imke and I'm from Belgium.

I've recently graduated highschool where i've been studying Latin for the past six years. I know from my parents who studied Latin themselves how easily you forget the things you learned I want to prevent that happening to y Latin skills. I'm fascinated with Roman culture and all the drama that can be found in everything from their poems to their retorics ...
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Hello from India.

Dear brothers, sisters and friends.

I am a pre-seminarian who is really interested in learning ancient Greek and Latin. I would love to get a good grasp of Koine Greek to read some of the New Testament manuscripts. Although religious studies is my main forte, I also like the Greek and Latin secular classics, especially the Roman histories and the Greek philosophers. I hope to complete Latin studies and aim to master Church and Vulgate ...
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Hello forum

It actually possible to be social here? ;)

Interested in both latin and greek.
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