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taboo against bearing arms on the streets of Athens?

A lot of the court speeches describe brawls on the streets of Athens. While what I have read so far does give me the impression that Athens was a rather rough place it seems to be rare that anyone resorted to anything much worse than fists. This seems to me remarkable given that citizens were expected to provide their own arms when called out by the city for war. Presumably these were kept at home. ...
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Hellenism and Christianity resources

Can someone recommend resources for reading about the relationship between Hellenistic philosophy and the development of Christianity? I'd like to read Aristotle and Plato together with the Church Fathers, but I need some basic background reading beforehand, perhaps a general historical survey of the key players and theological/philosophical issues involved. Any book recommendations would be greatly appreciated, as well as any comments on how best to approach the topic (which I understand to be vast). ...
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Lost Tragedy

Scribo wrote:I've always disliked Tragedy. From a scholarly perspective we have very little of the good ones anyway, what we have is due to luck or Roman/Byzantine interests so I find them sort of...bleh.

Which prompts me to ask, which do you consider to be the good ones and given that they are lost what is the evidence that they were good.

(The Romans and Byzantines have indeed got a lot to answer for - ...
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who murdered Regilla

I have just read Pomeroy's The murder of Regilla. After two millennium it is hardly likely that any conclusion will meet a criminal level of proof and Pomeroy does not give a final verdict. On the other hand Pomeroy does seem to me to have a favourite conclusion. There are two suspects Herodes Atticus, her husband, and Alcimedon. a freedman of Herodes Atticus. As the defence case (in the subsequent trial) was that Herodes Atticus ...
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Ovid Too Bawdy for Schools?

I've placed this here since I foresee (and approve!) the discussion veering into the other dirty bits of Greco-Roman literature or the censorship and stifling of the best parts during the Victorian ages - Juvenal and Catullus were heavily cut down and mutilated for school children, Loeb series would neglect Aristophane's more dirty jokes etc.

Basically an excuse for a paper (I doubt people outside the UK will be acquainted with the Daily Mail) has ...
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What kind of houses for poor people - Ancient Greece

What kind of houses did the poor people of Ancient Greece live in?

What were the walls made of - mud? wood?
Were there quarters of the poor in cities or were the poor living in shanty towns outside the walls?

I have seen several books that describe housing but with nice bright red tiles and beautiful inner courtyards with gardens it is clear that these are houses for the well to do.

While it ...
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Attic Revivals

Scribo wrote:
daivid wrote:
Scribo wrote:. Because of this discussions of the past tend to be tainted. For example you get those people acquainting the different registers in the past, the late Roman Attic revival and the modern problem as the same thing. Which is...ludicrous to the extreme.

With the knowledge gained from a quick read of the wikipedia article on Katharevousa I begin to suspect that when you say "ludicrous" it is because the difference between Katharevousa and the ...
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Classical Latin Literature

This is a tremendously broad topic, but perhaps with the linguistic liberty of this forum - in terms of its ability to branch out using translations - it would be rather interesting to discuss a little certain works from differing genres. I'm always on the look-out for various translations on different writers, but it's been some time since I've had the time to sit down with the classics (ordinarily, I spend my time with much ...
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Post "Classical" Literature?

I've had to put "Classical" in quotation marks due to the oddly ephemeral nature of the term. Taken strictly everything before and after the Augustans in Latin is either pre/post classical. Likewise non Athenian Greek literature from when the Macedonians come south.

Yet Greek literature, great Greek literature, would be continuously produced under both the Macedonians and the Romans (under which labels I include the Byzantines, obviously) and Latin would later become a European lingua ...
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the Hellenistic Scientific Revolution?

I recently read Lucio Rosso's The Forgotten Revolution, How Science was Born in 300BC and Why it had to be Reborn

His essential thesis is that the during the Hellenistic Era a modern view of science emerged. He very effective, for instance, demolishes the generalization that all Ancient scientists had no interest in practical applications.

I found his thesis very convincing. A lot of his evidence is however indirect - much of the writing has ...
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