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Rosen für Apoll

Has anyone read Joachim Fernau? There are audiobooks available for Rosen für Apoll, and I thought I'd make that my next German listening project.

Are there other suggestions for Greek and Roman themed German books/novels that I should listen to?
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Reading Lists I've collected for some time

The following shows my collection of reference materials on Ancient History and Classical Civilization:

AQA GCSE Classical Civilization Textbooks

Athens and Sparta
Amos and Lang, These were the Greeks, Gerald Duckworth & Co Ltd, ISBN 978-0715627310 (Chapters 5, 13, 14, 15)
James Renshaw, In Search of the Greeks, Gerald Duckworth & Co Ltd, ISBN 978-185399-6993 (Chapters 4 and 6)

Greek Tragedy
M Baldock, Greek Tragedy: An Introduction, Chapters 1 and 2 (pages 1–17), BCP, ISBN ...
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On Abusing Homer

In my Facebook thread I ran into a theory called "bi-phasic" or "segmented" sleep. According to this theory, before modern times people slept their nights in two segments: a "first sleep" until midnight and a "second sleep" thereafter; in between, people would get up and do all sorts of stuff. This theory is presented by Roger Ekirch in the book At Day's Close: A History of Nighttime. It was pretty well reviewed by many quality ...
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Books not remotely accademic:

Pen and Sword unashamedly produce popular history. They do occasionally produce more serious reprints but “Eager for Glory” on the Elder Drusus by Lindsay Powell is not one of those. So why am I glad I read it. First off the Elder Drusus is one of key leaders of the early empire and this book being readable has ensured that exactly who he was has been cemented in my brain.
Given that most of ancient ...
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British Museum

With my spouse, we are going next month on a weekend trip to London (my first time there). Quite naturally, I was thinking that I'll spend as much time in the British Museum as possible (as much as she'll let me ;) ). I mostly care about Greek stuff, though I might want have a look at the Egyptology section as well. Any practical advice? What should ...
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Roman song

Dear all,

I am very curious about whether the Roman had songs or not, and is there any their songs that have been preserved to us now?

If the answer is Yes, please kindly show me the link

Sincerely yours,
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Beh-Hur (or other comic book) translation project

Greetings! I would like to resurrect and double an old idea of mine: translating a comic book not only into Latin but now also into Greek. This is the candidate:

Ben-Hur Stories by Famous Authors Illustrated #11
However, I am open to suggestions, if you know a better suited comic book in the public domain.

Being just an amateur and given my level of competence, I'd never dare to do this on my own. With ...
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God of this, god of that

Venus is the roman goddess of Love, Zeus the greek god of thunder, Thor the norse god of lightning.

This is how these lovely creatures are introduced in school, in mythology dictionaries, and even in greek and latin textbooks.

I have been wondering for some time whether in greek or latin there would be any similar expression, t.i., deus + gen., or theós + gen.

I have still not seen it in any of my ...
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Modern Languages for Classics

This started as a comment on jeidsath's post in the word accent thread.

What modern languages should be a priority if you're doing Classics?

There's the usual culprits, German, especially for Greek studies, Italian, especially for Roman & Latin etc. And then what? Where on the ladder, if at all, would you put French and Modern Greek, Russian and Dutch, etc? Would you say there other languages more tied to specific fields of study? (From ...
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315 - where did those refounding Thebes come from

When Kasandros refounded Thebes where did the citizens come from?

When Athens took Thebes 6000 were killed while the survivors, 30,000 were all sold into slavery.
(Diod. 17.14)

So did a large number of Thebans get out of Thebes ahead of times (and surely that would only include those with some wealth to fall back on) or was their some mechanism whereby those enslaved were freed?
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