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Beh-Hur (or other comic book) translation project

Greetings! I would like to resurrect and double an old idea of mine: translating a comic book not only into Latin but now also into Greek. This is the candidate:

Ben-Hur Stories by Famous Authors Illustrated #11
However, I am open to suggestions, if you know a better suited comic book in the public domain.

Being just an amateur and given my level of competence, I'd never dare to do this on my own. With ...
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God of this, god of that

Venus is the roman goddess of Love, Zeus the greek god of thunder, Thor the norse god of lightning.

This is how these lovely creatures are introduced in school, in mythology dictionaries, and even in greek and latin textbooks.

I have been wondering for some time whether in greek or latin there would be any similar expression, t.i., deus + gen., or theós + gen.

I have still not seen it in any of my ...
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Modern Languages for Classics

This started as a comment on jeidsath's post in the word accent thread.

What modern languages should be a priority if you're doing Classics?

There's the usual culprits, German, especially for Greek studies, Italian, especially for Roman & Latin etc. And then what? Where on the ladder, if at all, would you put French and Modern Greek, Russian and Dutch, etc? Would you say there other languages more tied to specific fields of study? (From ...
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315 - where did those refounding Thebes come from

When Kasandros refounded Thebes where did the citizens come from?

When Athens took Thebes 6000 were killed while the survivors, 30,000 were all sold into slavery.
(Diod. 17.14)

So did a large number of Thebans get out of Thebes ahead of times (and surely that would only include those with some wealth to fall back on) or was their some mechanism whereby those enslaved were freed?
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Aegean Bronze Age Group?

Hey-Does anybody know of a discussion group focused on the Aegean (Greek) Bronze Age? There are groups for lots of other topics, including Greco-Roman inscriptions, so I'd love to find an on-going discussion of the Bronze Age too. Thanks for any help.
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Venus in the Aeneid

She has to combine two roles: her traditional universal one of driving people crazy with sexual passion (via Cupid), and her particular role as Aeneas’ mom and protectrix. It’s an awkward combination, and the two clash badly when Aeneas hits Carthage (bks. 1 & 4). She has Queen Dido—infelix Dido—fall for Aeneas in a big way (role 1), which does her son no good at all (role 2 forgotten). Vergil has somehow to blow smoke ...
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Metaphorical language use

Why does Greek have so little, and Latin so much?

Here, for instance, is Cicero in the 2nd Catilinarian (thanks to swtwentyman’s thread on the Latin board):

iacet ille nunc prostratus, Quirites, et se perculsum atque abiectum esse sentit et retorquet oculos profecto saepe ad hanc urbem quam e suis faucibus ereptam esse luget: quae quidem mihi laetari videtur, quod tantam pestem evomuerit forasque proiecerit.

Catiline has left Rome. Leaving aside the somewhat absurdly sustained ...
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Is Caesar "Boring"?

It's not often it's truly worth discussing whether a text is boring or not - I'm very much a fan of context and as such, such things are petty - but Caesar represents an interesting case. He was a traditional early author and even now seems to be undergoing something of a...if not a renaissance, he is benefiting from renewed interest from students. Or, rather, those who have spent quite a bit of time looking ...
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News from Herculaneum

In today's New York Times:


Science journalism tends to get things wrong, but if this pans out it could be good news. I recall reading that the Italian government has opposed further excavation of the Villa dei papiri, though.

The end of the article seems wrong. Vergil's text is based primarily on mss from late antiquity, not medieval mss, and is as secure as any ancient text. What I'd really like to see, more ...
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differences between spoken and written Ancient Greek

Scribo wrote:John, that is a good question and I think the best way to answer it would be to briefly state the situation and expand the question. Which Greek? The thing is you've got several Greek dialects spread over various territories, within those you have several sociolects too. Even within a tightly bound group there is a considerable variation in register of speech. Then bear in mind you have the problem of time.

Our evidence is ...
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