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Free access to Oxford Bibliographies

For 2 more days, OUP is offering free access to their online products -- at least Oxford Bibliographies, I don't know if there's anything else of interest there you can access. It's possible to save bibliographies to your own computer for further reference (I printed as PDF, I don't know if there's an easier way).
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What Language Was Latin For The Greeks?

As everyone knows, for centuries in the post-Roman West, the study of Latin grammar was considered essential as the foundation of the Seven Liberal Arts. Of course it is unnecessary to go into the detail of why, except to say that the study of a foreign language was considered necessary in order for a student to properly learn how grammar works, since the study of the grammar of your native language was too easy and ...
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Was Homeric wine "sweet" or "pleasant"?

In early epic, wine is repeatedly called "sweet", ἡδύς, ἡδύποτος, γλυκερός etc.

Does this mean "sweet, sugary" or just more vaguely "pleasant to taste"? This has puzzled me a long time - I have looked in many places (at least the Homer Encyclopedia, Der Neue Pauly, Oxford Classical Dictionnary, many individual text commentaries etc. Chantraine says ἡδύς="doux", which is the technical French term for "sweet" wine, but I don't know he should be taken to ...
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The subtext of "On the Murder of Eratosthenes"

Okay, I get that Lysias did not write his speech to convince people like us. Hence, that reading this defense speech convinces me that Euphiletos is guilty even without hearing the prosecution case is no surprise. Every now and then we hear horrific stories of families doing worse things than what Euphiletos is guilty of from isolated villages in India or Afghanistan and the culprits are as proud of their actions as Euphiletos is of ...
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Tarn. and Menander

I have been reading "The Greeks in Bactria and India" by W.W. Tarn.
He offers a very plausible reconstruction of events with Demetrius considering himself having a claim to the Mauran Empire due to marriage connection and relying on Apollodotus and Menander as his subordiantes to mount a pincer movement on what had been the Mauran Empire. His thesis collapses, however, if the alternative dating of Meander that places Meander significantly later is accepted.
In ...
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Candaules got what he deserved?

My reply to this bit of ὑπεκδύομαι -> ὑπεκδύς How?!http://www.textkit.com/greek-latin-forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=60907 is a bit off topic for learning Greek so I am posting it here.
Qimmik wrote:
The Herodotus passage is from the story of Gyges, isn't it? Candaules got what he deserved--he should never have done that to his wife. This is one of the stories that makes Herodotus so entertaining!

I don't imagine that you literally mean to say that what Herodotos describes in itself ...
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Ionian Sea

Why is the Ionian Sea called Ionian? There were no Ionians around I know about, why not call it the Dorian Sea or something? What is the origin of this name?
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Archaic Greek World: good books

Hi all—I am doing a survey of Greek civilization (on my own, autodidact style) and I am looking for quality books on the subject. So anything excellent that pertains to the period of roughly 1200–479 BCE is what I am looking for.

So far I am using the following books as a start:

A History of the Archaic Greek World—Jonathan M. Hall
Archaic and Classical Greek Art—Robin Osborne
A History of Greek Literature—Lesky
Greek Iambic ...
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Good Verse Translations of Latin Poets?

Ok I'm completely ignorant on this topic so I'm hoping that some people may know something. Basically I'm after good verse translations of Latin poets, good not just (or even necessarily foremost) in terms of fidelity but in terms of the poetic crafting. I also think they need to have something like actual metre.

Looking for Horace or Ovid especially, even suggest multiple versions over some small distance of time.

I've been asked and yet ...
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Books of a Nature not Necessarily Academic but Nice*

Ok so this is a damnably bad title and I apologise. It could be about books, or the book trade in antiquity, reading practices, dissemination of texts. Anything! Such is the scope of the title. Its not though, it is literally about books you like. I want a broad book discussion.

It doesn't have to be about technical literature on language and metrics and grammar, or inscriptional history or Greek toilet habits. It suppose it ...
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