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Fehling v Pritchett on Herodotos

Having completed Detlev Fehling Herodotus and his 'Sources': Citation, Invention and Narrative Art, I have just got started on W. Kendrick Pritchett, The Liar School of Herodotos.

I will admit that I really liked Fehling's book so Pritchett has a hard job convincing me that Fehling is wrong. To me it is obvious that Herodotos is full of tall stories. But even tall stories are useful if you know who made them up and who ...
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A Halloween treat

Not strictly Halloweenish, since the scene described is the resurrection, but here’s my favorite bit of an early gospel which some scholars think antedates the ones eventually accepted into the canon. Enough to scare the kiddies, I should think.

ειδον εξελθοντας απο του ταφου τρεις ανδρας, και τους δυο τον ενα υπορθουντας, και σταυρον ακολουθουντα αυτοις και των μεν δυο την κεφαλην χωρουσαν μεχρι του ουρανου, την δε χειρα του υπορθουμενου υπ αυτων υπερβαινουσαν τους ...
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Relationship between adelphos and parthenios?

I know that a parthenios is a "son of an unmarried woman" and adelphos is literally "son of the same mother," so I was wondering if there's any connection between these two words, and if so, how they might relate.
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Poll make a lost Greek historian unlost

One of us has the chance to slip across thru space and time to the historical section of Ptolemy's library 50 BCE - They will have just enough time to grab the scrolls of one historian before the rent in the space-time continuum closes up.
(And given the scenario - no surviving historian's works will disappear)

Most of the choices are from the "Just for fun, which texts would you choose?" thread.
I added the ...
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What would you save?

It's 2099 and a new Dark Age is descending on the entire world. The barbarians are at the gate, and you are just about to evacuate your amply-stocked library of classical texts. You have an opportunity to take with you one Greek text and one Latin text to save for posterity--if there is a posterity. (Or just a Greek text or a Latin text, if you prefer.) What do you grab on your way out ...
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Where to Start with Plato?

It occurs to me I've never really "read" Plato in any meaningful manner. Sure, passages of his come up either in textbooks or exams or examples of Greek prose (and for this reason I've read the Euthypro, Protagoras and the Apologia) or for historical reasons (really why I've read the Republic and lots of the Laws etc) but it occurs to me I've never *read* Plato. I've never sat and down and read him for ...
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Just for fun, which texts would you choose?

If you could exhume one Greek and/or one Latin text in good shape, what would you choose? Here's my choice:

Greek: a complete Sappho
Latin: an intact Propertius

In Greek, however, I'm torn between Sappho and Callimachus. Callimachus was one of the most important Greek poets, and his influence on Latin poetry seems to have been enormous. There are many other Greek authors worthy of exhumation: we'd like to have more Archilochus (not just fragments), ...
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Oidipous Tyrranos (Sophokleous)

Ok so I recently re-read this play prompted by a humorous article of Dodd's ("On Misunderstanding the 'Oedipus Rex'"). I figured enough people have read this here so we could maybe discuss this. Thoughts? What kind of readings does this play prompt for you?

If I had to characterise this play in one sentence it would have to be "pregnant with irony". I mean seriously the way dialogue and structure came together was pretty impressive ...
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Menander as a timid social reformer (Aspis)

The law by which an epikleros, a girl who is the only survivor of her line may be forced to marry an uncle was intended to ensure that the property of father or in this case the brother be retained within the family. It's aim was to prevent households becoming extinct. The wishes or happiness of the daughter were of no interest to those who devised the law beyond ensuring the daughter was not actually ...
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Homer and the papyri

There's an online database of Homeric Papyri called "Homer and the Papyri". According to this, however, "The database is now more than a decade old and has not been updated since 2003. Instead, complete editions of Homeric papyri are now being published as part of the Homer Multitext project."

No matter how much I search, I'm unable to find the same sort of information on Homeric papyri in the Homer Multitext site. The site is ...
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