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Memory Palaces of Byzantinum

I have been researching the use of memory palaces in medieval Europe and was wondering if there was any sort of corresponding tradition of memory palaces in the byzantine world. If so are there any treatises or popular authors like there are in the Latin world (Giordano Bruno, Ramon Lull).
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Larisaeans - Argos or elsewhere? (Pl.Meno 70b)

Is there an online ready reference work explaining which Larissa is meant, or in fact which any one or anywhere sharing the same name is meant when it occurs in a text?

While reading Meno 70b, the Laiseans are mentioned. Is that a reference to this Larissa in Argos, pictured on Wiki, or sime ither place? Is this Argos part of Thessaly? What system of land sub-division was used outside of Athens?

Photo by ...
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Longus 2.1.3 Taste/quality of the grapes (or grabby babies)

Why is Chloe picking out grapes from the lowest hanging bunches for the workers?

Are they perhaps the choicest? (Unlikely)
Are they the most sour for lack of sunshine? (Possible)
Is she keeping them from babies? ( :mrgreen: )

Longus 2.1 3 wrote:ἡ δὲ τροφὴν παρεσκεύαζε τοῖς τρυγῶσι καὶ ἐνέχει ποτὸν αὐτοῖς πρεσβύτερον οἶνον καὶ τῶν ἀμπέλων δὲ τὰς ταπεινοτέρας ἀπετρύγα.
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Reconstruction of Ancient Greek Music


I just read an interesting article (at The Conversation) about the reconstruction of ancient Greek music. It includes links two YouTube-videos with such reconstructed music.

I was especially taken with the reconstruction of the large lyre and the aulos (I had always tought that double-pipe to be two connected pipes instead of two single ones).


Carolus Raeticus
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Praeneste Fibula

In Blackwell's History of the Latin Language, as I recall, it's presented as simply one of the earliest known Latin inscriptions. Turns out that it has actually been quite controversial:

https://www.archaeologybulletin.org/art ... bha.22113/

https://archive.archaeology.org/online/ ... ibula.html

http://www.skepticalcommunity.com/forum ... hp?t=45204

The last article, if true, seems to overturn the conclusions of the previous two.
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They claim either a new text of Galen or a commentary on one of his texts:

http://www.foxnews.com/science/2018/07/ ... olved.html
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Book 6 of the Greek Anthology in Loeb

Does anyone happen to know why Book 6 has vanished from print in the new Loeb Classical Library editions? It used to be included in Volume 1 of the Greek Anthology books, but now the first volume ends at book 5 and the second begins with book 7.
According to Wikipedia, Book 6 is "Votive Epigrams" which sounds a lot more interesting than the temple inscriptions of Book 3, but having not read any of ...
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Oldest Attested Homer Text?


Notice it says that the date is still to be determined, but it's still an exciting find.
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