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New online: Pericla Navarchi Magonis (novel)

Salvete omnes!

I am proud to announce that my transcription of the adventure novel Pericla Navarchi Magonis sive Expeditio Phoenicia Annis Ante Christum Mille (novel by Léon Cahun, Latin translation by Arcadius Avellanus) is now online. I donated it to Project Gutenberg to ensure its continued existence on the Web.

Even more so than Mysterium Arcae Boulé, another Latin translation by Arcadius Avellanus, this book provides a wonderful opportunity to experience a side of Latin ...
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Oratio in Catilinam IV

I meant to take two days off but couldn't stay away for that long. I've been stuck on two sentences which each have two finite verbs; I think I may have figured one of them out but I'm out to sea on the other.

Nunc si hunc exitum consulatus mei di immortales esse voluerunt ut ... eriperem, quaecumque mihi uni proponetur fortuna subeatur.

("Now if the immortal gods wanted the end of my consulship to ...
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units of time in the genitive, need help construing

Suetonius, Augustus, ch. 40


http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/tex ... apter%3D40

Populi recensum uicatim egit, ac ne plebs frumentationum causa frequentius ab negotiis auocaretur, ter in annum quaternum mensium tesseras dare destinauit; sed desideranti consuetudinem ueterem concessit rursus, ut sui cuiusque mensis acciperet.

Context: Suetonius describes the governmental achievements of Augustus.

I think I understand the sentence, but I can't account for a couple of phrases.

first: "ter in annum quaternum ...
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translation help

Ad flumen ivimus ubi magistrum navis invenimus cui te ad Italiam nuntium mittere cupere nuntiavimus

We went to the river where we found the captain of the ship for whom you sent a message to Italy ?.....we announced.
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Secunda Classis - Roma Aeterna XLIV Lines 318–320

Secunda classis intrā centum ūsque ad quīnque et septuāgintā mīlium cēnsum īnstitūta est...

The translation I have reads, "The second class was drawn up out of those whose rating was between a hundred thousand and seventy-five thousand;"

My question is about the word cēnsum. Why is it accusative? It seems that an ablative would make more sense here. I also realize that cēnsum may be a genitive plural. Would it then be genitive of the ...
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Ecloga II

Lines 10-11, painting a picture of the situation:

Thesylis et rapido fessis messoribus aestu
alia serpullumque herbas contundit olentis.

(I took some leaps of faith on this and the other so I might be completely off. "Et" is delayed to the second word: "and Thesylis mashes garlic and wild thyme, aromatic herbs, for the reapers tired by the consuming heat.")

Lines 14-15:

Nonne fuit satius tristis Amaryllidos iras
atque superba pati fastidia?

("It was more ...
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aedificata sunt typo error?

I know the translation but in the book I am reading the last a has a macron which would mean ablative first declension so am I correct in assuming this is a typo?
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Numeral adverbs beyond 100


I am trying to create a javascript which lets me create numeral adverbs (and cardinal numbers) from 1-999. It works for the cardinal numbers 1-999 and numeral adverbs 1-99, 100, 200, etc. But I do not know how to construct numeral adverbs beyond 100.

  • Would "357", for example, be septie(n)s et quinquagie(n)s et trecentie(n)s, or does the construction change beyond 100?
  • Also, what are the numeral adverbs for 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, ...
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How to translate: a room 10' x 10'


I am wondering how to translate the following sentence:
You entered a small room 10' x 10'.

Of course, one might write:
Conclave parvum, quod in longitudinem 10 pedes et in latitudinem 10 pedes patet, intravisti.

Is there something more compact to express the 10' x 10'-bit?

Carolus Raeticus
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perfect participle rediisse misspelled?

I think the book I am using has misspelled this word because according to 501 Latin Verbs it should have only one 'i'. Which spelling is correct?
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