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(greek crosswords too!)
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Translation Horace 30.3

Can anyone help me to understand the next line?

"Exegi monumentum aere perennius, regalique situ pyramidum altius."

Word by word, I'd translate "I raised a monument more long-lasting than bronze, in a royal site more high than pyramids."

And a question, why pyramidum is in the plural genitive case, considering that altius is the neuter form of comparative of superiority which accompanies the neuter substantive in ablative case, situ?

Thank you.
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conditae urbis - Roma Aeterna XLVII Lines 76–81

Iam deinde, tribūnīs mīlitāribus cōnsulārī imperiō rem pūblicam Rōmae regentibus, ad annum ferē conditae urbis trecentēsimum quadrāgēsimum septimum, trīgintā illī tyrannī praepositī sunt ā Lacedaemoniīs Athēniēnsibus, et in Siciliā Dionysius superior tyrannidem tenuit;

I've grown accustomed to seeing conditam Rōmam in Orberg's selection from Aulus Gellius. Why is it here in the genitive conditae urbis?
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Familia Romana - pensa

Salvete Omnes!
If anyone could point out the mistakes in the following from Pensum C it would be really appreciated.

Capitulum IV
Quot nummi sunt in sacculo Iulii? Decem nummi sunt in sacculo Iulii
Adestne Davus in scaena prima? Davus in scaena prima non adest
Quis Davum vocat? Davum dominus vocat
Suntne nummi Iulii in sacculo Davi? Nummi Iulii non in sacculo Davi sunt
Quid Iulius ponit in sacculo Davi? Iulius ponit in sacculo Davi, ...
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Nuntiatum est

See this from LLPSI Cap XLIV

Anci liberi iam tum, comprehensis sceleris ministris, ut vivere regem et tantas esse opes Servii nuntiatum est, Suesssam Pometiam exsulatum ierant.

Does the participle here nuntiatum belong to opes - and if it does then why isn't it nuntiatae sunt?

Is nuntiatum just an idiomatic way of saying it had happened...?
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What does "setius" mean?

In Virgil Georgics III is this text, in a description (which makes me think of Ice Road Truckers) of a winter in the steppes back of the Sea of Azov :-

Interea toto non setius aere ninguit:
intereunt pecudes, stant circumfusa pruinis
corpora magna boum, confertoque agmine cervi
torpent mole nova et summis vix cornibus extant.

What does "setius" mean exactly? I cannot find it in my good big voluminous Latin to English dictionary. Google ...
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Help with Roma Aeterna

Having finished Familia Romana. I proceeded to the Lingua Latina Caesar, which I had trouble I with, so was therefore quit and read Sermones Romani. I was then advised to continue to Roma Aeterna which I have been reading currently. I zoomed through chapters one to three in several days with no vocabulary issues, but when I got to the forth chapter I have been ground down through grammar. I have been trying do the ...
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realistic learning goals for scanning??

Context: I've been working on scanning hexameters. My recent scanning, say the last 150 lines is going pretty well, so far as mechanical application of rules is concerned. I can mark off the feet with fair accuracy.

But I can't perform an "unseen" line correctly, while automatically detecting the poetic feet and speaking the Latin in correct meter. Each line is like a grade-school math problem in say long division.

I can imagine the Romans ...
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why the subjunctive in this sentence?

Caesar eos in eo loco quo tum ESSENT suum adventum expectare jussit. Caesar ordered them to await his arrival in that place where they then were.
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adsuetus: how many syllables?

Context: I've been working on scanning, having scanned about 350 lines over the past month. I'm getting about three-fourths of them right, using this web site as a criterion of correctness:


I keep having trouble with the letter "u": vowel or consonant?

Here is a dictionary entry, with a single macron over the "e": adsuētus. [ In case the macron doesn't come through for you, I'll uppercase the ...
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