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Here you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.

Prendergast's Mastery Series (Latin): Q&A


I found sentence 43 of Prendergast's The Mastery Series: Latin somewhat surprising:

Prendergast wrote:My angry friend has hastened in order that he may chastise the messenger of thy uncle.
Amicus meus iratus properavit ut nuntium patrui tui castiget.

Considering that the main sentence has a secondary tense, I expected the verb of the dependent clause to be in the imperfect subjunctive (ut...castigaret). Why present subjunctive instead? According to A&G it is possible, but ...
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Adler Exercises: (slightly) updated version


a Textkit-user was so kind as to point out an error in my transcription (actually in a sentence I added, obviously a tad too hastily):

Exercise 2:

WRONG: "ADDED: Taeniam tuam pulchram habeo (Mihi est taenia tua pulchra mihi est)."
CORRECT: "ADDED: Taeniam tuam pulchram habeo (Taenia tua pulchra mihi est)"

I uploaded corrected versions (including ANKI and fortune-file) to my homepage.


Carolus Raeticus
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help in translation

Would appreciate a little guidance on what clearer translation would be or maybe a confirmation. I included my attempt.

"ad eos quorum terram flumen dividit mercatores mittunt"

literal word order: to them of-which land river divides merchants sent.

English word order: The merchants sent them to the land of which the river divides (?)
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Mistakes in my self-instruction

This is a good time to point to some errors I made in my self-instruction.

1. I moved too quickly from the beginner textbooks to reading unadapted Latin. The textbooks have easier sentences on which to learn the grammar.

2. Because many Latin texts have no macrons, I finessed vowel quantity. I'm playing catchup on vowel quantity now.

3. I assumed that lots of unadapted texts read superficially would add up to an intuitive grasp ...
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looking for interlinear of Caesar's Gallic War for Kindle

Hello everyone,
I am looking for Caesar's Gallic War, an interlinear version that would work well on a Kindle. I looked at archive.org and google books, but they don't seem to work well. I also went to Amazon and found two that would work: "Caesar: The Gallic War in Latin + English (SPQR)"; and "The Gallic War: Parallel English/Latin Version."

I am looking for something to read as opposed to study. I am using Inductive ...
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Pronouncing accented short vowels such as "i"?

Greetings all,

I am teaching myself Latin using Wheelock's Latin 7th Edition and supplementing with Ecclesiastical, Medieval, and Neo-Latin Sentences. I'm trying to understand the pronunciations of certain vowels. The books and sources I've seen primarily show similar long/short vowel pronunciations between Classical and Ecclesiastical Latin. However, I'm getting rather caught up in correctly pronouncing the short vowel "i".

Wheelock's discusses "i" vowel pronunciation as "ī as in machine: hīc, sīca" and "i as in ...
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Adler's Course

For those who have completed or at least have gotten a majority way through the course, I wanted to know your opinion. I got through like 18 lessons or so at one point but quit for a multitude of reasons. It's not that I believe it would have been useless, but it was kind of boring and I felt there were better uses of my time.

For any that have finished it, how much did ...
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Translation English to Latin

I tried to translate
20 years of slavery => XX ANNIS SERVITIUM
but I'm not shure that is correct

Can somebody help me pls

Thanks !
Die dulci fruimini !!!
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Prendergast's Mastery Series (Latin)

I recently came a cross a Latin textbook I had never seen before, by Prendergast, from the Mastery Series.

I believe it would be useful for a student who has learned Latin for a few years, and who wants to gain confidence in oral Latin.

I have now started to produce this as an audio course,which can be accessed here:


I wrote a brief introduction to the course here.
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