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sacris Iovis

Tum ad sacerdotes creandos animum advertis, quamquam ipse plurimis sacris, maxime sacris Iovis, praeerat. Sed quia in civitate bellicosa plures Romuli quam Numae similes reges fore putabat iturosque ipsos ad bella, ne rege absente sacra neglegerentur, Iovi assiduum sacerdotem creavit qui 'flamen Dialis' appellatus est.

I'm perplexed by the phrase '..maxime sacris Iovis, praeerat' '...even though he himself most of all was foremost - then 'sacris' - with sacrifices ? and then for some reason ...
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Pronunciation Question

In the ecclesiastical or Italian pronunciation how do you say "ita" or "quia"?

I've heard some conflicting things.

ita = it (as in english) or a long i?
same question for quia - long or short i?

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quia aliquando nihil cum populo

Atque omnium primum ad cursus lunae in duodecim menses discripsit annum, additis Ianuario et Februario. Idem nefastos dies fastosque fecit, quia aliquando nihil cum populo agi utile futurum esset.

Livy (adapted by Orberg) again : The second sentence is tricky and is, I believe, pure Livy. Idem means also here or He also..... ?

This concerns the institution of feast days/ days of judicial decision (if there's an English phrase for this I don't ...
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Numa omnium primum deorum...

Numa omnium primum deorum metum Romanis iniciendum esse ratus est. Qui cum descendere ad animos non posset sine aliquo divino miraculo, simulat sibi cum dea Egeria nocturnos sermones esse: 'eius monitu se sacra quae dis acceptissima essent instituere, et sacerdotes suos cuique deorum praeficere.'

I'm a little confused about some of the above.

I'm taking it that 'omnium primum' means that Numan was the first of all (the Kings?) and then we ...
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Some adapted Livy from LLPSI Cap XLII

Romam arcessitus Numa, sicut Romulus auspicato regnum adeptus est, de se quoque deos consuli iussit. Inde ab augure deductus in arcem, in lapide ad meridiem versus consedit. Augur ad laevam eius capite velato sedem cepit dextra manu baculum aduncum tenens, quem 'lituum' appellaverunt. Inde in urbem agrumque prospiciens deos precatus regiones ab oriente ad occidentem animo finivit. Tum lituo in laevam manum translato, dextra in caput Numae imposita, ita precatus est: "Iuppiter pater, si est ...
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Antonym of dē?

I'm trying to understand Latin prepositions, and I think I've got a decent handle on most of them because they are similar to what they are in English.

ēx makes sense to me, it's "out from" or "out of" in ablative, its antonym would be in, "into" in the accusative .

ab is "away from", "all the way from" in the ablative, its antonym would be ad meaning "toward" in the accusative.

means "off ...
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auctores fient

This is from Orberg LLPSI Cap XLII

I'm interested in cases that the Interim-King uses in addressing the Plebs in this paragraph (adapted from Livy) of Orberg LLPSI).

Beginning: "Quirites, regem create! Ita patribus visum est."

he then (it seems) turns to the Patricians but still addressing the Plebs and so beginning in Nominative case says: 'Patres deinde, si regem dignum qui secundus ab Romulo numeretur creaveritis'

But right after the comma he inserts a ...
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Disney's "Let It Go" Sung in Latin

his song is practically everywhere these days, so I eventually gave in to temptation and wrote a Latin version. There are a surprising number of Latin renditions on YouTube (about half a dozen), but I found that the other adaptations were either too loose or didn't quite fit the melody in a few spots. Constructive critique on this one is welcome, as always!

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cur 'quem' sed non 'quod'

In Orberg LLPSI Cap XLII Romulus ita regnum accepit;

Augur ad laevam eius capite velato sedem cepit dextra manu baculum aduncum tenens, quem 'lituum' appellaverunt.

Si 'quem' (pronomen relativum) = baculum nonne 'quod' (neut. acc. sing.) appositum sit.
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Antonyms of ex, dē and ab

I can perceive the antonyms of two of these prepositions, but the third one stumps me.

The opposite of ex (out of) would be in (into), while the opposite of ab (away from, all the way from) would be ad (toward).

But the one word I can't seem to find an antonym to is the preposition , which I take to mean separating from, or down from.

On a similar note, what would the prepositions ...
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