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Here's where you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get translation help and more!

Exercises from Allen & Greenough's Latin Composition


I'm going through the exercises Allen & Greenough's Latin Composition, an Elementary Guide to Writing in Latin (1888). It's a companion book to Latin Grammar for Schools and Colleges (1888), the one before the major 1903 revision.

The composition book is super useful, because starting on page 87 is an English-Latin vocabulary containing I'd say 99% of the words used in the exercises, which makes choice of words easy. There are also hints in ...
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LLPSI Familia Romana - alternative AUDIO recordings

CAPITULUM III - PUER IMPROBUS - http://youtu.be/qV-QzUpKi7M
(And MP3 http://tinyurl.com/pdvvhfg)

I don't imitate much voices and sounds (especially done by little Iulia). I considered making a high pitched "Lalla", but it would sound in the overal recording too funny (and I would have to speak like that as Iulia). I was also considering slapping myself instead of tuxtax... but again :) ...
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Question Concerning Lingva Latina: Capitvlvm Octavvm

Hi all, :)

I am new to textkit, though I've been lurking for a while.

I have recently started to learn Latin on my own, using Lingua Latina. I am reading each chapter once a day for a week (full seven days), except maybe twice on the first day of the week. I also try to listen to the audio for the chapter a few times during ...
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Teacher looking for advice

Salvete omnes,

I am a new Latin high-school teacher, and I am facing a couple of issues with which I would greatly appreciate some advice. My students are expected to take and pass the AP exam in their 3rd year of Latin, and to then take and pass the IB exam in their 4th year. This would not be so daunting if I didn't also have students that were only placed in Latin because they ...
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Gathering together Monolingual Latin Resources

Salvete o collegae!

This being my first post, I'd like to make it brief: I'm trying to restart with Orberg after a few months of stress and distraction. I mean to immerse myself and put together the best monolingual Latin resources around. If there are other threads that have already put this together, please let me know.

Ideally, I'd like to make a sticky thread with the best resources organized and linked. Perhaps the stuff ...
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Help with translation please

Hi Folks,

I am composing a four-part polyphonic work for choir. I wish to use Latin text.
I want to say the following:
"The past provides, the present lives, the future has hope.
We give thanks"
At present I am working with a google translation that reads
"In praeteritis cavetur, In vitae nunc, Spes in futuro.
Gratias agimus"

Will this translation suffice, or is it totally erroneous.

Robert B
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problem with a Suetonius sentence

This is from Suetonius, Divus Augustus, Chapter 27, right at the beginning. The first sentence I understand:

"Triumviratum rei p. constituendae per decem annos administravit; in quo restitit quidem aliquamdiu collegis ne qua fieret proscriptio, sed inceptam utroque acerbius exercuit."

But immediately following is one that baffles me. Since I have an English translation, I know what others think it means, but I can't see the grammar.

"Namque illis in multorum saepe personam per gratiam ...
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I'm reviewing vocabulary in previous chapters of Orberg's LLPSI and have a sentence I want to confirm the construction of.

Nonne liberos pluris aestimas quam merces istas?

Don't you value the children more than those goods?

'pluris' is genitive case. It's an adjective and it's not agreeing with anything.

Are not your children OF greater value than those goods..?
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Hi there!

I encountered a sentence, "Neque enim dictatura mihi unquam animos fecit, ut ne exsilium quidem ademit".
What exactly is the purpose of "animos" (plural acc) here? Why is it plural? Is it something along the lines of "Dictatureship never uplifted my spirits (plural)"?

Thanks :)
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Latin for toddlers

Hi all, a "teaching classics to kids" discussion is ongoing in the grk forum, but it's just as relevant to this latin forum and so I'm linking to it here in case anyone has any useful input for teaching latin to kids, thanks!

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