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Here's where you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get translation help and more!

translation problem

In Italia urbem desideratam habebitis. I think desideratam is a perfect participle and the way I translate this sentence is 'you will have longed for a city in Italy'. But this sounds like the future perfect tense which is covered later in the book. This one has me stumped.
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In Catilinam, second oration

1-2 were kind of tough but I think I've got it for the most part (at least I mostly get the sense); nevertheless I have a few problems:

Catiline has left town:

Nulla iam pernicies a monstro illo atque prodigio moenibus ipsis intra moenia comparabitur.

("Now no destruction from that monster, that prodigal one, will be set against the walls themselves (from) within them.")

Non enim iam inter latera nostra sica illa versabitur, non in ...
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Asking grammar questions in Latin

I am a high school Latin teacher. My subdepartment uses Wheelock's, which of course yields excellent results on standardized tests and college placement exams but unfortunately has imparted almost no oral comprehension or intuitive sense of the language. I am planning to weave Orberg into the curriculum next year, but in the meantime, I would at least like to ask my students on grammar questions in Latin.

I am familiar with all of the Latin ...
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genti ea tempestate secundum Etruscos opulentissimae viris

In LLPSI Cap XLII Orberg Scribit:

Cum iam viribus suis satis confideret, Tullus Sabinis bellum indixit, genti ea tempestate secundum Etruscos opulentissimae viris armisque.

...genti ea tempestate secundum Etruscos opulentissimae viris armisque = Sabini genti opulentissimae in viris armisque (ablativi) ?
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ea sancta

In LLPSI Tullus Mettium puniturus est ei loquit: 'Nunc, quoniam tuum insanabile ingenium est, at tu tuo supplicio doce humanum genus ea sancta credere quae a te violata sunt!

ea sancta = ea (res) sancta? ea sancta acc. neut pl?
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tough grammar calls in a sentence of Suetonius's

Suetonius compares the belligerents Caesar and Pompey, in regard to their treatment of Romans who
refused to take either Pompey's or Caesar's side (Suet. Jul. 75)

I'm making a lot of grammar calls of which I'm unsure, but I seem to remember more when I try, and then see the correction.

denuntiante Pompeio pro hostibus se habiturum qui rei publicae defuissent, ipse medios et neutrius partis suorum sibi numero futuros pronuntiauit.

denuntiante Pompeio: ablative ...
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Homework Help short translation.

juratores presentant quod Johanna et Agnes braciaverunt et fregerunt assisam. Ideo in misericordia

I have translated as:

Jurors swear present that Johanna and Agnes used to brew and had done together. Therefore into merciful

Again, I am unsure about the ending as my translation does not make sense to me...
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Latin to English Translation Help (short sentences)

Okay, I am not asking for people to do my work - I will attempt each sentence myself first. However, I would really appreciate some guidance... :roll:

juratores super sacramentum suum presentant quod Willelmus faber debet sectam ad hanc curiam et fecit defaltam

so far I have: jurors upon their oath, present that workman William should divide to this court his default

though I think the ...
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Nullius unquam


I'm trying to understand a construction that's cropped up in a medieval text I'm working through. The author (Richard of St. Victor) poses the following question:

an inde dicatur summa natura, quod nullius unquam possit major esse quam illa, an ita veraciter est summa, ut sit usquequaque sit perfecta?

(the "highest nature" he's discussing is the Divine Nature, though that's not relevant to the syntax necessarily).

To my eyes, the sentence reads straightforwardly enough, ...
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In Catilinam 1.21-22

This was a tough one but I gave it a good effort and I think I'm at least close on most of it. I hope.

At si hoc idem huic adulescenti optimo P. Sestio, si fortissimo viro M. Marcello dixissem, iam mihi consuli hoc ipso in templo senatus iure optimo vim et manus intulisset.

("But if I had said this same thing to that excellent young man P. Sestius, if to that bravest of men, ...
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