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Translation Question

Greetings, all —

I am working on a branding project for the college I work for, and our seal contains this phrase: E glande quercum educimus. I know that, in general, it means from an acorn to an oak, but I was wondering if someone would be able to provide an actual translation. I have also heard it translated as "from a tiny acorn to a mighty oak."

Thank you in advance!
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Phrases for counting in Latin and English

Salvete omnes. I am needing to know if my phrases are correct for counting in Latin.

I want to say: Count from 1-100 in Latin (or English).
My way: Nvmera ab vnvs ad centvm Latine (vel, Anglice).

I want to say: Let's count from 2-100 by two in Latin (or English).
My way (and I have a feeling I am WAY off with this one): Nvmeremvs per dvo ab dvo ad centvm Latine (vel, Anglice). ...
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quo (adv?)

Orberg in LLPSI Cap XXXVIII hoc scribit:

Notus vela implebat, naves celeriter per undas vehebantur quo ventus ferebat.

Opto rem grammaticae confirmare:

Nonne 'quo' , adverbum est? '...naves ferebantur ad hunc locum ubi ventus ivit.'
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Georgics, Book 2, line 265 and after

Am I reading the grammar of this right?

at si quos haud ulla viros vigilantia fugit,***
ante locum similem exquirunt, ubi . . . .

***this was the hard line

Virgil seems to portray watchfulness (vigilantia) as something that can escape some men (quos . . .viros).

vigilantia, nominative singular, subject of fugit
quos . . . viros, direct object of fugit

They , whom watchfulness rarely ...
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In quo casu 'auxilio' est ? ob quam rem?

In Orberg LLPSI Cap 39 narravit mortem Laocoontis et filiorum suorum cum angues ingentes eos complecterent et ederent:

Cum terram attigissent, capitibus erectis oculisque ardentibus Troianos perterritos prospiciunt. Inde recta via Laocoontem petunt; et primum parva duorum filiorum corpora complexi membra eorum tenera edunt, tum patrem ipsum, qui miseris filiis auxilio veniebat, corripiunt.

In quo casu 'auxilio' est ? ob quam rem?
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Latin translation from Greek

Salvete omnes. So I'm looking into a Koine Greek program for my son and this was an example that was used:

Χαίρετε ἐν κυρίῳ πάντοτε: πάλιν ἐρῶ, χαίρετε.

I decided to put my Latin grammar and vocabulary to a test and attempt a translation. Here is what I have come up with:

Semper in Dominvm exsvlta: itervm exsvlta dico.

My Greek vocabulary is extremely small and my knowledge of Greek grammar is microscopic at best. ...
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pronun.: cal(l)idus

Is the difference in pronunciation only that for callidus one should hold the l a bit longer?
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a motto and a song chorus

Y'all pls help w/ English to Latin.

1. An environmentally focused motto: "Make more or make do." My attempted Latin: "Confecere aut conservare."

2. A Journey song refrain: "Some will win, some will lose, some are born to sing the blues." My attempt: "Nonnullis vencerunt, nonullis caederunt, nonullis azurem canterunt."

Gratia vobis y'all.
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A reasonable plea for...HELP

Hello fellow Textkit-users!

I am addressing you more fully because I hope that this way I might be able to persuade you to help me in checking/correcting possible mistakes in the key to Adler's PRACTICAL GRAMMAR. Perhaps I did not make myself clear enough what my project is about. So let me present it:

It is a complete transcription of the 172 "Exercise" sections designated as such in Adler's Practical Grammar and of the Latin ...
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In LLPSI Cap 36 Orberg scripsit:

'Iuxta basicilam Ulpiam, inter duas bibliothecas ab eodem...stat alta columna in qua bella quae Trainus in Dacia gessit plurimis imaginibus illustrantur.'

Two questions:

1. I'm taking it that 'Ulpiam' is an adjectival form of Ulpia, -ae (f) the Roman family : Ulpius, -a, -um.

2. Also the word 'plurimis'. Now I don't understand why this is used. 'Plurimus' means 'most'. But here it stands alone. 'Most' out of what ...
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