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Here you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.

Found at PG: Cicero's Letters to Atticus


I noticed that Cicero's Letters to Atticus (or at least 2/3 of these) are available at Project Gutenberg in bilingual (Latin-English) editions:

It is a good sign that the Distributed Proofreading-team also works on Latin projects.


Carolus Raeticus
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Ovid extract from Orberg Cap XLIV

I'm having a little difficulty with these lines from the excerpt from Ovid's Fasti. (libro VI) in Orberg's LLPSI Cap XLIV

"Quid iuvat esse pares — te nostrae caede sororis,
meque tui fratris — si pia vita placet?
Vivere debuerant et vir meus et tua coniunx,
si nullum ausuri maius eramus opus…"

What use is it to each us, to you by the death of asister
and to me of a brother - if a ...
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Vergil's Aeneid

I'm almost through Pro Archia (no doubt Cicero's most enjoyable speech so far) and then, at long last, I can start reading the Aeneid. Its first six books constitute the final part of Henle. Afterwards, I'll just read on I guess. We'll see.

The first question, as always, is about what materials/ commentaries to use. I have Page's Victorian commentary and Henle of course, so I think I have enough help with difficult grammar and ...
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infinitive in chapter 8 fabellae latina

I am not really sure about this passage
it is from chapter 8 of orberg's fabellae latina, Speculum Aemilia
Ancillae, quae dominam suam vocare audiunt,..

is it safe to render this passage as
The servants, who hear that their mistress is calling...

that vocare is infinitive? because until this chapter, infinitive and its usage has not been introduce yet.
can we treat Latin infinitive the same as the Greek one, that this is a 'that'-clause ...
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Nutting's De America

I've often seen Nutting's De America mentioned as an easy Latin reader, yet I've never been able to find the text on-line. I wanted to print it out or buy an old used copy- which I've never seen for sale (not an audiobook which I know is available). Anyone know of a way to find this item?
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participle phrase or absolute?

I have been translating a story with several ablative absolute phrases but I noticed that if I used a participle phrase the translation still seemed to work. Does this change significantly the original context of the Latin sentence?
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Horace, Odes, 3, 4, starting a line 65

Horace draws a moral point from some tales he has summarized or alluded to.

This is the text as rendered in Perseus.

Vis consili expers mole ruit sua;
vim temperatam di quoque provehunt
in maius; idem odere viris
omne nefas animo moventis.

Here's how I read the first two clauses: Force without judgment collapses of its own weight; force under direction the gods make even greater. . . .

But the last clause, even though ...
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loco cedere alicui

Could it be that there is any object in this construction? As I understand it, litterally reading, it says

"to withdraw from a place in favor of someone"

and thus

"to give place to someone"

So, I read an ablative proper and a dative of interest denoting the person in advantage of which something is done. Am I right?
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Pro Archia

Some questions about the opening lines of Cicero's Pro Archia:

Si quid est in me ingeni, iudices, quod sentio quam sit exiguum, aut si qua exercitatio dicendi, in qua me non infitior mediocriter esse versatum, aut si huiusce rei ratio aliqua ab optimarum artium studiis ac disciplina profecta, a qua ego nullum confiteor aetatis meae tempus abhorruisse, earum rerum omnium vel in primis hic A. Licinius fructum a me repetere prope suo iure debet.

-What ...
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Online: Plato's Crito (in Latin)


my transcription of a Latin translation (by Marsilius Ficinus) of Plato's Crito is now online. It can be downloaded from its Project Gutenberg-page.


Carolus Raeticus
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