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Here you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.

Cicero's in Verrem 1.1.7

Videt multos equites Romanos, frequentes praeterea cives atque socios, quibus ipse insignes injurias fecerit.

He sees the many Roman knights, moreover the citizens and allies, to whom he has done conspicuous wrongs.

I have two questions:
-is praeterea here best translated with 'moreover' or 'in addition to'?
-why the perf. subjunctive fecerit? Is it because 'quibus ipse insignes injurias fecerit' is a limiting relative clause?
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What's so hard about learning Latin?

Because right now, it seems really easy. I'm not rubbing it in or anything, I'm genuinely curious about what's so difficult about it. At this point the only thing I haven't dabbled into is the Subjunctive (well, I did check out the Present Active) other than that, I think I've got most of the other grammatical concepts down well. It seems like Latin is an engineer's language, everything so perfect and (usually) regular. I don't ...
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Online: Bradley's Key to Arnold's LPC


I have just uploaded my transcription of the Key to Arnold's Latin Prose Composition which is meant to accompany G. G. Bradley's revision of T. K. Arnold's Latin textbook "A Practical Introduction to Latin Prose Composition." A 1908-edition (Longmans, Green & Co., London) of the textbook can be found at Archive.org.

I transcribed a scanned version of the following print edition of the Key:

  • Title: "Key to Arnold's Latin prose composition /​ revised ...
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Arnold/Bradley: politics/polities?


I am just winding up my transcription of the Key to Arnold's Latin Prose Composition as revised by George Granville Bradley. I have a question, though.

In exercise 45 we find the following sample sentence with an attached note:

Bradley wrote:2. Maxima est apud me reipublicae dissentio; hi omnia, illi nihil mutari (or mutata, 240, Obs.) volunt; ego neque hos neque illos recte sentire crediderim (149) (or credo).
Note: 2. Notice carefully the various ...
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Latin / Greek parallel translating

Dear all,

I would like to study by translating Latin/Greek side by side for same works. So I need collect some works that have both versions: Latin & Greek. Please show me website, or documents about them if you know

Currently, I have only these four works of both version:

1. Iliad
2. Odyssey
3. Thucydides
4. Aesop fables

Sincerely yours,
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Locutorium Scholae apud SKYPE

Salvete et Vos Consodales,

Si per SKYPEN (Skype) confabulari vis, habemus LOCUTORIUM LATINUM apud Skype, et possis illic confabulari per litteras, picturas ad alios emittere, et viva voce quoque sermonem habere.
Junge Te!
Ecce vinculum ad gregem:


Vinculum ad gregem invenies apud Schola in 'tab' sub nomine "SKYPE"

If you want to chat by SKYPE, we have a Chatroom set ...
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"False Plautus" and the lacuna in Amphitruo

I was wondering if anyone here might know if Ermolao Barbaro's amendment to Plautus' Amphitruo can be found anywhere online? I have been studying the play and I'm very interested in checking out his scenae suppositiciae and how he fills in the unfortunate lacuna.

Hoping for the best.
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De consolatione philosophiae


I plan to make a voice recording of the De consolatione philosophiae for Librivox. Since I need to read from a public domain text, would you recommend one of these three editions over the others? Maybe the most recent (Weinberg)? Or maybe you know other sources I could use. Thanks!

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Undecim milibus

Livy (adapted by Orberg (cap XLIV)) is describing how the citizens' (of the early Rome) obligations are decided after a census: '....Undecim milibus haec classis censebatur.' Is this an ablative milibus? How does it work? 'They were estimated at (ablative?) 11,000?
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Nec tamen ne ita quidem prius mittendum

I'm having trouble parsing this sentence (Livy XXII.25.11). A tribune of the plebs proposes giving magister equitum Minucius greater power:

Nec tamen ne ita quidem prius mittendum ad exercitum Q. Fabium, quam consulem in locum C. Flamini suffecisset.

The translation gives:

That notwithstanding, he concluded, Quintus Fabius must not be sent back to his army until he had seen to the election of a consul to replace Gaius Flaminius.

The part I'm having trouble with ...
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