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"olim" et "quondam"

Salvete! Are the words "olim" and "quondam" interchangeable or is there some funny Latin rule for their use? From my books it seems they are interchangeable,however,my books don't discuss the rules for their usage and I need to be 100% certain that I am using them correctly before I begin using them in speech and teaching them to my son. Thank you in advance for any help.

"Home-schooling rocks!"
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Latin books

Does anyone else out there use the books "Using Latin" books 1,2 and 3,and "Latin and the Romans" books 1,2,and 3? I am interested what others who use these books have to say on the strengths and weaknesses of these books. Since they are older books good reviews are hard to find. I personally love these books.
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What is the difference between these words?

Salvete. I am needing to know the differences between the words "marita","vxor",et "conivx".In my books, "Latin and the Romans" uses "marita", sed "Latin for Americans" et "Using Latin" uses the word "uxor". I know that "marita" is 1st declension et "vxor" et "conivx" are both 3rd declension. Maybe "conivx" is a literary word? Also,I know the full declensions for ""marita" (a no-brainer since it is 1st dec./feminine) and for "vxor" sed I can't seem to ...
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Noli servum praesentem laudare

Here's something else in this chapter that eludes me.

Julius is complaining that Medus the Greek slave has stolen some of his money and is explaining that he will no longer trust any Greek slaves (Medus is Greek).

Cornelius asks Julius how much Medus has stolen:

Cornelius: "Quantum pecuniae abstulit?" Iulius: "Centum circiter sestertios. Atque ego illi servo praeter ceteros fidebam! Posthac servo Graeco nulli confidam, neque enim fide mea digni sunt: infidi et nequam ...
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'nec ipse praesens.....'

I'm revising vocabulary in previous chapters of LLPSI by Orberg. In Cap XXXI the first paragraph contains this - which I now recall I have never really understood. Julius is pointing out that no one has written to him about what's going on in Rome since he was last there. He says:

Octo dies iam sunt cum Romae non fui, nec quisquam interim mihi literas inde misit.

It's already eight days during which I have ...
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Nomina significantia

Sometimes (in Latin and Greek authors of fiction, and in modern fiction literature), an author gives a character a name that describes or hints at the character's mentality or deeds. I thought that such a name is called a nomen significans; but earlier today a Google search found no uses of "nomen significans" with that meaning. Please, what is such a name correctly called?
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Strange use of "vel"

Could any one explain the function of vel here?
Diu denique deliberaverat secum Thrasyllus quo vel clandestinis colloquiis opportunum reperiret locum, cum et adulterinae Veneris magis magisque praeclusos aditus copia custodientium cerneret, novaeque atque gliscentis affectionis firmissimum vinculum non posse dissociari perspiceret, et puellae, si vellet, quanquam velle non posset, furatrinae coniugalis incommodaret rudimentum:

From Lucii Apuleii Madaurens. opera omnia. In usum Delphini
https://archive.org/stream/delphinclass ... 3/mode/1up
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Exercises from Allen & Greenough's Latin Composition


I'm going through the exercises Allen & Greenough's Latin Composition, an Elementary Guide to Writing in Latin (1888). It's a companion book to Latin Grammar for Schools and Colleges (1888), the one before the major 1903 revision.

The composition book is super useful, because starting on page 87 is an English-Latin vocabulary containing I'd say 99% of the words used in the exercises, which makes choice of words easy. There are also hints in ...
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LLPSI Familia Romana - alternative AUDIO recordings

CAPITULUM III - PUER IMPROBUS - http://youtu.be/qV-QzUpKi7M
(And MP3 http://tinyurl.com/pdvvhfg)

I don't imitate much voices and sounds (especially done by little Iulia). I considered making a high pitched "Lalla", but it would sound in the overal recording too funny (and I would have to speak like that as Iulia). I was also considering slapping myself instead of tuxtax... but again :) ...
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Question Concerning Lingva Latina: Capitvlvm Octavvm

Hi all, :)

I am new to textkit, though I've been lurking for a while.

I have recently started to learn Latin on my own, using Lingua Latina. I am reading each chapter once a day for a week (full seven days), except maybe twice on the first day of the week. I also try to listen to the audio for the chapter a few times during ...
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