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Here you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.

AUDIOBOOK: D'Ooge's 'Colloquia Latina'

D'Ooge's 'Colloquia Latina' is now available at http://latinum.org.uk for download or streaming in Latin audio.

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AUDIOBOOK: Sonnenschein's 'Pro Patria

Sonnenschein's 'Pro Patria' is now available as an audiobook for streaming of download from http://latinum.org.uk.

I am also currently recording Reed's 'Julia', and sections of this text are available for streaming as they are produced. Once complete, this audiobook will be downloadable as a Zip file.
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AUDIOBOOK: Stirling's Eutropius Paraphrase

John Stirling's Latin paraphrase of Eutropius.

Recorded 2017 - if you are interested in the audio version, it can be found at Latinum. http://latinum.org.uk The text can be located on Google Books.

Little is known about Stirling's life except that he held a MA, served as chaplain to the Duke of Gordon, and wrote a large number of elementary books "designed to teach Latin and English, most of which are extremely rare" (Alston).

I stumbled ...
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13th-C. Court-hand: Unknown Symbol

The original can be found here: http://imgur.com/a/HJMST

The entry is largely uninteresting, but there is one symbol that I have not seen before. The entry reads

"¶ Cir sub nomie Willi f Radi de Cold’ horncastr’ et dci A de 3 m. et di ??? 1 sum f et dimid r inde 1 m. et di sum fr ad pur be Mar anno r r H 23 et ad ...
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Nutting's Latin Primer

Professor Herbert Chester Nutting (1872-1934) wrote a number of books for instruction in Latin. You may already be familiar with his Latin reader based on American history.

He wrote another book, A Latin Primer, that is not as well-known as it should be. It is unique in its low level of difficulty. This is a textbook that was designed to teach Latin to children in elementary school. There are less than 400 words used in ...
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oblique cases ??

Please check this definition: all noun cases minus nominative case = oblique cases.
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An Unusual (well, to me) Latin Script

The original can be found here: http://imgur.com/aIS7BEk

I am quite used to 13th-C. English Court-hand, so at first glance, I thought "well, I probably need to just look more closely at this... well... nope!" Lol, a handful of words popped out at me, but after that, I felt very lost. Does anyone know what type of script this is or from which century it came?

Any help, would be... ...
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L'Homond's 'Historiae Sacrae' in Audio

L'Homond wrote a useful children's version of the Bible in Latin, called 'Historiae Sacrae', containing 209 chapters. The stories cover the main Biblical narrative sections from Genesis until the time of King Herod. The Latinity is excellent - the first section begins with relatively simple Latin, which gradually increases in complexity over the length of the book.

L'Homond's Historiae Sacrae is now available as a complete Latin language audiobook at http://latinum.org.uk, for either download or ...
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Upon returning to my Latin studies, I have realized that I am remiss in my understanding of an overall picture of the various systems of the tenses.
In reviewing Wheelocks I see:
- Present Infinitive Active (Tense/Mood/Voice)
- Perfect Active System (Tense/Voice)
- Future and Imperfect Indicative (Tense/Mood)
- Perfect Active System (Tense/Mood)
- Perfect Passive System (Tense/Voice)
- Perfect and Pluperfect Subjunctive (Tense/Mood)

I guess what I am looking for is a consistent pattern ...
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Cicero, pro Sestio, book 29

Context: Cicero speaks admiringly in defense of Cato.

consule me cum esset designatus tribunus plebis, obtulit in discrimen vitam suam; dixit eam sententiam cuius invidiam capitis periculo sibi praestandam videbat;

Translation: During my consulship, when he was tribune-designate he put his life at risk; he announced that opinion, of which the hatred, he recognized, necessarily must endanger his life.


1. videbat seems to call for indirect discourse, but where is the infinitive? ...
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