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Here you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.

Epistolae obscurorum virorum

I bought Aloys Bömer's edition of Epistolae obscurorum virorum and time permitting should like to read it. Reading the first page, however, I noticed one setback: it contains vocabulary unknown to OLD, LS or even ThLL. This is hardly surprising, but instead expected. What lexica should one use for EOV for words like these? For instance, on the very first page we have words malvaticus (or malvaticum), some kind of drink, and semella.

"- - ...
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Corn. Nepos, Xerxes replies to Pausanias

C.N., Pausanias

Context: During the Persian Wars, Spartan Pausanias, commander of Greek forces against the Persians, has returned some Persian P.O.W.s, kinsmen of Xerxes, to the Persian ruler, along with a letter in which Pausanias promises to enter into an alliance with Xerxes, for the purpose of reducing all of Greece to Persian control.


rex tot hominum salute tam sibi necessariorum magno opere gavisus confestim cum epistula Artabazum ad Pausaniam mittit in qua ...
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Cornelius Nepos, Aristides: perfect infinitive issue

Cornelius Nepos, Aristides

Context: The Athenians banish Aristides

The problem: to study verb forms.

. . .exilio decem annorum multatus est. qui quidem cum intellegeret reprimi concitatam multitudinem non posse, cedensque animadvertisset quendam scribentem, ut patria pelleretur, quaesisse ab eo dicitur, quare id faceret aut quid Aristides commisisset, cur tanta poena dignus duceretur. cui ille respondit se ignorare Aristiden, sed sibi non placere, quod tam cupide laborasset, ut praeter ceteros Iustus appellaretur.

I ...
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Dictionary of Latin synonyms?


can anyone recommend a (public domain) dictionary of Latin synonyms? There are quite a few out there (including the Döderlein at Project Gutenberg), and I am not quite sure which to use.


Carolus Raeticus
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First Conjugation Quizlet Flashcards

there are many sets of flashcards on Quizlet, but many are riddled with errors and/or are inconsistent. I made a set for amāre, with macrons, and with simple english translations, using the subjunctive translations from Bennett's grammar:


if you're searching from the quizlet app on a phone, just search for user "longchenpa" to find it. (I actually use the app "flashcards" on the iphone, but its not yet showing up in the quizlet search ...
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Martial 2.8

Hello everybody :)

I would like to hear your opinion about this Martial's epigram:

Si qua uidebuntur chartis tibi, lector, in istis
siue obscura nimis siue latina parum,
non meus est error: nocuit librarius illis
dum properat uersus adnumerare tibi.
Quod si non illum sed me peccasse putabis,
5 tunc ego te credam cordis habere nihil.
'Ista tamen mala sunt.' Quasi nos manifesta negemus!
Haec mala sunt, ...
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result clause, not indirect statement

Cornelius Nepos, "Themistocles"

I want to test my understanding of a grammar issue.

Nam cum pecunia publica, quae ex metallis redibat, largitione magistratuum quotannis interiret, ille persuasit populo, ut ea pecunia classis centum navium aedificaretur.

Rough translation:

Now when (before) the public income, which derived from mines, was used up every year by handouts to the citizens, he got the people to spend the money to build a fleet of one ...
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Help with 'quia'

hi there, could you help me? I found this sentence in Jordani Bruni Opera Latine Conscripta:

De praefatione tenendae sunt quindecim rationes, quibus Alexandro studium rhetorices commendatur.
Harum 1...2...3.Quia indegnum est illum, qui in rebus gestis caeteros vincit et exsuperat, interdum sermone humilioribus et indignioribus cedere.
Now, after Quia the author used the accusative, but wouldn't it be better to use the nominative: Quia indegnus est ille, qui...? why the accusative?
Thank you for reading ...
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verb forms in narrative history

Source: Cornelius Nepos, "Miltiades"

Context: The Athenians have decided to send forth colonist, but before launching the expedition, they consult the oracle at Delphi on the question, who should command it?

His consulentibus nominatim Pythia praecepit, ut Miltiadem imperatorem sibi sumerent: id se fecissent, incepta prospera futura.

My translation: To the ones seeking advice Pythia declared, by name, that Miltiades should be made commander; and that, if they did this, their undertakings would ...
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Project Gutenberg: Vitruvius, De Architectura


I noticed that there is a "new" Latin e-book at Project Gutenberg: De Architectura Libri Decem by Vitruvius Pollio. It looks quite good, certainly an alternative to the LatinLibrary-version.


Carolus Raeticus
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