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Here you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.

How many hours per day do you spend studying latin?

I've got this question but even googling I haven't found answers. So how many hours per day do you spend studying latin?

Have a good day!
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Accusative as object indirect?

Hi everyone,

I have been studying latin for about 3 months now and I came across a sentence that is driving me crazy:
Here it is : Pãstor oves suãs ad arborem ducit

Pastor: subject
Ducit: bitransitive verb
oves suãs: direct object
ad arborem: indirect object, because the preposition "ad", but it is conjugated in the ACCUSATIVE case what is supposed to be the direct object.

Can anyone explain how this is possible? Is it ...
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Delphi Classics?


does anyone have experience with the e-books from Delphi Classics? I am looking for an edition of Livy that is good to read using an e-book reader (Kindle or Onyx).


Carolus Raeticus
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Applying a preposition in Expositio in Librum Iudith

I have 2 questions regarding this passage from Abp. Rabanus Maurus' book, Expositio in Librum Iudith. I am working from a critical edition by Adele Simonetti. This is a copy/paste from an OCR.

Sicut enim acumen ingenii plurimum prodest in his qui, timendo Deum, sinceritatem fidei catholicae humiliter servant, ita plurimum obest in illis qui, spernentes Dei timorem superbiendo, sectas nocivas contra fidem componere non formidant.

My translation follows:

In fact, just as an innate ...
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Need Help: Transcribing Vestibulum

I have begun both transcribing and retranslating the Vestibulum of Comenius. The translation of it into English is pretty decent, but at other times is archaic and unhelpful for its purpose. I have finished the first chapter of the Vesitibulum and need your guys' help, if you are willing, to correct my mistakes and give information I am lacking.

First, I am including macrons to indicate vowel quantity. Most of these were easily available to ...
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Cadamus and Dasibari :: Roman expedition into the Sahara

A long time ago I read about a Roman-period source that said that a group had gone south into the Sahara and had passed through places including Cadamus (= modern Ghadames) and had reached a river called Dasibari. Please who wrote it, etc?
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Difficult passage in Expositio in Librum Judith

I have a passage I've been working on the past couple days that has been quite challenging for me. I believe I have something pretty close, but would like feedback. This passage is from the Adele Simonetti critical edition of the text. The text is Expositio in Librum Judith by the Blessed Rabanus Maurus.

Et propter hoc dicitur quod mittentes Israhelitae circumquaque «praeoccupaverint omnes vertices montium», quia sanctae ecclesiae auctoritas praepositorum suorum commonet strenuitatem, quatenus ...
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I find myself in a dark forest

I've been working fairly hard on Latin, for seven years. Not less that one hour, seven days a week, with rare intermissions. And usually two or three hours. Although I understand easy authors like Cornelius Nepos pretty well, Horace is fiendishly difficult, as anybody can see from my queries. Sometimes I get discouraged.

Part of this is due to self-teaching. I know from sitting in modern foreign-language classes that the pupil who pays attention learns ...
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Horace, Sat. II, 2, about line 31

Context: Through his mouthpiece, a solid countryman, Horace continues to disparage fancy diet, in this case fish supposedly caught in favored places.

unde datum sentis, lupus hic Tiberinus an alto
captus hiet pontisne inter iactatus an amnis
ostia sub Tusci?

I have changed the order and interpolated two words to show my attempted reading. I'm doubtful about this translation, but it is the best meaning I can bring forth.

My conjectured Latin:
unde datum sentis, ...
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NJCL Member-At-Large!!

Hey guys, I'm joining NJCL as a member at large and I was wondering if anyone else here is a member of NJCL.
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