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Here's where you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get translation help and more!

LDS Pen Pal for Latin Learning?

No, this is not a personal ad, don't get nervous. I'm looking for someone who would be willing to work with me and provide feedback on an ongoing basis in some translation efforts I'm working on. My current project is doing a translation of selected passages from The Book of Mormon, which, unlike the Old and New Testaments, didn't come with a Latin translation before it got to English. (Plenty of information about that elsewhere ...
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LLPSI object of iussit

Numa is creating 12 priests dedicated t Mars and explaining the rites they were to perform:

Salios item duodecim Marti legit caelestiaque arma, quae 'ancilia' appellantur, ferre ac per urbem saltare canentes carmina iussit.

Salios is the object of legit and iussit, right?

He also chose twelve Salii for Mars and ordered to carry the celestial arms, which were called 'ancilia', and to dance singing incantations through the city.
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Thinking about reading Seneca. Where to start?

Salvete omnes,

As the subject indicates, I have been thinking about dipping into Seneca lately. I understand that he has written in a wide range of genres (I'd like to stay away from his tragedies for the moment). I also understand that he tends toward a more paratactic style. Are there any of his prose works that are typically recommended as starting-off points for Seneca? Some, maybe, that offer a smooth (easy?) introduction to his ...
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Where is this Tacitus' quote from?

A bad peace is even worse than war.

It is said that this quote was from Tacitus. But when I tried to find its Latin version, I could not get any indications of its origin. I searched the fulltexts of Tacitus' English translation version books but still nothing matched. I now doubt it is not the same form of Tacitus' Latin sentence but some sort of "retell".

Is there any one pleased to help finding ...
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Understanding Virtual Indirect Discourse

I've run across this construction in several grammars, under different names (partial obliquity, virtual oratio obliqua, informal indirect discourse). I understand that the gist of it is that subordinate clauses with a subjunctive verb can be used to express the thoughts/speech of someone other than the writer. But am I also correct in conceiving of this construction as merely an extension of subordinate clauses in indirect discourse? That is to say, to the Latin mind, ...
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pater liberos suos amat, the father loves his children.

Why is liberos=children?
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Deinde, a paucis initio facto

Deinde, a paucis initio facto, universi Romulum 'deum deo natum, regem parentemque urbis Romanae' salvere iubent.

Later, having begun with a few, all hailed Romulus 'a god born from the gods, the king and father of the Roman city.
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terrae (pl) (Oberg LLPSI Cap XLII)

His immortalibus perfectis operibus, cum Romulus contionem militum in campo Martio haberet, subito coorta tempestas cum magno fragore tonitribusque tam denso nimbo regem operuit ut conspectum eius militibus abstulerit. Nec deinde in terris Romulus fuit.

Nonne terrae (pl.) = universus orbis? ...orbis terrarium...
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Best Order to Use LLPSI Readers and Supplements?

Hello all,

I am looking for advice on the best order to use the supplements and readers designed to accompany the two primary volumes of Lingua Latina. As far as I know, there is no recommended order on the publisher's website, and I have searched the forum for a prior answer to this question, but have been unable to find one. I apologize if there is one and I have overlooked it.

I own the ...
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Ita maximo terrore perculsi Fidenates, prius paene quam Romulus equitesque qui cum eo erant circumagerent equos, terga verterunt atque oppidum repetebant. Non tamen a persequentibus se eripuere : priusquam fores portarum opponerentur, Romani velut uno agmine in oppidum irruperunt.

The second sentence seems to be saying that despite fleeing their pursuers the Fidenates were unable to block the gates to their city before it was invaded by the Romans. ...
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