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Irregular 1st declension nouns


Can anyone tell me what is the correct 3rd Principal Part (i.e. 1st Person, Active Indicative Perfect) of necō?

I have found it listed as an irregular verb in a number of texts where the 3rd Principal Part is listed as necuī but then again I have found other texts which list it as necāvī!

Allen and Greenough's Latin Grammar states that "necō has regularly necāvī... except in composition" but this doesn't help me ...
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When to use -que, et, ac or atque


I have noticed for example that -que is commonly used when an author is making an enumeration of things. I wonder if you know of any ancient or old sources, in which this question is being discussed?
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Deni simul quinos - Roma Aeterna XLII Line 263

Deni simul quinos dies imperitabant... - Ten were ruling at the same time for periods of five days. Am I translating this correctly?
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a motto/ warning

Y'all, I'm trying to translate the ff. statement:

"If you speak ill of another person, I will tell him all about it. The truth will set us free."

Here's my try:

"Sic diceris vituperatione ad hominen, dicero ad eum. Veritas nos liberavit."

Good enough? Pls advise. Gratia vobis.
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Is this irony?

Hi everyone !
This is from Justus Lipsius' Preface of his Tacitus Edition (1580):

Brevitas etiam mea fortasse quibusdam non ad gustum.quid faciam?ita natura mea et iudicium est:et tractari malo,quam semel adspici et tangi.Aquam maris dulciorem in imo esse aiunt,quam in summo.

I read it (loosely)as follows:and my conciseness(of his commentaries) may probably not be to everyone's taste.What can I do?It is in my nature and according to my judgement and I would rather have ...
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adjectives and nouns

What is the general rule regarding adjective/noun agreement when an adjective modifies more than one noun and the nouns are of different genders? Thanks, Paul
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who is the subject in "Non nobis"?

The Knight Templar had a famous song:
Non nobis non nobis Domine,
sed nomini tuo da gloriam

Every time I hear this lyrics I feel a little confused that who is the subject in this sentence? Who is the one do the action of "da" ? Did the knights mean their fighting was not for their own glory but the God's, or were they praying to God wishing God not bring glory to them ...
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Ratpertus' Casus Sancti Galli, §5-6

Hi all,

I'm reading Ratpertus' Casus Sancti Galli, a history of the monastery from its foundation to the year 883 and have some questions about this text.

1) In §5, the monks are in conflict with the local bishop who is trying to take control of the monastery. The monks have a document supporting their claim to independence and entrust this document to Engilrammus, a trusted man, so that he brings it to the king ...
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In media urbe...

In Cap 39 of LLPSI Orberg has:

In media urbe Dido regina magnificum templum Iunoni aedificabat. Hic primum, nova re oblata, Aeneas salutem sperare ausus est et rebus suis melius confidere: nam reginam opperiens, dum in ingenti templo singula opera lustrat, vidit imagines belli Troiani ordine pictas.

Two questions:

1) Aeneas salutem spearare ausus est. ? Aeneas dared to hope (for) a greeting ? did he hope to greet or be greeted...?

2) '....singula opera ...
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Latin textbooks for an adult student?

Can somebody give me some advice?

I'm a graduate student just starting to try to learn Latin on my own (it would be useful in my field), and I've glanced at both Wheelock's Latin and Lingua Latina, which I will probably end up using.

However, I would really really prefer to find a textbook with progressive translation exercises, as in Karl Sandberg's French for Reading. (The book gives a French sentence -- then immediately an ...
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