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Here you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.

First post (hi!) and translation question...

Hello, this is my first post here on this forum, so if this is the incorrect place to ask this question, I apologize... I did read the sticky's and looked around, and it seems this is an appropriate section.

Anyway, I'm currently writing a story that involves plenty of appropriation, loan-wording, and mixed usage of Vulgar Latin (as in "Sermo Vulgaris", not dirty limericks) interspersed with English. Though I realize it would probably more appropriately ...
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Reading Latin

Reading Latin by JACT 1 ed. is quite expensive on Amazon, but nota bene a new edition comes out on November 30. I am deciding whether or not I want to increase my skills in "reading" rather than "translating." Do you all think 1st edition will be cheaper when the 2nd is released as happened with Reading Greek?
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Quick grammar question...

Hi, I am a bit confused about how to translate this sentence into Latin...

We run home.

I know that the word "run" in this sentence is intransitive so it doesn't take a direct object. So in Latin what case would "home" be in? In English, what would the function of "home" be classified as?

Thank you...
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Vulgate question

I have a question about the following passage in St Mark's Gospel (12:12):

et quaerebant eum tenere et timuerunt turbam cognoverunt enim quoniam ad eos parabolam hanc dixerit et relicto eo abierunt

In the Douay–Rheims Bible this is translated as "And they sought to lay hands on him: but they feared the people. For they knew that he spoke this parable to them. And leaving him, they went their way." My question: why the use ...
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Horace, Satires, I, 10; grammar calls, about line 15

Context: the poet discusses satire

ridiculum acri
fortius et melius magnas plerumque secat res.
illi, scripta quibus comoedia prisca viris est,
hoc stabant, hoc sunt imitandi;


A joke commonly cuts down the overblown more powerfully, and better, than bitter invective. Those men by whom the old comedy was written stood by this ; they ought to be imitated on this .

acri: ablative singular, ...
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Confused about perfect passive indicatives

So, in this sentence here:

"Scriptum est in libro veteris testamenti primo quoniam Deus spiritum emisit et vivificavit Adam."

I would take "scriptum est" as a perfect passive indicative compound construction. And, would render it "it was written." But in the answer book (Dunlap answer key for Collins), he has it "It is written."

Now, I supposed with context that the present tense makes more sense. But it seems odd to include a subtle translating ...
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North and Hilllard Prose Composition

I wouldn't mind if some kind folks could check in every once and awhile and correct my work :D.

Exercise 2
1. I am going to the city to buy bread.
2. He went to the city lest he should see his father.
3. We have gone home to see our friends
4. We shall go to Caesar to ask for peace.
5. Do not send ...
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Deinde pater ei in utramque manum malum dat, how many apples

Deinde pater ei in utramque manum malum dat, et “Alterum malum nunc es” inquit, “alterum tecum fer!”
So how many apples are there in his hands? If there's only one, why use sing. here?
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quam sī bīnōrum - Roma Aeterna XLVI 253–257

Tum Rōmānī iussērunt captīvōs omnēs quōs Pyrrhus reddiderat īnfāmēs habērī, 'quod armātī capī potuissent, nec ante eōs ad veterem statum revertī quam sī bīnōrum hostium occīsōrum spolia retulissent.'

Then the Romans ordered that all captives whom Pyrrhus had returned be regarded as infamous, because armed they had been able to be captured, and not before they had returned the spoils of two slain enemies would they be returned to their former status.

I don't understand ...
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ossa, reginald foster - out soon

hi all, apologies if it's been announced already in another thread, but i just randomly bumped into this webpage linked below, about a book coming out in a few days setting out reginald foster's method of teaching latin - thought i'd pass it along:


cheers, chad
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