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Disney's "Let It Go" Sung in Latin

his song is practically everywhere these days, so I eventually gave in to temptation and wrote a Latin version. There are a surprising number of Latin renditions on YouTube (about half a dozen), but I found that the other adaptations were either too loose or didn't quite fit the melody in a few spots. Constructive critique on this one is welcome, as always!

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cur 'quem' sed non 'quod'

In Orberg LLPSI Cap XLII Romulus ita regnum accepit;

Augur ad laevam eius capite velato sedem cepit dextra manu baculum aduncum tenens, quem 'lituum' appellaverunt.

Si 'quem' (pronomen relativum) = baculum nonne 'quod' (neut. acc. sing.) appositum sit.
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Antonyms of ex, dē and ab

I can perceive the antonyms of two of these prepositions, but the third one stumps me.

The opposite of ex (out of) would be in (into), while the opposite of ab (away from, all the way from) would be ad (toward).

But the one word I can't seem to find an antonym to is the preposition , which I take to mean separating from, or down from.

On a similar note, what would the prepositions ...
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Gerundive but without noun it describes

I understand that Gerundive is a verbal adjective and will (usually?) have an associated noun that it describes. The Plebs believe that the king of Rome to succeed Romulus should come from amongst them. The patricians are inclined to make concessions.

Cum hoc sensissent patres, populo concedendum esse censuerunt - ita tamen ut non plus iuris darent quam retinerent. Decreverunt enim ut, cum populus regem creavisset, patres auctores fierent.

is 'se' the implied word ...
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Orberg Cap XLII

Slightly (I suspect) idiomatic paragraph from Orberg (from Livy).

Omnibus igitur patribus placebat aliquod caput civitatis esse, nec vero quisquam alteri concedere volebat. Itaque centum patres summum imperium inter se consociaverunt. Deni simul quinos dies imperitabant, quorum principes, qui 'interreges' nominabantur, cum insignibus imperii erant. Ita imperium per omnes in orbem ibat. ...
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Latin Concessive Clauses

So I have yet to feel that I have a firm grasp on how the indicative and subjunctive moods work in Latin concessive clauses. I know that many grammars and prose composition books state that "in the best authors" certain concessive conjunctions take certain moods (quamquam = indicative, quamvis, licet = subjunctive, etsi, etiamsi, tametsi, ut = either), and I know that "later authors" don't follow these conventions as closely.

What I therefore have a ...
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Patribus plebique - Roma Aeterna XLIII Line 139

Atrox visum est id facinus patribus plebique. This hideous crime was seen by the patricians and plebs.

Why does Orberg use plebi instead of plebe? Assuming it isn't a typo, what kind of dative is plebi?
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velut si orbi facti essent

This is Orberg's LLPSI Cap XLII - describing Romulus' disappearance before the assembly

Romani iuvenes, postquam ex tam turbido die serena et tranquilla lux rediit, ubi vacuam sedem regiam viderunt, velut si orbi facti essent, maesti aliquamdiu siluerunt.

I'm slightly (perhaps very) confused about the tense and mood of velut si orbi facti essent.

facti essent is pluperfect subjunctive... so my whole translation of the sentence is..

The Roman youth when after such an eventful ...
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Ab illo viribus

Haec Romulo regnante domi militiaeque gesta sunt. Ab illo viribus datis, tantum valuit urbs Roma ut in quadraginta deinde annos tutam pacem haberet.

Ab illo viribus datis....

ablativus absolutus : Through such strength having been given by him, such did Rome grow in strength that within 40 years had had gained total peace....
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urbe valida muris ac situ ipso munita abstinuit

Hostes fusos ad moenia persecutus, urbe valida muris ac situ ipso munita abstinuit, agros rediens vastavit, ulciscendi magis quam praedae studio.

'...urbe valida muris ac situ ipso munita...' cuncta ablativa sunt
It means, I believe, that Romulus did not invade the city of Veii but the ablative words together seem highly idiomatic or else I'm missing something.

Hostes fusos ad moenia persecutus, urbe valida muris ac situ ipso munita abstinuit, agros rediens vastavit, ulciscendi magis ...
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