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Online: Exercises contained in Adler's "Practical Grammar"


I am happy to announce the release of the official version of my transcription of the "Exercises contained in Adler's Practical Grammar". It comprises all 172 sets of Exercises contained in George J. Adler's Practical Grammar of the Latin Language (1858), both the English sentences from the textbook and the Latin translations from the Key prepared by the author himself. Missing translations have been added by me, and some errors have been corrected as ...
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Ablative Singular of the Present Participle

OK, it's time to admit my ignorance and clear up this niggling confusion concerning the "attributive adjective" use of the ablative singular present participle, i.e. the dormiente vs. dormienti question. In thinking about this from the standpoint of composition, is there some kind of trick or quick grammatical test I can apply that will help me to choose correctly? What about ablative absolutes - are they always one or the other, and if not, what ...
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best online English-to-Latin translator or dictionary

Has anyone found a good online English-to-Latin translator? I've waded through pages of Google results looking for one, but most of them don't even recognize the words I'm looking for, or their results are questionable (e.g., Google translate). I typically only need to translate one word at a time (as opposed to phrases), so a great dictionary, whether online or in Kindle format would be fine.

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imperial heir

Hi. I'm writing a sci-fi novel set in the future with a resurrected Roman Empire. I'm trying to include some Latin terms for added realism.

For the ruler of this empire, I want to use a Latin title rather than the word emperor. As far as I can tell, the Latin equivalent is imperator, and empress translates to imperatrix. Can someone please verify that for me.

Also, I'm looking for a Latin equivalent to "imperial ...
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re vera

What does this phrase mean? I can't find it anywhere.
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is this an indirect statement?

Polliceor me Pyrrhum veneno necaturum si mihi. This seems to be an indirect statement but 'esse' is missing.Otherwise necaturum is the future indicative participle.
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translation check please

Postea, omni spe pacis inter Pyrrum et Romanos conciliandae ablata, Fabricius consul factus contra eum missus est. Afterwards, with all hope of peace between Pyhrrus and the Romans destroyed of reconciling, Fabricius elected consul was sent against him.
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First catilinarian, question about ista

I finished Henle's Second Year Latin (lots of Caesar) and began with Henle's Third Year Latin, which opens with the first Catilinarian oration. The first paragraphs offer no major difficulties, but I wonder a bit about this sentence:

"Fuit, fuit ista quondam in hac re publica virtus, ut viri fortes acrioribus suppliciis civem perniciosum quam acerbissimum hostem coercerent"

Why 'ista' and not simply 'illa'? Isn't often some kind of contempt implied in the use of ...
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An unpleasant "account"


I stumbled upon some interesting phrases to express a rather unsympathetic view of someone:

Robertson wrote:A man of no account; homo sordidus, obscurus; nullo loco, ordine, numero; nullius loci, ordinis, numeri, pretii, meriti; infima conditione, loco infimo; imi subsellii; quintae, extremae classis; infra infimos; despectus, despicatissimus, contemptus, abjectus. Qui cum infima multitudine conculcatur, obruitur, consenescit, apud populares sordet. Unus e multis; ex faece populi; sortis humillimae; inter capite--censos, et proletarios. He is, of all others, ...
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From Cato's instructions - Gerundive

Dear all,

Here is a sentence from Cato's instructions:

Cum animaduerterem, quam plurimos grauiter in uia morum errare, succurrendum opinioni eorum et consulendum famae existimaui = When I noticed how very many go seriously wrong in their manner of living I concluded that I must apply a corrective to their belief and take counsel of the experience of mankind

Here, (succurrendum) and (consulendum) are gerundives, and basing on the context of the sentence, I see ...
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