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Here you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.

13th c. transcription: dimidietas vs. dimidia vs. dimidiatus

I am transcribing a 13th-century English court hand document and cannot decide exactly when to expand the abbreviation “di’” (sometimes dim’”) into “dimidietas, dimidietatis” and when to expand it into “dimidia, dimidiae.” I believe that I found an important clue in Lewis & Short here: http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/tex ... %3Ddimidio ; however, this deals with the perfect passive participle “didmidiatus, a, um” rather than the noun “dimidietas, dimidietatis” (whose entry is ...
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Hilliard and North Vocabularies

I've been typing into a text file the Hiliard and North Exercise vocabularies. Does anybody know if such a text file already exists? Below are some example entries. I've already tested my file by importing it into an Anki deck.

Ex7; enough; sǎtis.
Ex7; snow; nix, nǐvis, f.
Ex7; set out; prǒficiscor, -i, profectus.
Ex7; easily; fǎcile.
Ex7; tree; arbor, arbǒris, f.
Ex7; fall; cǎdo, -ěre, cěcǐdi, cāsum.
Ex7; lie; jǎceo, -ēre, jǎcui.
Ex7; ...
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Online: NLyze (display/search "Nuntii Latini")


I have just uploaded v1.0 of NLyze to my homepage.

This small programme allows display of editions of the Finnish Nuntii Latini hardwired into the file (by year, author). The articles also can be filtered using search expressions. Version 1.0 includes: 294 editions with 1687 articles (of which 256 currently only as headlines). Links to MP3s are included if available. These articles cover the years 2010 to 2017. I hope to be able to ...
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Frontinus, Stragegemata, short hard sentence

Context: Frontinus explains that he hopes, by assembling many instances of clever tricks of commanders, to save persons in need of military advice the trouble of sifting many books. He seems aware of a possible accusation that his book is too derivative to enjoy high standing.
Sed, ut opinor, occupatis velocitate consuli debet.

Free Translation: But, it is my view that busy men are entitled to swift advice.

My calls:
debet: impersonal use ...
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Frontinus, STRATEGEMATA, opening sentence.

Context: Frontinus places the present book on generalship in relation to an earlier one on military science.

Cum ad instruendam rei militaris scientiam unus ex numero studiosorum eius accesserim eique destinato, quantum cura nostra valuit, satisfecisse visus sim, deberi adhuc institutae arbitror operae, ut sollertia ducum facta, quae a Graecis una STRATEGEMATON appellatione comprehensa sunt, expeditis amplectar commentariis.

Even though I am the only one of several careful students who has composed a ...
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Complete Nuntii Latini?


Does anyone around here have the entire corpus of the Finnish Nuntii Latini (or at least the 2009-2017 bit)?


Carolus Raeticus
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Latin Fundamentals by Hettich & Maitland?

Anyone ever come across this book? I picked it up from a used bookstore a while back. It was first published in 1929, and I think I have the 1950 edition. Compared to most Latin texts I've seen, it presents the grammar in a much more orderly fashion. It lumps together pertinent information, like going over several tenses and their endings in one lesson, versus separating them in random lessons. My brain likes the bigger ...
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Undecim milibus haec classis censebatur

Orberg's (slightly adapted) Livy in in LLPSI Cap XLIV is describing the division of Romans into various orders of property and consequent military obligation.

Quinta classis aucta: centuriae triginta factae; his additi sunt cornicines tubicinesque in duas centurias distributi. Undecim milibus haec classis censebatur. Hoc minor census reliquam multitudinem habuit; inde una centuria facta est immunis militia. Ita pedestri exercitu distributo, ex primoribus civitatis duodeviginti equitum centurias fecit.

Undecim milibus haec classis censebatur would appear ...
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deosque duces

In Orberg's LLPSI, Cap XLIV, Tanaquil, wife of Servius, stands before the dying king Tarquin points to his body and speaks to her husband:

"Tuum est" inquit, "Servi, si vir es, regnum, non eorum qui alienis manibus pessimum facinus fecere. Erige te, deosque duces sequere, qui clarum hoc fore caput divino quondam circumfuso igne portenderunt. Nunc te illa caelestis excitet flamma! Nunc expergiscere vere! Et nos peregrini regnavimus. Qui sis, non unde natus sis, reputa! ...
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Inde puerum filii loco habere

Inde puerum filii loco habere coeperunt eumque erudire artibus quibus ingenia ad magnae fortunae cultum excitantur.

The above from Livy - as adapgted by Orberg is translated (by W. Weissenborn, H. J. Müller. I think) on Perseus as:

It is said that from that moment the boy began to be looked upon as a son, and to be trained in the studies by which men are inspired to bear themselves greatly.

...now I can ...
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