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Here you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.

Deponent Verb Question

So, as my Greek is more advanced than my Latin, I'm somewhat familiar with Deponent verb forms; this passage, however, has me a bit confused and wonder if someone might help clarify it.

So, overall, putting aside semi-deponents and exceptions/complexities and whatnot, deponents are verbs that 1. have no active forms and 2. no passive meanings. This is another way of saying that they only have 1. active meanings and 2. passive forms.

So far, ...
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De Viris Illustribus

Where can you find a hardcopy of De Viris Illustribus by Lhomond? I haven't been able to find any. Is there a reprint on Lulu or something available on the cheap?
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Asking for some VERY basic help with "from"

Greetings All,

What's confusing me is ab, de, and ex. My text tells me the following(sorry, no macrons):
a, ab (prep. with abl.) from, away from
de (prep. with abl) from, down from, about, concerning
e, ex (prep. with abl.) from, out of

What's confusing me is this: What if I just want to say "from" and not down, away, or out of?
Possible example: "I learn Latin from my teacher." Which "from" and why? ...
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Latin prose composition


Does anyone here know if Latin has an equivalent book of composition, like the Greek:


That deeply analyses the aspects of Latin writing. (See that this book is much more advanced than Arnold's prose compositon)

And a book that analyses prose writing style, in the spirit of:


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Vulpis ad Personam Tragicam

I'm having some troubles understading this:

"Personam tragicam forte vulpes viderat;
quam postquam huc illuc semel atque iterum verterat,
'O quanta species' inquit 'cerebrum non habet!'
Hoc illis dictum est quibus honorem et gloriam
Fortuna tribuit, sensum communem abstulit."

What is this "quam", is it the prounoun? The whole verse is very strange to me.
To which noun is "dictum" refering?
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Horace 2.7 Translation

O saepe mecum tempus in ultimum
deducte Bruto militiae duce,
quis te redonavit Quiritem
dis patriis Italoque caelo,

Pompei, meorum prime sodalium,
cum quo morantem saepe diem mero
fregi, coronatus nitentis
malobathro Syrio capillos?

Tecum Philippos et celerem fugam
sensi relicta non bene parmula,
cum fracta virtus et minaces
turpe solum tetigere mento.

Sed me per hostis Mercurius celer
denso paventem sustulit aere;
te rursus in bellum resorbens
unda fretis tulit aestuosis.

Ergo obligatam redde ...
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In Usum Delphini

I watched recently a video by a YouTube channel called “Deka Glossai” which explained some books for learning Latin. He described one series called “In Usum Delphini” which, according to the Wikipedia page, was a series of texts used for the education of the son of King Louis XIV. It essentially, as the man on the video says, is a series of Latin text with Latin annotations, somewhat like Lingua Latina by Ørberg, but more ...
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Online: Herodoti Historiarum Libri IX


After toiling for quite some time I have finally finished my latest transcription project: a Latin version of Herodoti Historiarum Libri IX. You can download it from its Project Gutenberg-page.

I chose this specific text for several reasons:

  • I was interested in the text as such (always a must for any transcription project I tackle).
  • It provides a lot of text of a suitable intermediate level.
  • It serves as further raw material for ...
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How do you like your commentaries?

Salvete omnes,

I've noticed four different formats for Latin texts/commentaries.

1) Text in the first section of the book, commentary at the back of the book (like the Cambridge Green & Yellows and Bryn Mawr Commentaries)
2) Text and commentary on the same page, but with commentary beneath the text (like Pharr's Purple Virgil and the Steadman books)
3) Text and commentary on the same page, but with commentary in the margin (like Lingua Latina ...
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Stress or pitch accent ?

Good afternoon !

I have been tackling poetry for the first time since I started studying Latin. Reading about accentuation, I discovered that the stress accent I had been using might not be correct : some sources indicate that golden age Romans spoke with a pitch accent. What is the current consensus ?
Would you happen to have a link to an article or a book on this matter, either in English, French or Spanish ...
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