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Here you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.

Perfect Subjunctive


I previously thought that when the tence is perfect the subjunctive used after the ut would be imperfect.

Therefore, I am a bit puzzled with this sentence:

Tertio itaque regni sui anno evenit, ut Sidone, oppido piscatorum, capiteque Phœnicum, ad se in regiam, colloquendi causa, me evocaverit.

I think I understand the meaning of the sentece. However, the usage of the perfect subjunctive (evocaverit) I cannot understand. Why is the subjunctive perfect instead of ...
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Eius et Suum (Lingue Latina, Capitulum Quartum)


I'm working my way through Lingua Latina and mostly think I'm doing okay on the exercises. However, in the following exercises, I'm not sure of myself at all. The best I can tell, "eius" is never declined, but "suum" is.

The following is the transcription of my answers to the exercises (chapter four, exercise five). Could someone let me know if I'm doing this right before I get the wrong habits?

Ube est pecunia ...
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More form Orberg - adjective from beyond a conjunction

A crowd is streaming into the Curia when Tarquin seizes his moment to throw Servius down the steps of the building.

Tum Tarquinius, necessitate iam et ipsa cogente ultima audere, multo et aetate et viribus validior, medium arripit Servium elatumque e Curia in inferiorem partem per gradus deiecit! Inde ad cogendum senatum in Curiam rediit.

Orberg explains necessitate iam et... as : cum iam et ipsa necessitas cogeret eum

My English reading of the literal ...
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haud impūne adulterō fore - Roma Aeterna XLV 261-262

Sed date dexterās fidemque haud impūne adulterō fore! But give your right hands and honor that the adulterer will not be unpunished.

If this is indirect discourse, why is there no accusative subject? Adulterō is either in the dative or ablative.
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Orberg Cap XLIV

Huic orationi cum Servius intervenisset a trepido nuntio excitatus, extemplo a vestibulo Curiae magna voce "Quid hoc" inquit, "Tarquini, rei est? Qua tu audacia, me vivo, vocare ausus es patres aut in sede considere mea?"

Cum ille ferociter ad haec — 'se patris sui tenere sedem: filium regis multo potiorem regni heredem esse quam servum; illum satis diu per licentiam illusisse dominis' — clamor ab utriusque fautoribus oritur et concursus populi fiebat in Curiam.

Lucius ...
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Online: Plato's Apology of Socrates in Latin

Salvete omnes!

My transcription of Plato's "Apology of Socrates" (Latin version "Apologia Socratis" by F.A. Wolf) is now online. You can download it from its page at Project Gutenberg.


Carolus Raeticus
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Aprilis third declension noun

Is Aprilis treated as both I stem and consonantal ?
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Diederich's 1939-page on Word Frequency


I was approached by a Textkit-member concerning a discrepancy between the number of entries in the list on my homepage and another list. My version is based on the original paper as transcribed and hosted on William Whitaker's (the creator of the WORDS-programme who died in late 2010) original web-site (I downloaded the data at the time).

It is not quite that easy to say that one chooses all words with a certain frequency ...
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YouTube Latin Playlists

I have collected my YouTube playlists, to give a semblance of order to my chaotic YouTube channel.

I am currently working on daily updates on several of these, as after a break I have returned to producing Latin materials.


I hope you find these to be of some use!
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More from Orberg XLIV

Postremo, ut iam agendae rei tempus visum est, cinctus agmine armatorum in forum irrupit. Inde, omnibus perculsis pavore, in regia sede pro Curia sedens patres in Curiam per praeconem 'ad regem Tarquinium' cogi iussit.

I spent some time trying to figure out what or who the participle 'sedens' relates to.

Does this mean 'Then, everyone having been struck with terror, it ordered, via the praeconem [who was - (is there an ...
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