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Here you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.

Pronouncing the letter R

I'm an absolute beginner who's considering learning Latin. Will it matter if I pronounce the letter R the way English speakers do? I'm unable to trill my R and this has put me off learning languages like Spanish where rolling the R is important to the meaning of the word. Thank you for your time
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Existential macron crisis

I mean macron. In the textbook Latin for the New Millenium the -e- in eius is marked long, ēius. I said to myself, "Self, that doesn't look right," and checked a couple of other standard teaching texts (Jenney, Latin for Americans), neither of which marked it as long. I then spot checked some poetry, Ovid 8.16 and Tibullus 6.25. In both cases the -e- scans as long. So, it's long and for whatever reason these ...
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ignōrantium - Roma Aeterna XLVIII Lines 354–358

Quot cāsūs exercitūs victī fuerant, tot in cūrās distractī animī eōrum erant quōrum propinquī sub C. Flāminiō cōnsule meruerant, ignōrantium quae cuiusque suōrum fortūna esset;

The misfortunes which had befallen the defeated army were not more numerous than the anxieties of those whose relatives had served under C. Flaminius, ignorant as they were of the fate of each of their friends;

I'm having trouble with ignōrantium. Why is it in the genitive? I would have ...
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Inconsistency in Bradley's Arnold & key

Still practicing Latin prose while proofreading Carolus's transcription of the key...

In Ex. 42, 4: The famine is becoming sorer daily; exhausted by daily toil (pl.) we shall soon be compelled3 to discontinue the sallies which up to this day we have made both by night and by day.

Footnote 3: "The sallies must be," etc., part. in -dus. (See 199.)

I sat scratching my head asking myself how I could use a participle in ...
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Translation English--Latin

Dear all,

An acquaintance of mine has asked for a translation of the following phrase, which should turn into a tattoo. It's about his dad who died when he was too young to get to know him, but who he will always remember/who will always be remembered. 'Never known, always remembered.' (And then in a chiasmic ABBA structure.) I also take it that that 'remembered' is elliptic for 'going to be remembered', so we'd need ...
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Questionable translation in Bradley's Arnold

Ex. 41, 4:

"Born and brought up in the vast and populous city of London, I have never before had permission to exchange the din and throng of the city even for the repose and peace and solitude of rural life"

The old key has: "Londini, in urbe omnium maxima et frequentissima nato educatoque, strepitum urbis ac multitudinem vitae rusticae otio, securitate, et infrequentia, ut permutarem, nunquam antea, ne semel quidem, mihi concessum est (or ...
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grammar question

Nomen ejus igitur erat Pandora, significans "dona omnia". In this and the preceding sentences it is obvious only one woman is the subject so why wouldn't the sentence read nomen sua? Thanks, Paul.
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Best Latin Lexicon

In everyone’s opinion, what are the best Latin lexicons? I’m looking for one in helping prepare for an entrance exam. My exam will be focused on Vulgate or an Early Church Father translation. Thanks!
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Vergil's First Eclogue - with Cowboys!

Cari amici, enamored with my new home's desert landscape, I couldn't help put an American Western twist on one of my favorite pieces of Latin literature, the First Eclogue by Vergil, in this recitation of it I did recently:


A couple fun quiz questions for you:
1. There is a reference to a lightning strike — can you find the real one in the scenery?
2. I hoped ...
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Exercise from Bradley's Arnold

Ex. 25, B, 5. So far from cruelty having been shown in our case...

The key has: Tantum abest ut in nobis sit saevitum...

Shouldn't that be "in nos"? I've never seen saevio used with in + abl.
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