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Movet feroci iuveni - Roma Aeterna XLIII Line 132

Movet feroci iuveni animum comploratio sororis in victoria sua tantoque gaudio publico. The loud wailing of his sister during his victory and with such public rejoicing moves the spirit in the fierce youth.

Why is the fierce youth in the dative case? Shouldn't it be in the ablative?
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Corpus et geminata victoria - Roma Aeterna XLIII Line 110

Alterum intactum ferro corpus et geminta victoria ferocem in certamen tertium dabat; A translation I found reads, "The one, unscathed after his double victory, was eager for the third contest."

I don't see any dictionary entries translating the Latin conjunction (and sometimes adverb) et with the English preposition after. Is after the correct word to use in this context?
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Bellum Sabinum

Here's some (more) Latin I've parsed and translated - from Orberg's LLPSI cap XLII

Bellum Sabinum

Novissimum ab Sabinis bellum ortum est , multoque id maximum fuit
The latest war to arise from the Sabines was the longest.

Nihil enim per iram aut cupiditatem actum est,
It arose from nothing but anger and greed.

nec ostenderunt bellum prius quam intulerunt ...
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inde exercitu victore...

Here's some Latin I've parsed and translated - from Orberg's LLPSI Cap XLII.

Inde exercitu victore reducto, ipse spolia ducis hostium prae se gerens in

Capitolium escendit, ibique cum spolia opima [spolia opima = spolia duci

hostium occiso erepta]

ad quercum sacram ...
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recommend some very detailed grammars to me

Hi. :D

I like to read grammar.
Recently I realized it once again.
So I began feeling like reading more
grammar books daily.

I have one book,
E.C.Woodcock's New Latin Syntax.
I like it very much
because it gives a lot of lengthy explanations,
taking pages for each syntactical topic,
not just listing short definitions and sample sentences.
It helps me a lot to understand Latin ...
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Rebus divinis rite factis

This is the opening sentence of Orberg's LLPSI Cap XLII. I've parsed it and translated it. Do I have it right...?

Rebus divinis rite factis vocataque ad concilium multitudine , quae nulla re nisi legibus in unum populum coalescere poterat , Romulus iura dedit .

These divine things having been done and the calling to a council of a multitude, ...
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am I saying this right?

Im trying to say roughly, shade of rust. I started with umbra aerugo but I don't really understand the declinations part. Should I say umbrae aeruginis? or umbram aeruginem?
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hit the road jack

Y'all, I'm trying to translate the chorus of the Pointer (Andrews?) sisters song "Hit the Road Jack." Here is my nonliteral but rhythm and melody compliant attempt. Is it correct?

"Ite, ite
Et nec venture iterum
Ite, ite
Nec reverti nusquam."

Gratia vobis, y'all
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Menses anni Latine

Salvete omnes. I need someone to please check me on this to see if I am correct and to correct me if I am wrong. I want to say "The month of January has 31 days". Simple Latin,I know,should be a no-brainer but I have to be sure that what I am saying is 100% correct.

My way: " Mensis Ianvarii triginta vnvs dies habet."

My reasoning behind this:
mensis-nominative singular (month)
Ianvarii-genitive singular (OF ...
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