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Here you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.

Looking for: complete Livy in Latin (public domain)


I am looking for a public domain (original text published before 1923) of the complete Latin text of Livy's Ab urbe condita. There is the one at the Latin Library, but I am quite certain that there must be better versions of the text somewhere. There is also the one at Perseus (Müller/Weissenborn), but I am unsure whether one is allowed to download the entire text (let alone how that is to be done). ...
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Sallust and Cicero

Sallust wrote:

Quae quousque tandem patiemini, o fortissumi viri? (Sall. Cat. 20)

This is Catiline's speech to his followers, encouraging them as he unfolds his nefarious plan.

Cicero's famous beginning from the First Catilinarian:

quo usque tandem abutere, Catilina, patientia nostra?

A deliberate echo on the part of Sallust referencing Cicero's oration?
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Looking for: series "Clari Romani"


I am looking for PDFs of the series "Clari Romani". Google-Books lists the following:

A. J. Schooling - 1910
Metellus and Marius: The Jugurthine war (simplified text)

H. J. Dakers - 1910
Julius Caesar: Simplified Text

C. H. Broadbent - 1910
Camillus: (simplified text)

A. J. Spilsbury - 1912
... Life of Augustus ...
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Student edition of Eutropius?

Does anyone know of a good student edition of Eutropius, with grammatical notes, etc.? There are a few old reprints on Amazon but I've no idea which if any are good.
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Dual language books - beginner

I’ve downloaded “Latin for “beginners” from this site. Very useful. One way I learn best as part of the mix is to read books with opposing languages on both pages, so I can scan from one to the other to discern patterns and vocabulary.

Does anyone have any recommendations? Many thanks. Chris
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Beginner at Latin

Salve! I have recently retired and now have time to spend on learning Latin. I know from learning other, modern languages that there is no magic bullet and that hard work is required. As someone who has never warmed to grammar, I realise I have set myself a real challenge, but that’s part of the motivation; i.e. mental exercise.

I am intrigued having watched Evan Milner’s video that outlines that the best way to learn ...
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fabula syrae pygmalion

still struggling with orberg material
now I have reach the chapter that can be read in conjuction with fabula syriae
just reading the first of the stories made me realize about another level of latin
the first story about Pygmalion
line 3-4 Feminas verō, quas superbas esse putabat, nullas amabat
to blame on my own mistake that I despise grammar oriented textbook, that I am unsure how to dissect this sentence.
but He did not ...
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A translation for the end of Ritchie's Fabulae Faciles

After Wheelock's and Lingua Latina (several times and still lacking a solid grasp/memory of grammar) I'm
making my way through Ritchie's Fabulae Faciles, I've been using Geoffrey Steadman's PDF with his helpful
notes and Angela Thomas' more extensive notes and translation. Unfortunately, Ms Thomas didn't quite
finish Ritchie's. She did 86 out of 100 chapters. Does anyone know of a translation of the remaining 14
(and most difficult) chapters? Seems like this would not be ...
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Ovid's Metamorphoses - Commentary recommendations?

Today I stumbled upon this fantastic thread where people recommended and discussed a variety of commentaries of Vergil's Aeneid:


Could we have something similar for Ovid's Metamorphoses? Can anyone here please provide me with a brief overview or navigation on the main existing commentaries (or even scholarship)?

Thanks in advance.
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Fully Digital Forcellini now online

A follow up to viewtopic.php?f=3&t=60081

Fully Digital Forcellini
Lexicon Totius Latinitatis

Here: http://lexica.linguax.com/forc2.php

A beta version of a fully digitized Forcellini from which you can copy-paste or search by CTRL+F.
This one took several years to release and it's still not fully finished (although quite ready to use)...

If you wish to motivate me continue in this kind of work and finish this project in my spare time, ...
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