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Here's where you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get translation help and more!

Proper name help, latin

Trying to turn the english name KAITLYN into Latin, can anyone help?
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Enclitics and accent

As I know, when the postpositive conjunction "-que" is added, the accent is placed so, as if it were a single word. When the preceding syllable is long, there is no difficulty to place it: "senatus populu'sque romanus" and so on. But where must the accent be placed in such cases as "corpus animaque"? (It is nominative; so the "i" and last "a" both are short.) I’m not sure that "ani'maque" is correct.
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:'( Can somebody out there please help translate this into latin <br /><br /><br />"The LORD is my light and my salvation;<br /> whom shall I fear?<br /> The LORD is the strongholda of my life;<br /> of whom shall I be afraid? "<br />
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Question about Horatius

I'm currently preparing for my Latin oral. <br /><br />The text I'm studying is poem 9, Book I of Horatius's Satyres.<br /><br />I don't understand the syntax of the sentence "O te, Bolane, cerebri felicem!". (lines 11 and 12) Shouldn't it be "O tu, Bolane, cerebri felix!", since "tu" and "felix" are connected to "Bolane" which is in the vocativ? <br /><br />I thought that maybe the construction of the sentence was "O Bolane, ...
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diphthong -ui-?

<br />In Perfect Indicative conjugations of moneo, -e- is changed to -u-,<br />then do the -u- and -i- in the ending combine to a diphthong? And what about the stress, e.g. monui'mus or monu'imus?<br /><br />Thanks,<br />Ah-Lang<br />
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Help needed

Hi.<br /><br /><br />I need the latin term for 'NEEDLESS TO SAY".<br /><br />Any help is appreciated.<br />Many thanks.
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Need help, please.

Greetings all. I come to the lot of you in need of help. A friend and I are trading phrases in different languages to "test" each other. This last phrase he sent me is in Latin and I would like a little help translating it as none of the online Latin dictionary seem to being helping me out much with this one.<br /><br />Here it is...<br />quin tu istanc oratonem hinc veterem atque anitquam amoves<br ...
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Gratias ago, Erica!

English Grammar for Students of Latin showed up in the mail yesterday. Thank you for telling me about it! It's a great review of English grammar topics, related to the Latin, and I strongly suspect it's going to get a lot of use.<br /><br />Thanks again for mentioning it.<br /><br />Kilmeny
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A little translation question

Hi everybody,<br /><br />You know the saying "Seize the day"? Well, In my life I find that procrastination, funny emails, "urgent" requests and periodic snack-attacks frequently leave me stranded in the latter half of the afternoon with little or nothing accomplished and feelings of frustration at my productivity deficit.<br /><br />But fear not. I pull up my socks, whistle a little tune, determine in my heart that I am going to accomplish at least one ...
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Need help in translating this

This should be a very simple statement from<br />Publilius Syrus:<br /><br />Inopiae desunt multa; avaritae omnia.<br /><br />(Inopia, Inopiae, f. Neediness.)<br /><br />I am having trouble to understand the role of<br />the dative case here -- both for Inopiae, and for its<br />counterpart avaritae. The translation I came up with is<br />this:<br /><br />Many fail in neediness; everyone fails in greed.<br /><br />But it just doens't sound right.<br /><br />thx.<br /><br /><br /><br />
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