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Here's where you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get translation help and more!

Translation if you please?

???<br />I am making a symbol for a computer game I am designing with the words "from star unto star" underneath the symbol in latin, but I can't speak it... (somewhat of a setback)<br /><br />if anyone could just reply with the proper translation it would be greatly appreciated<br /><br /><br />ps. I got "foris astrum peto astrum" does that work?
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Online Pronuciation

Are there any online pronuncitation cites for classical Latin, or can you recommend CDs or tapes? Thanks.
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That Latin Radio Sounds Spanish.

Is it supposed to sound like Spanish. It is probably obvious to you at this point that I know ZERO about Latin, but I am trying get as much information as I can.<br /><br />Here is Latin radio:<br /><br />http://www.yle.fi/fbc/latini/trans.html<br /><br />Is this the way that Latin is supposed to sound?<br /><br />Can anyone recommend an online Real Audio or other audio format pronuciation?<br /><br />Thanks.
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Can you learn from these as good as Wheelock's?

I am new to Latin and too cheap to purchase Wheelock's Latin if I can get basic Latin for free. Are these "older" texts as good as Wheelock's? Thank you.
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please help translate into latin

i need a translation of "gods in his heaven, alls right with the world"<br /><br />i have tryed myself but i am sure that is is full of mistakes.<br />please mail me at endthestory@hotmail.com or just respond if you are able to translate this. <br />thank you.
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Easy readers

Seeing some new members has made me think about the lack of Latin "easy readers" on the internet. I have managed to find one old textbook in a 2nd hand shop (not old enough to be out of copyright!) but most of the written stuff is a bit advanced for beginners. My reader also has some basic grammar info & wordlist for each story. Reading is certainly the best way to improve your understanding of ...
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need help translating a sentence

Greetings friends of Latin! I am learning Latin along with my 9 year old son. This is our first year and we are using Latina Christiana I. I have attempted to make up a sentence and then to translate it into Latin, and need to know if I am correct. Can anyone help me? Are my nouns in the right case etc.? Here is the sentence:<br /><br />The small school teaches many students the Latin ...
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Pronoucing "ae"

Hi all. Novice here.<br /><br />I found that in the downloadable books available here (such as "Latin for Beginners"), the pronouciation for "ae" is usually "ai, as in island, aisle, etc. However, in the latin radio broadcast (http://www.yle.fi/fbc/latini/trans.html with transcript), "ae" is pronounced "eh", which is often what I hear in movies, etc. Did I interpret the instruction in the books incorrectly, or is this just a difference in ...
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question about nouns

Hello,<br /><br />I just started learning Latin last week, and I have a question about nouns. If you take a noun that has two different gender versions (masculine and feminine), say amIca (feminine) and amIcus (masculine), their dative and ablative plurals are exactly the same: amIcIs. I translate this as "friends," but what would you do to distinguish between male friend and female friend, in the dative and ablative plural?<br /><br />By the way, I ...
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Help Requested:- "Aperto"

Hi!, I'm translating parts of an early science book<br />into english. I'm a bit rusty and would appreciate<br />some help with the best way to translate some phrases.<br />Here's an example I'm not sure of:<br /><br />Aperto in fenestra foraminulo perquam parvo,<br />introducatur per illud in cubiculum, lumen Solis.<br /><br />----<br /><br />Should I translate this as "Having uncovered/opened<br />..." or "With an uncovered/opened ..."?<br /><br />regards Peter Boyd
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