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Here you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.

eram and fui

Am I right in getting the impression that 'eram' and 'fui' are more or less interchangeable? The distinction between perfect and imperfect does not seem to apply to this verb as it does to others. When I'm doing composition exercises all I can do is guess which one I will find when I look in the key.
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Translating each other's

I know that the idea of "each other" is expressed in Latin by "inter se", but what about "each other's".

How do I translate sentences of the type:"They broke each other's windows."

The best I can do is to put "Each broke the other's window." Is there a better way? Does it involve "inter se"?

(I can remember having problems with just this type of sentence when I was learning German!)

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Translation help

I am currently beginning to study latin and I am looking for help change a quote slightly

the quote in its original for goes as follows

Et portae inferi non praevalebunt ad versus eam
-And the flames of hell shall not prevail against it

I would like a simple change made to it so it reads as follows
-And the flames of hell shall not prevail against me

Thank you in advance
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North and Hillard...very portable

Salvete Omnes

Just thought I would share with you a non latin reason why I like North and Hillard's Latin Prose Composition. It is a small hardback, tucked away in my coat pocket, that I can take anywhere. For example, my daughter plays on a very strong hockey team. There are a lot of boring "blow outs". Ah yes..... out comes North and Hillard for some fun study. Also very portable are the Loeb Greek ...
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de bello gallico in francaise

Anyone here know where I can download De Bello Gallico in French translation for free?

Gratia vobis
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vexillari -- singular??

I'm writing a novel set in Wales in the 4th century, involving a Roman fort. I am relatively new to Latin (and to these forums :)), but have a background in French and Italian. I am wondering what the singular of vexillari would be? My understanding is that vexillari means "standard bearers", and I need to reference just one, as in "I am a ---- in the...." ...
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need a quick translation.

from aeneid 3.313:

uix pauca furenti subicio et raris turbatus uocibus hisco:

it's sometinng like: Scarcely a few words i reply, given her fury, and moved I spoke disjointedly.

Not sure on the particulars at all tho. Furenti is referring back to Andromache whom Aeneas is about to reply to.
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Can anyone translate this sentence for me?

The truth will set me free.
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dark rose


I'm helping a friend translate the phrase "dark rose" (dark meaning both dark in color, and dark in mood). That's how he wants to name a painting he made.

So far we found that the words needed are "Rosa" and "Obscurus", but we are not quite sure how to put them together. We know nothing of Latin Grammar.

Can anyone help us?
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Libretto/um cont'd (and help needed)

Here is Epidia Polybius' reply when Julius says "togatae", but I've a problem:

Togatae! Togatae? Togatae! Apellavisti me "togatae", o uxor insolens! Ah! Etiam tu, tu, (confused plural and singular)...

How would I express "confuse sth. with sth. else "; definitely not "confundo... cum..."

Any help would be most appreciated.
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