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Wheelock vs Collins Dictionary

G'day all,<br /><br />I'm learning 3rd declension adjectives in Wheelock, and he gives the following examples of dictionary entries for 3rd declension adjectives of 1, 2 or 3 endings thus:<br /><br />potens, -entis<br />fortis,-e<br />celer,celeris,celere<br /><br />However my dictionary lists them:<br /><br />potens, -entis<br />fortis<br />celer,celeris<br /><br />i.e. with the neuter entry for the 2 or 3 ending words missing.<br /><br />Is it correct to say then that 3rd declension adjectives of 2 or 3 ...
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Declining ordinals

G'day all,<br />I'm up to caput quindecim in Wheelock, and have a question regarding declining ordinal numbers. With the numbers of two words such as 'tertius decimus' and 'vicesimus primus', do both words get declined? e.g. viri tertii decimi -of the 13th man? and hasta vicesima prima - the 21st spear?<br /><br />My guess is that they do, but it isn't specifically mentioned anywhere I can find.<br /><br />Your help will, as always, be appreciated.<br ...
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Aspect not time

Do subjunctive forms in Latin only indicate the aspect of the apodosis with regard to the protasis, as Greek verbs?
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perfect passive construction

In a perfect passive verb construction, where you would have for example, "amatus est", are the two words ALWAYS adjacent, or can additional words/modifiers intervene? <br /><br />Thanks,<br />Mark D
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Criterion, criteria

Like macron, macra these plurals I can not put them into the right group.<br /><br />Is criterion, criteria (used in english)<br /><br />a) a greek noun<br /><br />or b) a third declension noun - however I can not seem to find the place into which it should fit!<br /><br />Yes I have done 3rd declension! But ah! what is this!
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Hi! I'm a latin beginner, so I would like to know which one is correct or if none of them are:<br /><br />- Amicitiae verae aeternae sunt.<br />- Amicitias veras aeternae sunt.<br /><br />What I want to say is: <br /><br />- "True friendships are forever."<br /><br />Please help! :-\<br />
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Why is it not back in print?!

In all seriousness (albeit tinged with incredulity and of course anger) I do not be understanding why Latin For Beginners is not for sale, for example, on amazon.com. <br /><br />Basically Latin For Beginners beats all competition. Yes Wheelock and M&F (I've looked at these). If a beginner with no Latin knowledge whatsoever wishes that she might learn Latin were to ask me (I don't be biased really, if you y think as I was/be ...
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Hey everyone, <br /><br />I was reading a neo-latin poem of N. Mangeot. The poem is entitled 'Vesper'. It sounds really great, but it's a neo-latin one. So some words are used in a different way as in classical Latin. I can perfectly translate it, but I am not really sure of everything. Can someone find an online - translation of this poet by this German neo-latin poet? I searched, but I don't find it. ...
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Well Wheelock chapter 15 wants me to be able to count in Latin... kinda fun. But I have a question:<br /><br />In the appendix where it lists the numbers, it goes up to 20 and then starts jumping by tens. So I'm *assuming* that the rules up to 20 still apply further on, so for example, where I have:<br />septendecim<br />duodeviginti<br />undeviginti<br />viginti<br /><br />do i also have:<br />septenviginti<br />duodetriginta<br />undetriginta<br />triginta<br /><br />etc?<br /><br ...
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meaning of "utilitus"

I have no latin and less greek, and am trying to appreciate the grammatical nuances of the particular word "UTILITUS". The best clue I've come across on the Web is:<br /><br />utilitas : utility, usefulness.<br /><br />utilitus<br />itus SUFFIX <br />of _; from the _<br />utilitus ADV POS <br />utilis, utilis, utile ADJ <br />useful, profitable, practical, helpful, advantageous;<br /><br />I gather that "utilitus" is adverbial with a sense indicated by the terms listed in ...
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