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Here's where you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get translation help and more!

Agora Forum

I just have a really simple/stupid question about the Agora forum.<br /><br />It looks like a place to practice and convense in Latin, that part seems obvious. However there is one thread titled "w)= Rai/a" which I'm confused about... the posts don't even look like they're in Latin ?? ???<br />
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Intransitive Verbs in Passive Form????

I am (again.... still?) a very puzzled camper, as a result of the latest battle with Cicero.... I'm pretty sure I've tripped over this before, but I can't for the life of me figure out where (or if) I found an answer. The problem is that he's put an intransitive verb into a passive form. So if something can't take a direct object, how can it become passive? Or is this one of those cases ...
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Best Latin Book for Beginners

<br />I'm trying to decide which book (or books) to get for my independent study of the Latin language. <br /><br />Which book do you think is the best one to get?<br /><br />I've browsed through Wheelock's 6th Edition at the bookstore and it looks OK. Is this a good one or should I look for another one? I also noticed that there is a sort of Workbook for the Wheelock book. Do you have ...
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Help, please!

My friend mod already made a post for me the other day related to this, but I am here now to lay out my problem for you. ;)<br /><br />I am the marketing director for a major nonprofit organization in my community, United Way. We are working on a plan to attract donations from local attorneys. My boss has asked me to help her come up with ...
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Lingua Latina by Hans Orberg

Is anyone experienced with this textbook series? It is a graded latin reader which uses the "direct method". It is written entirely in Latin--there are no notes or translations in English. All vocabulary is supposed to be fully comprehensible from context along with the diagrams and pictures. The Lingua Latina website has some sample pages.<br /><br />This site highly recommends it: Latin by the Dowling Method Basically his method is to first memorize all the ...
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Hey, I've read in several posts that you pronounce the dyphthong AE as in "rIde" or like the word "eye"..<br /><br />My question is: do all your books state this? and is this the suggestion given from books outside of the U.S. also??<br />I find it sooo weird 'cause here in Italy we're definetely not taught to pronounce it that way!<br />We're usually taught to say it as in "bEt".. actually, if any of you ...
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Can someone help me translate: "United for the Public Good."<br /><br />I translated it as:<br /><br />iunctum pro benevolentiam publicam<br /><br />is that correct?<br />thanks
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"Thinking" Latin

A few years ago, when I do not even thought about learning latin, I heard about a class where the teacher spoke only latin and encouraged the students to do the same. I spoke a little with the magister and he said me that the students were introduced in the language by a "simplified latin". What do you guys think about it?<br />Is there something similar in the U.S.? How could one develop a skill ...
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I am learning Latin at home. Could you recommend any websites where I can listen to the lessons or can learn how to read Latin?
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I have just started latin and am having trouble with the vowels. I want to insure that I am saying them correctly. Can anyone help me with this?
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