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Here's where you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get translation help and more!

Problems with Catullus VIII

I've decided to translate this for my final. It doesn't seem that hard but I am finding some areas confusing...

MISER Catulle, desinas ineptire,
et quod uides perisse perditum ducas.
fulsere quondam candidi tibi soles,
cum uentitabas quo puella ducebat
amata nobis quantum amabitur nulla. 5
ibi illa multa cum iocosa fiebant,
quae tu uolebas nec puella nolebat,
fulsere uere candidi tibi soles.
nunc iam illa non uult: tu quoque impotens noli,
nec quae ...
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Answers to Wheelock?

The self-tutorial exercises have answers, but the normal chapter exercises do not.

I've also been thinking of getting the workbook, but to my dismay...they don't have the answers to either.

Is there any online source that has the answers? I've only found chapters 1-9, and 22-37.

I can't find workbook answers at all.

I can ask a teacher....but I'm not taking the class...so I feel ashamed to ask him though I'm sure he would. (He's ...
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Ovid Amores

:cry: I had a Latin exam today, and well... it didn't go too well. I'm quite sure I translated every sentence wrong, but I just couldn't work this one out and neither could my sister who's very good at Latin.
Now I don't know which book this is from, but I think it's probably 1st book.

Dum servat Iuno mutatam cornibus Io,
facta est, ...
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Martial 1.13

I borrowed this from the Latin Library, it is also on page 281 of Wheelock's (6th Edition). I didn't use the Wheelock's edition because I wanted to see how I would do without any footnotes. I would like someone (or a few people) to look over my translation, please. It's a very nice poem, both in rhythm and in meaning.

Martial 1.13
Casta suo gladium cum traderet Arria Paeto,
quem de uisceribus strinxerat ipsa suis, ...
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I am a fourth year Latin student.
I do not know where to find appropriate translations. I am eager to find literature that is challenging, but at the same time not frusterating.

My portfolio of famous pieces I have translated includes:
Bayeux Tapestry, Carmina Burana, a little bit of St. Jerome, The Rape of Lucretia

Am I ready for Virgil?
Please, who and what should I read?

Insert URL: http://url or URL text (alt+w)
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Stupid question:

I realise this question is no sign of intelligence, but in my socratic wisdom I hereby declare myself ignorant and will question everything.

Sunday night I watched this show on tv about Napoleon, some mini-series or something of that kind. Now, to make a long story really short, they were going to sound the Te Deum in church. I don't understand 'Te Deum', just those two words. How does it translate? You to God? or ...
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Wheelock Website

Hi All

For those of you who can't get enough of Wheelock, there's a site online which has supplementary exercises which correspond with the book by chapter. I"ve also posted a link to a similar site for Athenaze in the learning Greek section of the forum. Enjoy!


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The next step

First off - to introduce myself - hello all. Wonderful looking site here.

Now then, I need some advise on how to improve my latin. Some background - I'm in my fourth year of Latin in high school and one of the best in my class (if I do say so myself, with a 4.2 GPA to back it up). Currently we are translating the Aeneid in preparation for the AP test in late March/April. ...
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silly t-shirt

I'm trying to help design a t-shirt for our group's toga party... if "nunc est bibendum" translates roughly as "now we must drink", how do I say, "now we must vomit"? My verb book doesn't have the gerundive for vomo, vomere... I guess they thought we'd never need that word! Thanks in advance.
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Wheelock Chapter 5: chief, what's happening?

So, I'm working through Wheelock on my own, and, since I'm still in the early chapters, everything is going pretty quickly (I also have a lot of time on my hands). But there is this two line poem out of chapter five that has me blinking.

Non cenat sine apro noster, Tite, Caelinianus:
bellum convivam Caelianus habet!

What is going on with "noster" here? What is this adjective modifying? It can't be modifying "apro" since ...
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