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Here's where you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get translation help and more!

Bono Vox?

Someone was watching mtv the other day, and I overheard a segment about a musician named "Bono Vox." It was said to mean, "good voice" in Latin, but that can't be right. Could Bono Vox, with Bono in the dative or ablative, actually mean something in Latin? Perhaps "voice produced by a good man?"
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Question regarding the passive periphrastic tense.

If the passive periphrastic employs the dative case in place of the ablative of agent to specify the person by whom the action was completed, how then would one specify an indirect object employing the passive periphrastic? ???<br /><br />e.g. Hic liber mihi laudatus est - I ought to read this book.<br /><br />How would one say "I ought to read this book to you"?<br /><br />Normally the ablative would be used to specify the ...
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Which one, which one?

Which Latin reader should I start with? If they're all above my level, which one should I dangle in front of my nose to keep me going in my grammar books on slump days? There are so many to choose from...<br /><br />Keesa
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Why Latin? (Spinoff from Mythology in Latin)

Did you guys learn latin just out of curiosity or is it related with your studies/jobs??<br /><br />Regards,<br /><br />Fulya <br /><br />I was actually learning Greek, to get a head start for college and to read Homer, but when I looked at all the great Latin resources, I couldn't pass it up! I love learning new languages, as I'm sure you'll realize when you look around the forum. <br /><br />Keesa
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I was wondering how exactly are you supposed to pronounce Latin? I can copy the accents of lots of different nationalities, and I was wondering which accent Latin is more like, if any?
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Latin Grammar in German

I stumbled upon this site and thought it looked neat and possibly of interest to some of you Latin learners who are interested in German (Milito, you come to mind :) ) ... brush up on Latin Grammar while practicing your German! ;D <br /><br />I'm posting it here first, before the "Outside Links" forum, because I'm not sure whether the website offers much value... cuz I ...
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Asterix Legionarius

I received my copy of Asterix the Legionare in the mail from Amazon last week and think it's uber cool. Learning vocab from cartoons is the way to go. There's a vocab list with English, German, Spanish and some other language at the back too.<br /><br />The whole book has been translated to Latin. Even Dogmatix uuuluuluus rather than howls :D<br /><br />There are a bunch ...
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Real Beginner

Hello,<br /> I am really new to this stuff. I was wondering if one of these beginner books on Textkit explains the different cases (Dative, Accusative, etc.) I really need help on that. I'm sure if I could figure those out and their uses it would be easier for me to learn Latin. Thank you.<br /><br /> -Cyke-
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"about to" Latine

Does anyone have suggestions, ideas, snappy comments, about how to say in a colloquial manner "I am about to " in Latin?<br /><br />I'm working on translating St. Basil "On the Value of Greek Literature" into Latin and the betacode line is this:<br /><br />tou=to me\n ou)=n au)to\ kai\ cumbouleu/swn h(/kw, ...<br /><br />(Chapter 1, line 24)<br /><br />Nigel Wilson, who I'm convinced knows everything, annotates thus:<br /><br />h(/kw with a future participles seems ...
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<br /><br />hello,<br /><br />I am from Turkey. I studied economics and I was too curious about Latin that I took it as selective from the archeology department for several terms. <br /><br />What I am wondering is this: when I was studying it we were given a lot of greek mythology samples to translate into english.. I have searched the web to find similat stuff but since I am not very familiar with these ...
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