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Here you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.

vexillari -- singular??

I'm writing a novel set in Wales in the 4th century, involving a Roman fort. I am relatively new to Latin (and to these forums :)), but have a background in French and Italian. I am wondering what the singular of vexillari would be? My understanding is that vexillari means "standard bearers", and I need to reference just one, as in "I am a ---- in the...." ...
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need a quick translation.

from aeneid 3.313:

uix pauca furenti subicio et raris turbatus uocibus hisco:

it's sometinng like: Scarcely a few words i reply, given her fury, and moved I spoke disjointedly.

Not sure on the particulars at all tho. Furenti is referring back to Andromache whom Aeneas is about to reply to.
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Can anyone translate this sentence for me?

The truth will set me free.
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dark rose


I'm helping a friend translate the phrase "dark rose" (dark meaning both dark in color, and dark in mood). That's how he wants to name a painting he made.

So far we found that the words needed are "Rosa" and "Obscurus", but we are not quite sure how to put them together. We know nothing of Latin Grammar.

Can anyone help us?
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Libretto/um cont'd (and help needed)

Here is Epidia Polybius' reply when Julius says "togatae", but I've a problem:

Togatae! Togatae? Togatae! Apellavisti me "togatae", o uxor insolens! Ah! Etiam tu, tu, (confused plural and singular)...

How would I express "confuse sth. with sth. else "; definitely not "confundo... cum..."

Any help would be most appreciated.
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Some help : Newbie

This may seem trivial but I want to write "My first latin book" in latin. Is it right to say : Liber Latini primus meus :?:

I am confused by how to write the latin in this phrase ie. which case to put it in. Is correct to render it in the dative(and is Latini correct)? ie. My book (of) Latin. I have just started a day ...
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need help with gerunds/gerundives

can't quite understand them. have had a bash at these sentences but i think there's lots wrong with them:

1. We must sleep in this villa.
haec villa est dormienda nobis.

should haec villa be in the nominative??

2. I think the captives should be set free.
scio captivi liberandi sunt.

think this one's ok.

3. By running quickly, Marcus reached the garden first.
celeriter currendo, Marcus hortum primus pervenit.

is currendo ok?? is primus ...
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autumnitas Ostiae

Desperately trying to get the # of my posts up, I thought I'd post a bit of Minucius Felix's Octavius, an apologetical dialogue for Christianity--not that I'm in to that sort of thing--but because in the beginning it has some of the best naturalistic descriptions I've read in Latin. Also a cool description of skipping sea-shells.

He speaks first of the pleasure he had seeing a friend he hadn't seen in a while:

Igitur post ...
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"Round up the usual suspects"

... is proving oddly difficult to put into Latin.

'Round up' is easy; an imperative, something like 'conlige'

'Suspects' presents a problem; I can't find an ordinary noun for 'suspect'. Hence I can't have an adjective 'usual' to agree with it.

My best so far is:

Conlige eos suetos suspectari
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from celsus de medicina

Pax vobis,

I'd like to please know if anyone can translate the word "condita" as used in Celsus' de Medicina. I have encountered various translations:

1. dried fruit
2. preserved fruit in general (dried, honeyed, salted)
3. specifically olives and grapes soaked in honey

Given that Celsus was writing a medical treatise, there must have been a need for great precision in the denotation of this word, and I was hoping someone might know.

Gratia ...
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