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Here you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.

help with homework checking

Hi there. I'm studying latin on my own, and would like if some of you could gently help me with my homework.
I just want to know if I have got anything wrong. Recommendations are welcome.

(sempronia tells stories to the devoted girls)
Sempronia fabulam dictat puellis sedulae.

(students obey the teacher)
discipulae obtemperant magistrae.

(the lady orders the slaves)
domina seruis imperat.

(the teacher tells stories to the students)
magistrae fabulas discipulis narrant.

(Livia ...
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Beginners Latin Group using D'Ooge

I wanted to know if anyone here would be interested in helping me with forming and moderating a beginners Latin course using the D'Ooge text.
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Salvete! Ego,Cublaeus.

Salvete! Ego,Cublaeus.
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order of wording & translation of a phrase into english

I've done some research on my own trying to come up with a latin version of a phrase, and knowing the word structure of latin I think I came up with the proper words and word ordering, but am not 100% sure.

In English, the phrase is:
Judicial Tyranny must be destroyed

In Latin, as near as I could come up with, it's:
dominatus iudicialis delenda est

I'm not sure if it should be dominatus ...
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A construction confusion

I have a little problem.I`ve come accross one sentence in Cicero`s text Tusculanae Disputationes and I`m not sure would sentence

Traditum est Homerum caecum fuisse

be NCI or ACI.I first tought that it is NCI because Traditum est is in perfect passive but when I expected to see a noun in Nominative I see Homerum caecum and it is in Accusative.So I translated it as a Accusative with infinitive,but I would ask if somebody can ...
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Hurry, hurry, hurry, this week only

According to the rogueclassicist
http://www.atrium-media.com/rogueclassi ... html#a5656

the BBC is broadcasting part of Pliny's Natural History in Latin. You can listen to it on the BBC website for a week.
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English-Latin translation check

Could you please check these English to Latin translations: (these are bits from the Oxford Latin Course)

Maecenas told him to come early the next day so that they might ride to the Sabine hills and inspect the farm.
Maecenas eum iussit ut postero die mane veniret ut colles Sabinos equitarent et fundum inspicerent.

Setting out at first light, they arrived there as the sun was setting.
prima luce profecti, ibi advenerunt sole occase. ...
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Clarinum et Tsamicum

I know, these are not Latin words,
but how could the plural look in Latin?

Clarini et Tsamici

Corrections are most welcomed!
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What Declension?


I'm in Latin 1. I was trying to write a sentence that said "We were doing nothing." Nihil would be in the accusative case correct? This leads me to my question what declension is nihil? This is my best shot at the sentence:

Nihil faciebamus.

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Juvenal and TC

Does anyone know a good book about textual criticism and Juvenal, or if not that maybe someone knows where I can find the manuscript P that is supposedly the best manuscript available?


Chris Weimer
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