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Here you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.

Must not and don't have to

How does Latin distinguish between "You must not do this" and "You do not have to do this"?

The former is well covered by the text book's I've used (use oportet, debere, gerundive).

The only example of the latter I've seen is this, from Domus Anguli Puensis:

Vento iam a tergo, clamare non oportuit.
The wind was behind them now, so they didn't have to shout.

In this case the sense "must not" obviously would ...
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Use of "-que" vs. "et"

Are they interchangeable? Do they have different contexts? It seems like the classical authors use "-que" a lot more than "et"
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Latin at Wikipedia.org: Is it any good?

http://la.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pagina_prima, There is a Latin version of the Free Encyclopedia, Wikipedia in Latin. Can someone tell me if the Latin there is "proper Latin" because if afraid that if it isn't and I read too much there, I might assimilate some of the poor Latin.
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Any other good Latin forums?

Are there any other good Latin forums like this one? There's one on phrasebase, but it's pretty much inactive.

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classical all the way

How can I make sure to learn only classical Latin?
Medieval Latin is so vast... - I've seen from the size of the latin-portuguese dictionaries available where I live.

I don't even know whether the books I'm using to learn Latin are using classical or ecclesiastical Latin. Maybe they're using both.

To know of a strictly classical Latin dictionary would be perfect. I could check there if the words my books present to me are ...
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What is there to read in Latin?

I'm still trying to decide whether or not to drop Latin. I would like to know what there is worth reading in Latin.

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A Word Problem

Hi friends,

I am interested in finding information about a certain word: macidus. I have met this word at school in a test which was a paraphrase of Livius. The context implies that the word is related to macies, thinness, and should be taken to mean thin.

But I am not sure the word even exists! I haven't found in any dictionary of classical latin - I have even had a look in Peter Glares ...
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Help on this phrase please

Could anyone tell me what

"I will always be lost"

is translated into latin. Ive had a few answers, but they are all different? Many Thanks
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help finding blank exercise drills to practice conjugations

Hey everybody. I'm looking to see if anybody has a drill sheet they can post a link to or post a file of. I'm just looking for a paper with blank spaces for the nouns on one side and the cases next to them to practice writing. if anybody has some that'd be great, or i'll just use binder paper!
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Good textkit book for beginner Latin

Which book of textkit is the best to start out with Latin...especially for someone trying to learn by themselves...thx
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