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Here you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.

Beginner's problem with a sentence

I am trying to learn Latin with one of the text books Textkit supplies (manymany thanks for this great idea); unfortunately I am completely on my own and sometimes I have the idea of seeing only trees and no forest.

Please help me to analyse this sentence:
Comes poetae poematae grato liberatus est cura.

The companion of the poet by the pleasing poem -- is cured

But what do I do with liberatus?

Thank ...
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Ablative case...

Here is the explication the first chapter of "Beginner's Latin" gave me, but still I do not understand it...

Ablative case: 'with', 'in' used (not always) with prepositions (e.g. cum, in)

What does exactly that means? I tried to translate it to English, but it appears that English does not have such case...

Could someone explain it to me???

Thanks!!! I would really appreciate it :D
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Best way to memorize Latin inflection charts?

I've been trying to memorize the Latin noun chart for a while now, and I've been having some trouble.

Any Ideas?

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Present Subjunctive

i've been learning these days all about present subjunctive, and magister just left us two stories to be translated

well, i've got problems with three sentences, so if anyone could help me out, i'll highly appreciate that :D

- pericula mihi meisque semper ignota sint !

what meisque exactly means ??? it's something like "that dangers always are strange for me"... (english is not my mothertongue, ...
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How do I address the pope?

Papae Benedicto XVI salutem? :lol:

I'm not sure. Who is?
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Latin textbooks and learning method

Is anyone here familiar with these books?
If so, are they any good?

I think (without having read them) that this method could be realy helpful complimenting teadious grammar exercises, that, without being in any context, don't give feel for or skill in practical usage of the language.

Please, do share your thoughts!
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Domus apud Angulum Puensem Sita

I picked up a second-hand copy of Domus Anguli Puensis (The House at Pooh Corner) recently. I was interested by the syntax (or is it grammar?) of this part:


I interpret this as treating "infra ponte" as the ablative of a hypothetical "infra pons," which, although made up of two words, acts like a single ...
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novi papae novissima oratiuncula

It's good to know that the new pope cares for Latin:

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Habemus Novam Dominam Sithi

"Habemus Novam Dominam Sithi" -- Is this the correct translation to Latin for "We have a new Sith Lord?" I know this seems like an odd question. It was motivated by the fact that the new 'pope' looks kinda like the Emperor from Star Wars (with the bags under his eyes &c.).
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Caesar and Pronouns

Salvete omnes,

As many of you probably know Caesar wrote his works referring to himself in the 3rd person. However, he does say "mihi" in de Bello Gallico, liber 6, 14:

"Id mihi duabus de causis instituisse videntur, quod neque in vulgum disciplinam efferri velint neque eos, qui discunt, litteris confisos minus memoriae studere".

I have a few questions:

1) Why do you think he changes the pronoun reference?

2) Do you know of any ...
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