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Dare macron?

Salvete omnes,

Why doesn't the verb dare - to give not have a macron over the "a"? Does it have something to do with the word order? Does this occur in other conjugations as well?

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Essential Latin words list grouped by frequency

1000 Essential Latin Words

List grouped by frequency
First group: 50% level, 250 words

ab certus ergo inquam mors
accipio civitas et intellego moveo
ad consul etiam inter mulier
ager contra ex ipse multus
ago corpus facio is nam
aio credo fero iste natura
aliquis cum filius ita ne
alius cur fio iubeo nemo
alter de frater iudicium neque
amo debeo gens ius neuter
an dedo genus lego nihil
animus deinde gero lex nisi
annus ...
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which declension?

Does anyone know what declension absis, absidis belongs to? It is feminine neuter. Is it 3rd?
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1 Gaius
2 Lucius
3 Marcus
4 Quintus
5 Publius
6 Julius
7 Cornelius
8 Claudius
9 Valerius
10 Titus
11 Gnaeus
12 Flavius
13 Aulus
14 Rufus
15 Aurelius
16 Sextus
17 Caesar
18 Junius
19 Tiberius
20 Licinius
21 Aemilius
22 Maximus
23 Gallus
24 Caecilius
25 Fabius
26 Aelius
27 Pompeius
28 Sulpicius
29 Calpurnius
30 Antonius
31 Cicero
32 Nero
33 Scipio
34 Cassius ...
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de partibus orationis

de partibus orationis

Partes orationis quot sunt? Octo. Quae? Nomen pronomen verbum adverbium participium coniunctio praepositio interiectio.


Nomen quid est? Pars orationis cum casu corpus aut rem proprie communiterve significans. Nomini quot accidunt? Sex. Quae? Qualitas conparatio genus numerus figura casus. Qualitas nominum in quo est? Bipertita est: aut enim unius nomen est et proprium dicitur, aut multorum et appellativum. Conparationis gradus quot sunt? Tres. Qui? Positivus, ut doctus, conparativus, ut doctior, superlativus, ...
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Homework translation check

Salvete omnes,

Could you please check over these translations? The point of this exercise was to be able to properly identify the dative case.

1. Patruus pecuniam pueris dat.

The uncle gives money to the boys.

2. Ancilla invita cauponi scelesto cibum tradit.

The unwilling slave-women hands over the food to the wicked innkeeper.

3. Omnia patri meo semper dico.

I always tell everything to my father.

4. Nihil legato principis dixit.

Nothing was said ...
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More homework help -- negatives, questions, emphasis

English to Latin translation. This time practice negation, questions and emphasis (e.g., Does Caesar have the ball?)

The lesson I'm working through introduces the basics but leaves a lot of unanswered questions, so I expect I've made a lot of mistakes here trying to do stuff the lesson didn't cover.

Mark has a sword.
Marcus gladium tenet.
Mark has a sword.
Gladium Marcus tenet.
Mark has a sword.
Tenet Marcus gladium.
Mark has a sword. ...
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Translation question

I'm reading "Latin for Today 2nd Year Course" and I am having a problem with one sentence.

"Hic adulescens ita me amabat, ita verebatur ut me quasi magistro uteretur."

My lame attempt at a translation is:

This youth thus loved me, thus he feared that he didn't use me as a teacher.

Am I far off? Any help will be appreciated.
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affectio societatis- translation?

Does this mean mood of the society?

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Different Ages of Latin?

I'm sorry if this has already been extensively discussed, but I have done numerous searches and come up with no threads. I looked in Wikipedia, but the articles were not extensive enough

What is the linguistic difference between the different Ages of Latin?

Old Latin
Golden Age Latin
Silver Age Latin
Late Latin
Medieval Latin
Humanist Latin
New Latin

Are the differences very great, or more similar to the difference between contemporary English and Shakespearean ...
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