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Nominative Case

(and the barrage of questions begins...)<br /><br />Is a noun in the nominative case always the subject of the verb in any given sentence? Surely there must be exceptions....Wheelocks says: "The Romans used the nominative case most commonly to indicate the subject of a finite verb." <br /><br />So when were there exceptions and in those examples, which case was used as the subject?
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salveo, salvere

In Wheelocks Ch. 1 (we move very slowly at school I know!) it lists:<br /><br />salveo, salvere: to be well, be in good health<br /><br />If this is a verb and since verbs have 4 principle parts (which was mentioned the page before the vocab) then why are the 3rd and 4th ones not mentioned? Is this one of those incomplete verbs mentioned in another thread where the 3rd and 4th principle parts mentioned have ...
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grammar lesson needed

Vale patria mea. <br /> Farewell\good-bye my native\fatherland land.<br /><br /> vale = farewell\ be strong, (goodbye)<br /> finite verb, 2nd conj., 2nd person, singular, Imper. Act.<br /><br /> patria = fatherland \country\native land <br /> noun, (f) 1st dec., voc., singular, Indic., Act. <br /><br /> mea = my<br />adj.? (f) 1st dec., voc., singular, Indic. Act. (agreeing with it’s noun)<br /><br />My trouble with this is: mea is not a voc. sing. ending ...
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I need your brains!

Can anyone think of any prepositions/prefices other than these:<br /><br />se<br />de<br />inter<br />circum<br />per<br />a/ab/abs<br />ad<br />super<br />ultra<br />infra<br />extra<br />intra<br />sub<br />contra<br />prae<br />pro<br />ante<br />iuxta<br />cum/con<br />prope<br />apud<br />in<br />e/ex<br />usque<br />propter<br />sine<br />ob/obs<br />post<br />re/red
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Help! lol

1.Monent me si erro.<br />1. They warn\advise me if I err.<br /><br />monent = they warn\ advise verb, 2nd conj., 3rd person, plural, Indic., Act.<br />me = me<br />si = if <br />erro = I err verb 1st conj. 1st person singular Indic. Act.<br /><br />Obviously si = if \ & me = me \ but why ? what's the grammar behind the sense of it??? <br />I'm going back to the begining and starting ...
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Wheelock vs Collins Dictionary

G'day all,<br /><br />I'm learning 3rd declension adjectives in Wheelock, and he gives the following examples of dictionary entries for 3rd declension adjectives of 1, 2 or 3 endings thus:<br /><br />potens, -entis<br />fortis,-e<br />celer,celeris,celere<br /><br />However my dictionary lists them:<br /><br />potens, -entis<br />fortis<br />celer,celeris<br /><br />i.e. with the neuter entry for the 2 or 3 ending words missing.<br /><br />Is it correct to say then that 3rd declension adjectives of 2 or 3 ...
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Declining ordinals

G'day all,<br />I'm up to caput quindecim in Wheelock, and have a question regarding declining ordinal numbers. With the numbers of two words such as 'tertius decimus' and 'vicesimus primus', do both words get declined? e.g. viri tertii decimi -of the 13th man? and hasta vicesima prima - the 21st spear?<br /><br />My guess is that they do, but it isn't specifically mentioned anywhere I can find.<br /><br />Your help will, as always, be appreciated.<br ...
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Aspect not time

Do subjunctive forms in Latin only indicate the aspect of the apodosis with regard to the protasis, as Greek verbs?
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perfect passive construction

In a perfect passive verb construction, where you would have for example, "amatus est", are the two words ALWAYS adjacent, or can additional words/modifiers intervene? <br /><br />Thanks,<br />Mark D
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Criterion, criteria

Like macron, macra these plurals I can not put them into the right group.<br /><br />Is criterion, criteria (used in english)<br /><br />a) a greek noun<br /><br />or b) a third declension noun - however I can not seem to find the place into which it should fit!<br /><br />Yes I have done 3rd declension! But ah! what is this!
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