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Translation for the word "menace"?


I've looked in the Oxford Latin dictionary and online for the Latin
singular meaning to menace in the context that someone is a menace. I
found minae, but in both the dictionary and online, it comes up as
plural. Could minae be both plural and singular?

Thanks a bunch,

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"full moon"

Hi, everyone.

What is the Latin word or phrase for a "full moon?" I know of 'lunae plenae', but are there any others?

Thanks for your time.
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Two Questions about the Aeneid

I have recently run into some problems in Book I of Vergil's Aeneid. I would appreciate any help you have to offer.

Question 1:
Book I, lines 453-56: "Namque sub ingenti, lustrat dum singula templo reginam opperiens, dum quae fortuna sit urbi artificumque manus intra se operumque laborem miratur,..."
Translation: For while waiting for the queen, Aeneas surveys (the area) close to the huge temple, He admires the bands of artists within themselves(idiomatic meaning ...
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Latin Composition

I was going through this thread, and I was paying attention to the Latin Composition books you guys have (especially Benissimus, you seem to have several). Now, I was wondering which books you guys have used for composition, and which ones you think are most benefitial. Right now, I'm working through Latin Prose Composition, North and Hillard, available at Textkit. I'm barely in the 14th exercise, and it's already proving itself to be helpful. I ...
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You're welcome

saluete omnes

Does anyone know how to say "you're welcome" in Latin? I have no phrase book and my dictionary does not offer much help. I mean "you're welcome" used as a reply when someone else says "thank you". Perhaps quaeso could do, as "je vous en prie" in French or "prego" in Italian.

tantas uobis gratias ago
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an indirect statement question

How would I express this?

"I hope that we see each other."

Spero nos uidere. ? or instead Nos spero nos uidere. ?

Moreover, how would I express the future, "I hope that we will see each other."? Nos spero nos uisuri esse. ?
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Foederatis Ciuitatibus Americae Septentrionalis


Something that never quite sat right with me was the Vatican's official name for the United States: Ciuitatibus Foederatis Americae Septentrionalis, litterally the "Federated States of North America," which for some reason is partly in ablative. I never liked that name. I've used it in my profile for a while since it's "official," but damned if it's pretty. unire I realize is a less common Latin verb, but it fits much better with the ...
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quick help on a quick sentence

my book wrote:primus omnium censum ordinauit, quid adhuc per orbem terrarum incognitus erat.

since "censum, -i" is (or at least my book and whitaker's words say so) neuter, wouldn't primus and incognitus have to match it? my book says seruius tullius was the first to run a census, and based on that I assume this is a Classical word.
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"Ob" and "in"

I've noticed there seem to be a great many prefixes to Latin words that do not have their origins in prepositions; one such example which continues to baffle me is "ob-" such as in obseruare.

And another conundrum that has left me answerless is the use in Latin of the suffix "in-" to mean either a reinforcement of the root word, or its exclusion; e.g., incantare, yet inaequalitas. Indeed! the distinction becomes even less clear, ...
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New School Motto

The school where I work has annoyed me for the umpteenth time, so I want to come up with a motto.

I was thinking: Excellence in mediocrity!

Translation: Virtus in mediocrium.

Would that be correct?
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