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Here you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.

A challenge for you.. plus I need help

Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help me. I want to get a tattoo of a cross made up of latin words. So I need a longer word and a shorter word that have the same letter so they can intertwine. One of the words I wanted to use was Fides (faith) for the shorter one so I was looking for about a 7-letter word or a little bit longer with the third letter ...
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A small question

I am completly new to Latin, and I was wondering, for an extremely enthusiastic beginner, which would have the best basics, and I mean basics, for someone willing to dedicate time and effort into the study of the language, which would be the best, well I suppose, 'book' to choose. That is from the selection that is on the "Learn Latin" portion of this site.
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How do we know?

Reading Catullus I've been wondering. He has various sexual swear words/insults, which seem to be quite specific. But how on earth do we know what word goes with what act? Has an ancient sex manual survived? Are there drawings with captions somewhere? Or has a scholiast provided a helpful gloss?
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I know it's a lot to ask but.....

Salvete omnes,

Did I translate this correctly?

Ubi Hannibal puer novem annorum erat, pater eius, nomine Hamilcar, ad Hispaniam multis cum militibus navigare parabat. Multis ante annis Romani Hamilcarem in bello vicerant; ab Carthaginiensibus insulas Siciliam et Sardiniam ceperant. Nunc in animo habebat Hamilcar ad Hispaniam transire et ibi imperium novum condere. In Africa manere nolebat puer Hannibal, itaque patri appropinquavit.
"Pater, pater!" clamavit Hannibal. "Duc me tecum ad Hispaniam! Noli me in Africa cum ...
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NeoLatin Dictionary

Just out of curiosity, has anyone ever published a neoLatin dictionary? I can't imagine many people would buy it, but it'd be an interesting curiosity. The Vatican maybe?
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Catullus 16:13

Vos, quod milia multa basiorum
legistis, male me marem putatis?

Can anyone help me with marem? It doesn't seem to be in my dictionary or in Perseus' Lewis and Short. Or possibly I'm not looking in the right place?

It seems to mean: you, because you read of many thousands of kisses, do you think I'm no ___?
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small query

how would you translate

maiestate loci commoti


thank you
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third declension i-stem rules

How to find out if a third declension noun has i-stem?
I've gathered the following from several Latin Grammar books, including some e-books from the "learn latin" section here.

a 3rd declension noun has i-stem if:
1) parisyllabic nouns in -is or -es, e.g. ciuis, -is ; nubes, -is. exceptions: canis, panis, iuuenis.
2) imparisyllabic nouns, with genitive's -is preceeded by more than one consonant, e.g. ars, artis ; nox, noctis.
3) neuter nouns ...
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Please help me with this passage

I am currently working with two separate Latin texts. The first is Clyde Pharr's Aeneid Books I-VI, and the second is "Aeneas to Augustus" by Mason Hammond and Anne Amory. I am currently having trouble with the 8th story in "Aeneas to Augustus". Any help would be greatly appreciated.

"Victores Galli urbem intraverunt, ubi nobilissimos senum in sellis curulibus et honorum insignibus primo ut deos venerati sunt; deinde ut homines despicientes interfecerunt."

"The Gaulic ...
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would this work: domi/in domo convivari for "to feast in the house"?
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