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Here you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.

Usage of J, I and V and U

Why do so many modern books use u instead of v in the lower case?

The Romans wrote in capital letters and used the letters I and V.

In the eight century lower case letters were introduced.

The letter U was not introduced until the tenth century.
The letter J was introduced in the seventeenth century.

Since the excuse is often given that I and U are used for both
consonant I (J) and U ...
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Usage of Fore

I have read that fore is used for "futurum esse" but how do you
know when to use one or the other?

Would the following sentences be translated in the same way? :

1. Dixi eum fore tutum.
2. Dixi eum tutum iri.

Also, would "Dixi eum futurum esse tutum" be the same as sentence one?
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adeo vs. tam, word order

What's the difference and when should you use each of "adeo" and "tam"? I'm going through North and Hillard right now and it seems like they just randomly choose between them.

Another thing that he seems fairly inconsistent about is word order with esse. Sometimes he separates the words being copulated, and sometimes not (is there an unemphatic ordering...?)

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Some good friends of mine have been teasing me for studying Latin, a dead language, and I thought it would be funny to cuss at them in Latin next time they do so (we swear at each other enough in English, so it won't be taken personally). Does anyone know any obscenities that I could use?
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Consonantal U: V or W ?

I have recently come across a very compelling and rather shocking document on Latin pronunciation, quoting the Latin grammarians themselves, on exactly what the Romans had to say about the sound of consonantal u, which is most often spelled as v in contemporary texts. I have taken great pains to transfer the section dealing with consonantal U in full, with my own BBord italicizations, emphasis, and transliterations to add clarity. Notate: if I make a ...
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What is the Latin of "I love you"?

thank you~
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I'm trying to decipher the origins of the name "Lauren," whose general etymology is relatively clear to me: it is related to "Laurence," which comes from the Latin Laurentius, meaning someone from the Italian town Laurentum, meaning "of laureling," or the like, assuming the hypothetical verb laurere to generate the present participle laurens. And that's all well and good. But how does one arrive at the more simplified "Lauren," lacking consonants thereafter. "Laurena" is ...
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is there any software or web site can provide accurate pronounciation of LAtin words for us to listen to?
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paulum auxilii

saluete omnes

1) Can the 1st supine have a direct object? I want to say:

"Your poor little thing!" the old poet said and went to open the door.

"te paruum miserum!" poeta senex dixit et iuit apertum ianuam

2) How would you say "redden" when speaking of cheeks? I don't mean as a sign of shame, but of good health.

uobis gratias ago
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How would you say "at your service"?

Salvete omnes!

How would you say "at your service"? Thank you!

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