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Here you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.

% breakdown of nouns?

Anyone have an idea of how the various declensions break down as to number of nouns? I know for example that about 90% of spanish verbs are 1st conjugation, and I'm wondering about Latin nouns.
Seems when I type various English words into the Words program, I get lots of 3rd declensions, 1st declensions, and 2nd declensions, roughly in that order, and then a few stragglers of the 4th and 5th declension. Just curious as ...
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Makes sense?

I recently wrote a poem and decided to translate it into latin, could anyone tell me if it makes sense or not? The translation is not exact, obviously.
Gigantes in tumulis
aut suspicare eos debeo
deos qui in uteris
opperiuntur ortus alios

Haec de mundo ossa
ingentia sunt quae sant sub caelo
verbos loquuntur illa
de imbribus his qui dantur nimbo

The giants in their tombs
or should I guess them be
the gods in ...
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Latin equivalent of Roget's?


Does anyone know of the existance of a direct Latin equivalent of Roget's?
Especially a computer-mediated format?

If such a book does not exist, then would it be useful to build one?
Naturally such building would take much time and effort!


James Christie
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omnis terra omnia feret

omnis terra omnia feret

Would this be translated as
All the earth will bring forth all things?
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met 8 807-8

auxerat articulos macies, genuumque tumebat / orbis, et immodico prodibant tubere tali. Ov. Met. VIII 807-8.

"Thiness had increased her limbs, and the balls of her knees swelled, and they jutted out with such disproportionate swelling".

EVERY translation I've looked at takes "ankle-joints" as the subject of prodibant. Where did they get that from?
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unam aut duas linguas discere?

I'm teaching myself latin right now out of Wheelock's and I've been getting this urge to learn aincient greek, as well. I have a couple books at my house on greek... Collecting books seems to be a hobby of mine... and I was wondering if any of y'all would reccomend teaching myself more than one language at a time, especially greek, which I've heard is pretty hard on the beginner. Are there any of y'all ...
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Reading Virgil

Would anyone who has read or translated Virgil's Georgics be able to give me an approximation of its difficulty in comparison to other Latin poetry?

Thank you.
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Confirm subjunctive sentences


I'd like to have these sentences in the present subjunctive confirmed for correctness. Thanks!:

1. Fortiter pugnemus
--Let us fight bravely.

2. Ne Fugiamus
--Let us not flee.

3. Statim ad castra redeant
--Let them at once return to the camp.

4. Amemus patriam; Pareamus senatui (Here the verb takes the dative singular, 4th declension)
--Let us love our country; Let us obey the senate.

5. Pueri diligenter laborent.
--Let the children work hard. ...
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book for sale.

I have a Latin grammar that I have no intentions to use.
(My sister-in-law picked it up at a used book store thinking that I studied Latin instead of Greek.)
It is called "LATIN FOR SECONDARY SCHOOLS" by D.E. Hamilton and J.O. Carlisle.
It is published in 1939 by W.J. Gage & Co., ltd.
I don't know if it is a good book but it appears to be fairly thorough with lots of reading.
Considering ...
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Been Learning for 3 Days

I've been learning Latin independently for three days now using rosseta stone software. Rosseta stone is great for learning how to spell, pronounce, and from small sentences in Latin but it doesn't explain grammar much and I'm confused about a few things which i'd like to clear up.

First this sentence; Piscis albus est - the fish is white or, a white fish. Here's another just like that, Canis albus est - the dog is ...
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