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Here you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.


In Matt. 6:12, part of the Lord's Prayer, the Vulgate reads, "et dimitte nobis debita nostra sicut et nos dimisimus debitoribus nostris." I am wondering why "debitoribus nostris" is in the dative plural. I think it could be a form of the dative of reference, but I am not sure because I thought that dimitto took the accusative.
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Translation to latin

Is my translaton of sentences to latin ok?

1) We are talking about collapse of ancient Troy.

De ruina Troiae antique narramus.

2) Greeks are heading into Asia and there they are fighting with (against) Trojans.

Graeci in Asia navigant et ibi contra Troianos contendunt.
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How would one form in Latin the following type of construction:


Would it just be the nominative (Feles-Deus, Puer-Rex) or some other way?
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Translation to LATIN

I have translated next sentences to latin:

1) Roman people have many gods.

Populus Romanus numeros deos habet.

2) It is a great glory of greek poet Homer.

Graecie poetae Homeri gloria magna est.

Is my translation ok?
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Latin and Greek texts

I am curious if there are any good Latin versions of some of the Greek works, a Latin Illiad?, or the Homeric Hymns (my favorite) perhaps? The Roman writers seemed to be knowledgable with Greek, so did any translate these works, or was one simply expected to learn Greek back then?

Ok, maybe I should have went for Greek first, but I am enjoying Latin and thought it would be interesting if there were such ...
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Translation to latin

I have to translate to latin next sentences:

1) Poets are glorifing bravery of sailors.

Poetae audacias nautas laudant.

2) Colleague, you are in school together with schoolgirls.

Collega, in schola una cum discipulis sunt.

Is my translation ok?
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Yes, I know, shock horror! The *S* word.

Please, does anyone know how to use this most tricksome of moods- and, if possible as in French, avoid it?
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translating the complementary infinitive esse

Hi all,

Is it ok to omit the infinitive when translating a verbal phrase that contains a complementary infinitive? My main concern is translating the verb esse. I have seen it used in phrases like "potest esse" and "timet esse." Here is another example in the sentence that prompted my question:

In hac urbe solent esse incendia quae exstinguere non possumus.
In this city they are accustomed to fires which we cannot exstinguish.

I translated ...
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Names of Letters of Latin Alphabet

I have been slowly learning Latin for almost a year now with the intention of learning enough Latin to be able to read the New Testament.

So by using books like Wheelock’s Latin and Textkit files I am doing OK. There is no deadline to meet except the big one.

I have been unable to learn the actual names of the letters of the Latin alphabet.
What I mean is: In English, a is called ...
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harrius potter

With the book not owned :P, I was wondering if those of you who do have a copy, and have read some of the pages, could answer a couple of questions for me. Please if you dislike Harry Potter, don't dis his poor behind! Just ignore this post!

Is it written in the classical style, with classical vocabulary? I realise that it is not going to be ...
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