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Here you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.

Latin Prophecy: Grammar Check

I've written a fictional, Smallville-themed prophecy in Latin. I was wondering if anyone could check my grammar and make sure it's sound.

Aetâte quâ aedificia caela attingent, veniet fîlius ultimus generis morientis. Dê caelô cadet infâns quî vir fiet cum potestâtibus maioribus quam illîs cuiusquam hûmânî terrae. Fortitûdinem centum hominum habêbit. Nec lâmina nec flamma cutem suam trânsfiget. Gravitâs nôn hunc in humô tenêbit. Cum celeritâte missilis dê arcû sagittariî movêbit. Ex oculîs ...
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Short translation needs fine tuning

Hi there,

I would appreciate anyone's help with a short translation. It's for an open source project. I don't know much Latin, but what I think I want is:

populus expeto formalis

If I have that right, it's close to "the community demands standards". Can anyone comment, or correct tense or what-have-you that might be off?

Thanks in advance!
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2 Sentences I am having trouble with...

Hi, im new here, if anyone wants to help me via MSN messenger, please add me mikethibodeau@myself.com

The 2 sentences I am having trouble with are:

Pugnare solent et Bellum portant

Sed viri Italiae imperium habent et nautas superant.

Can anyone translate please?

Thank you.
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Drusus sum

Hello I'm Drusus, currently I'm in Latin II in my high school. I did a few extra problems and I just wanted to see if they were right. Oh and I will never post my homework here so don't think you are cheating by helping me.

1. My fathers name is Marcus = Nomen mei patris Marcus est.

2. There are not many babies in my family = Infantes multi in familia mea non sunt. ...
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Latin Reader

Ritchie's Fabulae Faciles: A First Latin Reader, Edited With Notes and a Vocabulary -

- this has just appeared and is available for download from:


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I've been spending a bit of time try to work on trying to translate a phrase that is of personal interest to me.

"Is this living?"

After a few hours of reading I think I've managed ascertain that 'victus' is the appropriate word to use for living, and possibly 'est' as a translation for this.

However I am unable to determine what else is required to give the closest translation. If anyone could offer some ...
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What is latin for a brother-in-law? I can find cousins, fathers- and sons-inlaw, but a brother in law seems to missing from my dictionary! Anyone?
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Latin self-study approach, suggestions wanted

Hi folks,

First time I'm posting here. I really like the concept of this site btw.

I've decided to teach myself Latin. I have some experience with a bunch of other languages. Currently I have Wheelock's Latin 6e and the Grote guide. I'm not very far yet -- only chapter 6. I was reading the thread discussing the Dowling method though and I like the idea of getting the memorization out of the way first. ...
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New latin oral proficiency class starting up online

This class is free, but intensive, and taught by a noted Latin philologist:

http://www.academiathules.org/courses/c ... bili.shtml
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Translation Help -- Please!!

Hi I am getting a tatoo done, in which i want an english phrase written in Latin . The phrase is "You'll Never Walk Alone". I have tried to do some research and have been given many suggestions.
Such as

Numquam Soli Ambulabitis

Solus numquam vades (Been suggested this may mean "You Never Go Alone"

Numquam solus ambulabatis

As I say, it's for a tatoo was i want to make sure the translation is correct. ...
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