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Here you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.

problem with translating

Hello everyone! I have problem with translating Seneca's text... "De libertate et servitute":

"(...) Tam tu illum videre ingenuum potes quam ille te servum. Variana clade multos splendidissime natos, senatorium per militiam auspicantes gradum, fortuna depressit: alium ex illis pastorem, alium custodem casae fecit."

I don't know how to fix "illum" and "ille" and other "ill.."... also, I'm not sure whether there's Ablativus Absolutus in the second sentence... can you help me with tanslating? I'm ...
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How to translate correctly?

Nam sub Autumni tempus

How to translate correctly?
Really until autumn time ore really behind autumn time
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Phrase translation request


I stumbled onto a site describing two books with the following titles ...

In Acta Apostolica Homiliae Centum Viginti Duae

Could somebody please translate those titles for me?

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Ars Amoris etc.

I just finished reading a translation of Ars Amoris and I really liked it ( the translation, anyway). I have the one translated by James Michie in the Modern Library Classics. Could you tell me how well you liked the book and how hard it would be to read?(If you've read it, of course) After reading the translation, I got it into my head to read the original version and I want to know just ...
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Passive of Deponent Verbs

I'm having difficulty understanding how one may represent the passive of deponent verbs, if such a thing is even possible. For instance, "colonus falce utitur," is active, so how is the passive formed, if at all?
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Latin Music

Hello, all.
I was wondering about any music the Romans might have been involved with. My concern is the length of the vowels; how these were handled. As you all know, notes in music can be long or short, so that, for instance, in a pop song, the stressed syllables are usually placed on a stressed note (downbeat), and a stressed syllable is the one usually held for a long period of time. How might ...
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Lingva Latin is heartwarming even in only the 6th chapter!

I got my copy tuesday, and have been reading it regularly since then, and I have gotten to chapter 6, and, as to not ruin the story, it is truly heartwarming. To give you a hint, it involves the struggle for freedom and love, while involving subversion of tyranny and a critique of the idle rich set in an ancient era. Such a simple story as this holds so much meaning it just makes me ...
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% breakdown of nouns?

Anyone have an idea of how the various declensions break down as to number of nouns? I know for example that about 90% of spanish verbs are 1st conjugation, and I'm wondering about Latin nouns.
Seems when I type various English words into the Words program, I get lots of 3rd declensions, 1st declensions, and 2nd declensions, roughly in that order, and then a few stragglers of the 4th and 5th declension. Just curious as ...
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Makes sense?

I recently wrote a poem and decided to translate it into latin, could anyone tell me if it makes sense or not? The translation is not exact, obviously.
Gigantes in tumulis
aut suspicare eos debeo
deos qui in uteris
opperiuntur ortus alios

Haec de mundo ossa
ingentia sunt quae sant sub caelo
verbos loquuntur illa
de imbribus his qui dantur nimbo

The giants in their tombs
or should I guess them be
the gods in ...
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Latin equivalent of Roget's?


Does anyone know of the existance of a direct Latin equivalent of Roget's?
Especially a computer-mediated format?

If such a book does not exist, then would it be useful to build one?
Naturally such building would take much time and effort!


James Christie
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