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Here you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.

ante diem

Lucus sodalibus Fori salutem dicit.

No doubt many of you are familiar with the Roman calendar, which measures its months by counting "backwards" to certain important parts of each month; to be precise, the Romans prior to Julius Caesar used a Lunar calendar, each month of which was divided into three parts based on the phases of the moon: The first phase of the moon, the new moon, is called the kalendae, marking the first ...
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ambiguous forms

i'm teaching myself latin with the artes latinae program. i was getting the hang of it until i got to ambiguous forms, forms that have the same nominative and accusative forms.

179. Which of these forms are the ambiguous nominative or accusative form?
aure facile flumine crudele

the answer is: facile crudele

are these the answer because they can both be used as adjectives and nouns, or is it because it depends on the ...
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P ac V

Does anyone know where I can find a facsimile of Juvenal's text from Codex Pithoeanus and Vindobonensis?
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question on quam

According to A&G, 'When quam is used, the two things compared are put into the same case':

matre quam patre dignior: more worthy of the mother than of the father.

But here's a case I came across in Wheelock:

fuit quondam in hac re publica tanta vitrus ut viri fortes civem perniciosum acrioribus poenis quam acerbissimum hostem reprimerent: There was formerly such virtue in this republic that brave men repressed a pernicious ...
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Here's some help with the ablative of manner/means

If anyone else had any trouble seeing the difference between the two, this might help. Plus it took me a long time to come up with this difference and I wanna share with people who care about this!:

Means (noun): This ablative noun retains its nounship. This ablative is used as a tangible instrument, in which case the ablative becomes the ‘subject’ of the verb, and the actual subject is secondary:

manu sua id scripsit: ...
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Church ruins

I want to say:

The boy was sleeping in the church ruins.

I came up with:

Puer in ruina ecclesiae dormiebat.

'ruina' is in the ablative, because of in (in + abl.)
'ecclesiae' is genitive, because it is the ruins of the church

I think that is it, but I'm not sure.
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Not Sure About This Sentence

this morning i've got a latin exam (hope i did it well) but one sentence i couldn't translate well

etiam si antea magno ore me terruit, nunc, ut mea opinio est, auxilium a me impetrare studet

i translated it like :

also, if its big mouth terrified me before, now, as in my opinion, it dedicates to beg me help

did it well ?

pl i'm not sure about this, since my mothertongue isn't english ...
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Translation assistance

Good evening,
I'm drawing some sketches of a new comic strip, and looking for a decent translation to the words "those about to be deported", or "those about to be exiled". The closest stem I could find was "fug", but that just doesn't seem right. Could you please help?
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noun/adj agreement

In an English to Latin translation of the sentence:

At that time we saved their mother with those six letters


Eo tempore matrem eorum illis sex litteris servavimus

why not "matrem earum" ? Matrem is feminine, and should it not be paired with the feminine form earum?
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Word Formation

salvete omnes!

I was wondering if there was some guide to the phonological shifts that occur in Latin beyond Allen&Greenough, Gildersleeve&Lodge, and the stuff on the net (including Benissimus' 'beginners' guide on the perfect stem which actually had a consonant change that I hadn't found anywhere else: v + s = x!)

I'm actually writing a small guide for myself, and since A&G and G&L's books haven't been revised for 60+ years (and in my ...
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