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Here you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.

Please advise: How to begin self-study

Ok, I've read a lot of conflicting accounts regarding the best way for someone who's just starting Latin in a self-study endeavor to proceed. Thus, I'm seeking a bit of council to hopefully form some reasonable course of action.

First, my objective: to learn to read Latin proficiently. Composition is a desirable skill, but definitely takes a back seat to reading comprehension in the short term. Speaking is also desirable, although I think pronunciation should ...
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Vita est Brevis

Is the phrase "Life is Short" correctly translated into Latin as Vita est Brevis.
Does "Dark Wolf Brother" translate into Noctis Lupus Frater.
And finally does "Art Endures" translate into Ars eduro, or should I use perduro/pertolero.
Thanks for the help.
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Need help with this short para...

Primus et Romae et imperii conditor Romulus est, filius dei, Martis et Rhea Silviae. Romulum cum, Remo fratre in Tibernium rex, Amuluis, ictact. Sed infantes clamant et lupa pueros iuvat. Tum sub arbore Faustulus pastor pueros videt et portat in casam et educat.

What I come out with: (I will just translate the words directly, Can't really figure out the first part) First both Rome and command founder Romlus is son of the gods Martis ...
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Opinions on this latin name use

Hello All
The following "latin name/derivations" have been selected for the name of a small business and they are not sure if there is any grammatical reason why this would not make sense?
The name "Mercantare" is being considered as the name of a small business but am not sure about the actual grammer. For example if it was a past tense it would probably not make sense.
Any opinions would be gratefully recieved on ...
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Advantages of Knowing Latin

Knowing Latin can be downright cool sometimes! Here are my reasons why:

1) Knowing Latin is the mark of an educated person. Knowledge of Latin conveys intellect more than perhaps any other foreign language (although Greek may be a close match).

2) The etymology/roots of dozens if not hundreds of English words or phrases is extremely obvious to you. Similarly, many words from the more errudite sectors of English vocabulary are practically self-explanatory.

3) Even ...
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Correction check

Hello all!! I've been studying Latin for a couple of months now and I was just wondering could someone check this and make sure that I translated this paragraph correctly into Latin. If I have anything wrong then you can just correct it for me and/or tell me what I did wrong then give the correction.

Here's the English:
1.I didn't do anything today. 2.I just studied all day long. 3.By the way, If I ...
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Translation help

I am having some trouble with animae in this phrase:

De natura animae nec cum poeta senseram nec sententiam mutare optaveram.

Rough 1st draft:

I had neither agreed with the poet nor had I desired to change opinion about the spirit of nature.

Is animae in the genetive?

natura is in the ablative (de natura): concerning, about nature
animae, if in the genetive, is "of the spirit".

I want to say

about nature's spirit ...
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Alexander Nevsky

In Prokofiev's cantata Alexander Nevsky the Crusaders chant:

Peregrinus, expectavi, pedes meos in cymbalis

Then later on they sing:

Peregrinus, expectavi, pedes meos in cymbalis est!
Vincant arma crucifera! Hostis pereat!

The rest of the cantata is in Russian.

The meaning of the final line is clear enough, but the rest is quite puzzling. The punctuation ...
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Yet another poor neophyte requesting help...

I used to hang around here more often about a year ago when I was self-studying Latin in BLD; now, I'm taking Latin at university and I've got one sentence for my homework I'd like clarification on.

The Latin sentence (it's a drill so there's no context): Poeta bona cogitat bonusque habetur.

My translation (of sorts): Poeta seems to be nominative. I'm getting thrown by the two verbs, neither infinitive. Bona and bonus seem to ...
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Bonoromnium? In Catalina' Senatorem


Professor Richard Tarrant pronounces some things a bit different than what they're written as... is this normal?
for instance:
Quo usque- quusque? qu' usque?
tandem abutere- tandabutere? tand' abutere?
diu etiam- dietiam? di' etiam?
bonorum omnium? bonoromnium? bonor' omnium?

And there's a few more. It was kinda confusing me. Is he just pronouncing the Latin lazily or did Cicero pronounce it this way? Not sure.
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