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sunt pueri pueri

saluete omnes

I remember a former teacher of mine quoting this in Latin:

sunt pueri pueri pueri puerilia tractant

I am just wondering if the conditional clause does not need a subordinating conjunction. Any thoughts?

gratias uobis ago et diem bonum opto
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super alta vectus Attis celeri rate maria

Nuper Benissimus noster et nescioquis inter se disputabant num antiquii usus sint forma plurali verbi maris. Non tantum huic verbo est forma pluralis sed etiam Catullus noster illa usus est. Ecce

super alta vectus Attis celeri rate maria
Phrygium ut nemus citato cupide pede tetegit
adiitque opaca silvis redimita loca deae
stimulatus ibi furenti rabie, vagus animis,
devolsit ile acuto sibi pondera silicis.

Kynetus Vester
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Translation to latin

Is my translation ok?

1) In autumn you will see many fruits on fields.
Autumno multos fructus in agros videbitis.

2) Deer have a branchy horns.
Cervo ramosua cornua habet. (dativus possesivus)

3) Neptun will rise big waves because of resentment.
Magnas undas Neptunus ob iram movebit.
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Eunuchus Terenti Afri

Hey all! Welcome to the new Eunuchus topic. I'm reading this work for an online free course with a leading European latinist and philologist. That's not my characterization but I do know that noster magister is very well thought of in GLL where he was once a member. The course, of course, is being given in latin.

Anyhoos, I'm glad to have found textkit because it is someplace that I can bring translation problems to. ...
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Ovid and Fabia

I was reading a quick bio of Ovid (I think the preface of something I downloaded from this site) which mentioned Ovid and his 3rd wife, Fabia had a daughter who 'inherited something of his litarary ability' I assume that means there are writings attributed to her. Does anyone know her name, or if her writings still exist?
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Caelambulatorem Lucum patrem olim cupere, Puto.

Hi, there's probably a post about this already, but I couldn't find it if there is. Anyway, I've been advancing in Wheelock's at a reasonable rate and I'm satisfied with my progress so far, considering the fact that I am teaching myself and discipline has never been a strong point of mine, I don't have much time to study undistractedly (you'd be suprised how hard it is to study with a girlfriend hanging on you ...
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Scansion, Ictus, and Accent

Lucus Eques sodalibus omnibus s.d.p.

So something's really starting to piss me off. I'm taking a class in Latin literature, and I have an assigned Latin tutor for the course (the tutoring sessions are infinitely more interesting than the class, but, as we say in Italy, meno male, could be worse). When I was first reading lines of Virgil's first Eclogue for my tutor, practicing the scansion outloud, and in the restored pronunciation (which my ...
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Translation to latin

Is my translation ok?

1) Neptunus, Jupiters brother, mighty lord of whole seas, live in deep sea.
Neptunus, Iovis frater, potens omnium marium dominus, in profundo mari habitat.

2) We don't incite fast horse with a spur.
Cum calcari celerem equum non incitamus.

3) Jupiter, you will be fair arbiter of acrid dispute.
Iuppiter, iustus arbiter certaminis acris eris.
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Pronunciation and translation

Hello all,

First of all, excellent website and forum. You have the potential to bring back the greco-latin culture that now seems lost in our educational system. Kudos.

I'm studying latin by myself using "First Year Latin" by Collar and Daniell (the 1907 edition and the revised edition by Thornton Jenkins), and I've stumbled upon a few problems. One of those is pronunciation, since my goal is to read and speak ecclesiastical latin. So how ...
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Meaning of "Quod libes"


I'm in a literature course, and on our sylabus, the day before Thanksgiving break, the day is labled "Quod libes." The instructor said that that "libes" means "you want", making the phrase translate as "Whatever you want." Whitaker's WORDS says:

nibble, sip; pour in offering/a libation; impair; graze, touch, skim (over)

So is "Quod libes" an idiom meaning "Whatever you want", or is the phrase simply wrong? ...
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