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Here you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.

Translation to latin

Is my translation ok?

1) Neptunus, Jupiters brother, mighty lord of whole seas, live in deep sea.
Neptunus, Iovis frater, potens omnium marium dominus, in profundo mari habitat.

2) We don't incite fast horse with a spur.
Cum calcari celerem equum non incitamus.

3) Jupiter, you will be fair arbiter of acrid dispute.
Iuppiter, iustus arbiter certaminis acris eris.
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Pronunciation and translation

Hello all,

First of all, excellent website and forum. You have the potential to bring back the greco-latin culture that now seems lost in our educational system. Kudos.

I'm studying latin by myself using "First Year Latin" by Collar and Daniell (the 1907 edition and the revised edition by Thornton Jenkins), and I've stumbled upon a few problems. One of those is pronunciation, since my goal is to read and speak ecclesiastical latin. So how ...
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Meaning of "Quod libes"


I'm in a literature course, and on our sylabus, the day before Thanksgiving break, the day is labled "Quod libes." The instructor said that that "libes" means "you want", making the phrase translate as "Whatever you want." Whitaker's WORDS says:

nibble, sip; pour in offering/a libation; impair; graze, touch, skim (over)

So is "Quod libes" an idiom meaning "Whatever you want", or is the phrase simply wrong? ...
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Looking for opinions on Children's Latin programs

Anyone have any suggestions? My son is 9; I'm figuring on starting him on Latin by next September, when we start our homeschool study of Rome.

If you have recommendations, please explain them, or point me to reviews online; I don't think Wheelock's is really appropriate for that age, especially since we're still in an early stage of ENGLISH Grammar.
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Translation to latin

Is my translation ok?

1) Neptunus was lord of sea and sea animals.
Dominus maris et marium animalium Neptunus erat.

2) Marcus Porcius had many virtues.
Marco Porcio erat multitudines virtutes. (dativus possesivus)

3) Disciples will be known many examples of couragness of Roman citizens.
Multa exemplaria fortitudinum Romanorum civium discipulis notis erunt.
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1000 Essential Latin Words

1000 Essential Latin Words

List grouped by frequency
First group: 50% level, 250 words

ab certus ergo inquam mors
accipio civitas et intellego moveo
ad consul etiam inter mulier
ager contra ex ipse multus
ago corpus facio is nam
aio credo fero iste natura
aliquis cum filius ita ne
alius cur fio iubeo nemo
alter de frater iudicium neque
amo debeo gens ius neuter
an dedo genus lego nihil
animus deinde gero lex nisi
annus ...
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Translation to latin; quotes from Confucius

I found some quotes by the sage Confucius on the net. I'll translate a few into latin. In some cases I might not translate perfectly literally but will still try to convey the same idea. Please take the time to comment if you detect any blatent errors or even something that is just awkward. Thanks in advance.

Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it.

Omnibus est forma quam tamen multi non vidunt.

Forget ...
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Translation to latin

Is my translation ok?

1) God Mars didn't want to protect offspring of Rhea Silvia.
Rheae Silviae prolem Deus Mars non cupiebat protegit.

2) Diana was goddess of hills and arbors.
Dea montium et nemorum Diana erat.

3) Greeks were teachers of literature and sciences.
Magistres literarum et scientarum Graeci erant.
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Translation to latin

Is my translation ok?

1) Romans had many gods and goddesses.
Romanis multus dei et deae erant.

2) In spring many rivers overflow because of snow.
Vere tempore ex nive multus flumina crescunt.

3) Romulus and Remus have builted city on river bank.
In litore fluminis Romulus et Remus urbem aedificabant.
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Quick question....

Which is more accurate for the phrase "FEAR NO EVIL" and why...

"non malum timere"

"non malum timete"

I thought that the second one would be because it is in the imperative, but on a webstei they have the phrase as the first one.
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