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Here you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.

Help with Vergil's Aeneid

Ever since I finished with Wheelock's, I have been translating the first book of the Aeneid. Every now and then I run into trouble that even Clyde Pharr's handy commentary can't get me through. Until recently, I had a Latin Professor available to answer my questions. Now that this is no longer the case, I was hoping to post my questions here. Any help you have to offer would be greatly appreciated.

I ran ...
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Need a translation of a sentence from Pliny


"Libros Naturalis Historiae, novicium Camenis Quiritium tuorum opus, natos apud me proxima fetura licentiore epistula narrare constitui tibi, iucundissime Imperator; sit enim haec tui praefatio, verissima, dum maximi consenescit in patre."

Thanks in advance,
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Politically correct plural adjective agreement?

I came across the following sentences in First Latin Lessons by Parsons and Little, 1926:

Pueri et puellae Siciliae ieiunae erant. (=hungry)
Viri et feminae Siciliae non sunt mali. (=bad)
Pueri et puellae sunt ieiunae.

I came across the 'same' sentences in First Latin Lessons (revised and enlarged - and partly based on the earlier book) by Breslove and Dale, 1938:

Pueri et puellae Siciliae ieiunae erant.
Viri et feminae Siciliae non sunt malae.
Pueri ...
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V's and U's

I've seen the following combinations of letters used by various Latin texts and scholars: V's and U's (virumque), just V's (virvmqve), just U's (uirumque). Which letter scheme is correct?

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I think I'm abandoning my learning of Latin

I've come to the point where after a year a Latin, I feel like wasting my time. My teacher really hasn't inspired me to want to learn the language. She almost seems kind of neutral about it. Not that Latin isn't a beautiful and interesting language, but there are other languages that I wish to focus on. These are at the present time, Spanish and Hebrew. I do not know whether or not I will ...
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Computer based vocabularies

Hello there,

Has anyone had experience of building computer mediated vocabularies?

I am deciding which is the best method of storing computer mediated vocabularies for English and Latin as separate vocablaries!

This is to support future developments in my research into automated essay marking.


James Christie
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Check for proper grammer needed

please check this translation for grammar errors and such... thanks I would really apprechiate this....

consurges pre aurora ut eo silvestre et venor
aurora armas ei cum videres
sed cephalus jungavi lepida martia. ea nomen fuisse.
Procris canis et esta uter numquam deficio dono maritus.
eo ingratus commortalis teneo tua maritae numquam tu poenitudivi.
iratus deus vorax vulpes molestare oppidum mitto.
venator conatus omnis in futilis est.
tam venire Cephalum interrogare nam suus gloriosus canis. ...
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homework help

I have to analyze this sentence, but I don't even understand its meaning:
magister usus omnium rerum est optimus.
nom-s, ?, gen-p, gen-p, "est", nom-s

There's also "magister usus omnium est rerum optimus" in the text (different word-order).
My guess is "the teacher the experience of all things is the best", but this does not make any sense.

"magistri usus omnium rerum est optimus" (the teacher's experience of all things is the best) makes sense ...
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Dare macron?

Salvete omnes,

Why doesn't the verb dare - to give not have a macron over the "a"? Does it have something to do with the word order? Does this occur in other conjugations as well?

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Essential Latin words list grouped by frequency

1000 Essential Latin Words

List grouped by frequency
First group: 50% level, 250 words

ab certus ergo inquam mors
accipio civitas et intellego moveo
ad consul etiam inter mulier
ager contra ex ipse multus
ago corpus facio is nam
aio credo fero iste natura
aliquis cum filius ita ne
alius cur fio iubeo nemo
alter de frater iudicium neque
amo debeo gens ius neuter
an dedo genus lego nihil
animus deinde gero lex nisi
annus ...
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