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Here you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.


Yes, I know, shock horror! The *S* word.

Please, does anyone know how to use this most tricksome of moods- and, if possible as in French, avoid it?
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translating the complementary infinitive esse

Hi all,

Is it ok to omit the infinitive when translating a verbal phrase that contains a complementary infinitive? My main concern is translating the verb esse. I have seen it used in phrases like "potest esse" and "timet esse." Here is another example in the sentence that prompted my question:

In hac urbe solent esse incendia quae exstinguere non possumus.
In this city they are accustomed to fires which we cannot exstinguish.

I translated ...
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Names of Letters of Latin Alphabet

I have been slowly learning Latin for almost a year now with the intention of learning enough Latin to be able to read the New Testament.

So by using books like Wheelock’s Latin and Textkit files I am doing OK. There is no deadline to meet except the big one.

I have been unable to learn the actual names of the letters of the Latin alphabet.
What I mean is: In English, a is called ...
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harrius potter

With the book not owned :P, I was wondering if those of you who do have a copy, and have read some of the pages, could answer a couple of questions for me. Please if you dislike Harry Potter, don't dis his poor behind! Just ignore this post!

Is it written in the classical style, with classical vocabulary? I realise that it is not going to be ...
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Learning Vocabularly "in Latin"

Ok, so I've read that it's better to read a Latin word and conjure up pictures and concepts than it is to think of an English word, that in turn represents what the Latin word does. My question is: what's the best way to drill this?

Right now I'm reading Lingua Latina, and I'm on Chapter VI. Most of the words I've encountered are in my passive vocbulary, many of them not having to go ...
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French lessons?

Hi. As the subject states, I'm just wondering whether someone knows some French books to learn Latin. Not that I don't understand English, but rather that I would prefer learning in French (main language for me)... Thanks. :)
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Translation of latin

I have to put a latin word picture

Puellae _______ specto.

I have put

Puellae tabulam pictam specto.

I have translated as
I am looking at picture of a girl.

Is that ok?
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Translation help

I am looking to create a phrase.

I was looking along the lines of: Commitment to the Protection of the City.

I used some online tranlators and came up with: Credo Contego Municipium.

I know Urbs is for city but I think Municipium sounds better. Is the above translation correct?

Thank you for your help in this.
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Tanslation Help

Hi guys,

Your my last resort so im hoping you can help me.

Im am getting a tattoo done but and i have an English phrase that i want translating into Latin, i have tried all the internet translators but they are not accurate enough for what i require so i am hoping one of you guys may be able to help me in getting "My Own Worst Enemy" translated into Latin please.

Or if ...
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just some help needed....

in good time. good time being by sunday night at latest! exam on monday!

well at school, i am currently studying oxford latin course part 3. and just did the set translations in there. Just hoping for some adjustments, for it isn't so... correct. and some bits i just am lost about.

Quintus parentes suos quaerit

Quintus iter, quod decem abhinc annons cum patre tan celeriter fecerat, iam lentissime faciebat.in onibus vicis diu manebat ut ...
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