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Here you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.

Pres. Part. of sum?

Hi all,

Today I ran across the phrase Consentes Dii/Di which, according to the text, are the twelve chief gods of the Romans. There is also a morphology note along with the definition in which it says cum+sens (present participle of sum). Does this mean that a there was once present participle of sum? Are there any other derivatives from this form?

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Transforming active to pasive sentences

Have I transformed correctly active to pasive sentences?

1) Mi fili, a magistro tuo bene erudiebaris.
Meus filius a magistro nostro bene erudiebatur.

2) Omnes nos verba vestra auribus accipiebamus.
Verba vestra a nobis omnibus auribus accipiebantur.

3) Iterum et saepius hostes diem colloquii statuebant.
Dies colloquii iterum et saepius a hostibus statuebatur.

4) Fulguribus terrebamini.
Vos fulguribus terrebamini.
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Transforming active to pasive sentences

Have I correctly transformed active to pasive sentences?

1) Lego Phaedri fabellam de lupo et agno.
Phaedrae fabella de lupo et agno a me legitur.

2) Carmina poetarum non tantum legimus sed etiam ediscimus.
Carmina poetarum non tantum a nobis legiuntur sed etiam a nobis ediscuntur.

3) Memoriam nostri servatis.
Memoria nostri seneantur.
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Scanning Latin verse

I'm currently learning to scan Latin poetry, starting off with simple hexameters and pentameters but I have to say that I'm not getting any idea that this is ever going to come naturally. Whereas with English poetry it's easy to feel whether something is going dum-de-dum or de-dum, de dum, in Latin (for example) some vowels are counted as long simply because they are in front of two consonants and most words don't break at ...
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Learn to Read Latin translation help1

Learn to Read Latin is one dense piece of work I must say. In fact, just three chapters approximate nine of wheelock, and of course, some of the reading gives a bit of trouble, for example:

suos in acervum conicere sarcinas et arma ptare ferroque non auro reciperare patriam iubet... (Cicero)

My stab:

Recovering the country with iron and not gold orders throwing together one's own bundle in the heap and putting on one's armor.
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Help with translation! ASAP please.

Latin to English, then English to Latin. I think I did worst in English to Latin...

1.Regi pacis gratiâ dona saepe mittebamus. – By favor of the king, we were often sending gifts of peace.
2. Ducibus nostris magnam laudem gratiamque debemus. We owe to your leaders great praise and grace.
3. Tres aut quattuor amicos in urbe petemus. We seek 3 or 4 friends in the city.

1.We were not able to see his ...
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amisine librum aut plurem temporis accepi?

On saturday, I lost my copy of Wheelock's. I didn't realize how much I used it, or had it with me, but on sunday I was suddenly faced with a whole lot of time on my hands with nothing to do. Horrible. So what could I do but latine scribere? I wrote a letter to my friend (the one with crabs :) ) about his girlfriend/lupa and ...
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Translation to latin

Is translation ok?

1) Body strength is growing with exercising.
Vis corporis exercitatione augentur.

2) City is being attacked by soldiers.
Oppidum a militibus faciuntur.
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Translation of "What's wrong?" in Latin

Can u plz translate these sentences for me?
1. what's wrong?
2. Tell me
3. What's wrong actually?
4. Why can't you tell me?
5. I want to know..because I care about you so much..

Thank you..
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fut. pass. imp?

Hi everyone,

I don't know if this has already been brought up, but is there a future passive imperative? It's really hard to find any info on this (let alone the future imperative). Also, how do you use the 3rd person of future imperatives (active and passive)? Is it sort of like a hortatory subjunctive?

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