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Here you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.

Translation to latin

Is my translation ok?

1) Whole Greace has sieged one town for ten years.
Unum oppidum decem annos totae Graecae oppugnaverunt.

2) Father have two sons and three daugthers.
Duos filios et tres filias pater habet.

3) In school library there is several thousands of books. (School have several thousands of books).
In scholae bibliotheca plus milia librorum habet.
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Virgil or Vergil

Hi everyone,

I was wondering what the deal is with the name Virgil/Vergil. I see both used frequently, but Vergil seems more correct to me considering his full name (Publius Vergilius Maro). Is there a preferred form?

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Pronunciation and self learning

I am fifteen years old and have recently begun teaching myself Latin with Hans Orberg's Lingua Latina series, which I'm having quite a lot of fun with. I am, however, worried about my pronunciation a bit. I have studied the pronunciation guides in the front of several grammars and dictionaries, and listened to some short clips of Latin being spoken on the Internet, so I think I at least have decent pronunciation, but simply decent ...
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Translation of latin

Is my translation ok?

1) Non facile senex sententiam mutat.
It's not easy to change old opinion.

2) Iactatio et vanitas gloriam ardenter cupiunt.
Dissipation and vanity passionately want glory.

3) Homo sapiens non semper sapientissime agit.
Wise man never repel the wisest.
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Positive adverb

I have to find positive adverbs from book and I think there is one error in it.

Among adverbs from which I have to find positive adverb there is superlative adverb plurime, which I think it's error (typo). I think it has to be plurimum which positive is multum.

Am I right?
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Adventage of knowing Latin?

Well I am the one who interested in learning Latin. but the question is what is the adventage of knowing and learning Latin. Because I think Latin is the dead language which is the root of romance languages and is used only in The holy see right?

So, it is right that some says that we just learn in vain? There's nothing but only know the root of the romance languages or just because we ...
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billy! I can't read the english english

Billy - see you at the gathering of classicists tonight, I look forward also to seeing your college mormor!

I am doing N&H Prose Composition Exercise 250. Many of these exercises I do skip because I can not understand the english (what the bleeding heck is a 'fastness'?!) This reminds me of my french teacher who has trouble writing standard english but whose french is excellent (iuvat a te doceri, magistra mea!)

Here is the ...
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Vi en la peli " S.P.Q.R. " Que significa?

I saw in the movie when Caesar goes anywhere, there 's somethin' and S.P.Q.R. on it. What does it represent for?
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Translation to latin

Is my translation ok?

1) Caesar was in war the bravest and most decisive Roman commander.
Caesar optimus maximeque Romanus imperator in bello fuit.

2) Health is more needed to people than wealth.
Salus est hominibus magis necessaria quam divitae.

3) Let Vestal girls guard eternal fire.
Ignis perpetuum Vestalum virgines custodiunto.
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Important grammar subjects

We had a post the other day about word order in Latin - a new learner was rather confused by this. It made me think about the way textbooks are often written - rather unimportant points like word order seem to be given the same weight as the completely totally screamingly (!!!) important stuff like ablative absolutes. Now, for some reason they "hold off" teaching about AA's until well into the course - so the ...
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