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Is this actual latin? (lentiri). If so I have no idea what it comes from. I'd much rather it were leniri.

This is probably me just being very tired, but can anyone help me?
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A query for the advanced

Here's something that has been bugging me. Maybe it will bug you all too.

Quote (Allen&Greenough, Section 298, f. )

"Ipse usually agrees with the subject, even when the real emphasis in English is on a reflexive in the predicate:-
Me ipse consolor (Lael. 10) I console myself. "

Fine. I'm prepared to accept that.

But what if the verb is an imperative, as in Console ...
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Old Kinchin Smith book?

I've got a copy of the old Kinchin Smith "Teach Yourself Latin."

It looks like a much better book than the "Teach Yourself Greek" by the same authot.

If anyone familiar with this Latin book? Opinions?
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Caput and flores

Hey guys,

Does anyone know why people say per capita and not per caput? Or flora instead of flores?

I'm a little confused...
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Second composition in Latin

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I want to say:

The boy watched the waves from the beach.

Puer ex acta undas spectat.

I have been using ex as "out of", "from", but I am not sure if ex can be used as "from a vantage point". If that is not the case, how do I say "from" as in from a vantage point?
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Ferox (fierce, ferocious) is an adjective. Yet in my word list, I see it listed like this:

ferox -ocis

This looks like a noun entry (I've only really learned the first two declensions). The adjectives I have studied all have three parts for the masculine, feminine and neuter nouns. The adjectives themselves decline like nouns of the first two declensions.

So my questions are:

1. Are there adjectives which delcine according to the paradigms of ...
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I'm getting a tattoo and need to know in the present tense how "Church of Death" would be translated in Latin. Thanks.
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