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Here you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.

Text translation

Is my translation ok?

Liburniae finis et initium Dalmatie est Scardona. Deinde Tragurium, civium Romanorum oppidum, marmore notum Salona colonia et Iader.

End of Liburnia and beginning of Dalmatia is (marks) Scardona. After is Tragurium, Roman city, south at (towards) sea is calony Solona and Iader.

I am not sure what "marmore notum" means.
"Marmor, oris" can have meanings "marble statue" or "shiny sea surface".
"notum" of "notus" can have two meanings.
"notus" as adjective ...
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Strange Latin-esque nonsense with Microsoft

Hi all,

I just found this weird "Latinish" text on the program Microsoft Works Task Launcher. At first I though it was just nonsense, but I recognized many words in text. Certain words, like "wisi" and "nibh," do not appear to be Latin. I don't know enough Latin to read this (if indeed it is real Latin) so does anyone have any idea what this says? Sorry if this isn't real Latin...


Sed Diam ...
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Translation help

Martial 12.73:
"Heredem tibi me, Catulle, dicis.
Non credam, nisi legero, Catulle."

Catullus, you say (I am the heir to yourself?)/(The heir is me to yourself?). I will not believe it, unless I write it, Catullus.

I can't untangle the first one. It looks easy, so I'm guessing I just missed some use of a case or something. I'm guessing there is an implied "sum"?

Also, just a confirmation Catullus 58:
"...illa Lesbia, quam Catullus ...
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The Morning After

How would you say 'hangover' or 'to be hung over' in Latin? The Romans themselves must have had this experience, I guess . . .
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Is my translation ok?

1) M. Porcius Cato semper singulari erat industriā.
M. Porcius Cato was always unique in his doings.

2) In bello, miles fortis multisque insignibus clarus pugnis,
In war, famous in battles as brave and outstanding soldier.

3) Excellens imperator exstitit.
Distinguished emperor he was.
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Latin Translation

Hi guys,

I was wondering if any of you out there could possibly help me by translating an English phrase into the Latin.

The phrase i would like translating is "Music Makes My Soul"

Cheers for your help guys.

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Tranlation from Latin into English

Iuvate me, comites, quaeso!

Dear fellows, I am studying Latin all by my self with an excellent book called “Latin via Ovid”, which I greatly recommend. I could so far translate all the texts (the reading sections of the book), with only one exception, a sentence that is puzzling me notwithstanding all my pains and efforts. Here it is: “Charon eum frusta orantem et flumen Stygem iterum transire desiderantem prohibuit.” I can “feel” its meaning, ...
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Is my translation ok?

1) Titus Livius told also history of three Punic wars.
Titus Livius quoque historiam trium Punicorum bellorum narravit.

2) Senat called Cicero a father of fatherland.
Senatus Ciceronem paterem patriae appellavit.

3) Cicero founded Archimedes grave.
Cicero Archimedis sepulcrum invenit.
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Translation to LATIN

Is my translation ok?

1) Alexandria, which was founded by Alexandar the Great, was long time capital of Egypt.
Alexandria, quae ab Alexandro Magno condida erat, longe caput Aegypti fuit.

2) If soldiers would be lead by unskilful leader, they will be defeated.
Milites si imperitus ducis duxerit, vincentur.

3) Two cities were same year destroyed by Romans: Carthagina and Corinth.
Duo oppida eodem anno a Romanis consumpta erant: Carthago et Corinthus.
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Conditional and accent

Hello again,

I'm always avoiding posting questions that I later find out to be stupid (you know, after reading the textbook lesson over and over and over). But I'm stumped by this:

Collar and Daniell's "First Year Latin" is giving me the following as a model for a conditional sentence:

"Si res publica in periculo erat, dictator creatus est"

Shouldn't the apodosis (conclusion) be in the imperfect? I can't translate this into English as your ...
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