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You say disuptandem, I say disputandum...


I was reading an article today in which the author threw in this phrase: De gustibus non disuptandem est (my emphasis). A quick search on Google resulted in "De gustibus non disuptandum est" with the offered translation of "there is no accounting for taste."

Not satisfied, I opened my books once I got home from work but had some difficulty in translating disputandem/disputandum.

Can someone corroborate my translation?

The word should be disputandum - ...
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I wish to begin Latin along with my studies of Russian, and I'm wonderin how irregular Latin is. I know that Russian has a lot of irregular verbs, etc. and I'm wondering if I'd encounter the same thing with Latin. Also, what's all this I'm reading about the usage of v/w/u? And lastly, my Russian is at an intermediate stage, but I still need a lot of work before I'm going to be fluent, namely ...
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aspirated consonants

WHile i searched around the internet for recordings of latin, i noticed that a quite a lot of the speakers pronounce aspirated consonants even when they are not marked with a "H". and also "tr" is sometimes pronounced like in English tree instead of being like maybe t-r, i don't know if this is part of the accepted pronunciation or just a native English speaking accent of Latin.
http://www.utexas.edu/courses/cc303/sounds/ ...
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Cum Clauses with the Subj.

Hi all,

I am having a very difficult time discerning cum circumstantial clauses apart from cum causal clauses. Here are a few examples that puzzle me:

Tandem cum undae et veneti navem ad insulam quandam egissent, nos in terram vix evasimus.
At last when the waves and winds had driven the ship to a certain island, we scarcely escaped onto land.

Magister navis nostrae, cum has scaphas conspexisset, "Pro di immortales!" exclamavit.
The captain of ...
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I am having a problem understanding this line from book 7 chapter 13 from "Breviarium ab urbe condita". I can't seem to come up with a coherent translation for it. This is what I have so far.

Tam civilis autem circa quosdam amicos extitit, ut etiam Plautium, nobilem virum, qui expeditione Britannica multa egregie fecerat, triumphantem ipse prosequeretur et conscendenti Capitolium laevus incederet.

Moreover he appeared so courteous around certain friends that he even accompanied ...
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Some confusion with ablative

I am having some trouble with this translation:

Multa a servis petivisti sed dona viro bono venia bona dederunt.

I am coming up with a literal translation of:

You asked (your) slaves for much but they gave gifts ...

My problem is with the construction viro bono venia bona. Breaking it down further

viro bono = Ablative singular 'with a good man'
venia bona = Ablative singular 'with indulgence/kindness'

I don't get how this makes ...
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Fonts and Meter

I need to find a font that will display the symbols for marking the long and short syllables in poetry in Greek or Latin. The font could even be Unicode. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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est : before or after noun?

I read that you should always put the verb after the noun, but sometimes I see "est" written before the noun like "Botsuana est terra in Africa meridiana" here: http://la.wikipedia.org/wiki/Botsuana

is it okay to put the verb before the noun?
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Quomodo loquere ...

Quomodo loquere in Latina "Please correct my mistakes"?
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Aeneid 4.445

"ipsa haeret scopulis et quantum vertice ad auras/ aetherias, tantum radice in Tartara tendit:" I translated this, " it clings to the rocks and as far as the peak stretches to the ethereal breezes, so far does the root stretch into Tartarus. I do not understand why vertex and and radix are in the ablative case.
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