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Here you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.

Long Short A, E, I

Could somebody please give me an example of the vowels a, e and i in english both in long and short pronounciation.

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Pronouncing names of people in latin

Every single name in my appendix of names in my textbook which has an 'us' for an ending does not have a macron. Are they ommitting it on purpose? If it is omitted they are all being pronounced similar to the word 'Marcus'. I believe they should all be pronounced 'Marcoos'. Are all of the macrons or long u's being omitted in this appendix? Is it possible that every sinlge first name of a person ...
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-US and -UM Pronounciation

According to people i have talked to practically all 'us' and 'um' in latin are long. My talking dictionary does the same thing. Antiquus sounds like 'Antiquoos' and Dominus sounds likes 'Dominoos'. This is the long vowel for u or the macron. However, when i look in the back of my textbook every single word including the already mentioned words antiquus and dominus are written 'us' without the macron or long vowel, so they would ...
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Vos operor non postulo ut exsisto dementis laboro hic tamen

Hello all.

I know what this is supposed to say but want to know if it is correct in terms of spelling and grammar:

Vos operor non postulo ut exsisto dementis laboro hic tamen is succurro

(You don't have to be mad to work here but it helps)

Also can an exclamation mark can be used in Latin?

Thank you,

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I need-a some help

Salvete omnes! :D well, after a pretty long camping trip sine lingua romana (nisi nomines saxorum animaliumque) I'm-a back with more questions to ponder. I bought a new book, as my copy of wheelock's seems to have some apart at the spine and is now in various places in my room... it's Moreland and Fleischer's 'Latin: an intensive course'..
well, the quetstion was:
Et gloria incolis ...
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Is this actual latin? (lentiri). If so I have no idea what it comes from. I'd much rather it were leniri.

This is probably me just being very tired, but can anyone help me?
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A query for the advanced

Here's something that has been bugging me. Maybe it will bug you all too.

Quote (Allen&Greenough, Section 298, f. )

"Ipse usually agrees with the subject, even when the real emphasis in English is on a reflexive in the predicate:-
Me ipse consolor (Lael. 10) I console myself. "

Fine. I'm prepared to accept that.

But what if the verb is an imperative, as in Console ...
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Old Kinchin Smith book?

I've got a copy of the old Kinchin Smith "Teach Yourself Latin."

It looks like a much better book than the "Teach Yourself Greek" by the same authot.

If anyone familiar with this Latin book? Opinions?
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Caput and flores

Hey guys,

Does anyone know why people say per capita and not per caput? Or flora instead of flores?

I'm a little confused...
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Second composition in Latin

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