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Here you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.

Oh no! Cicero!

"Ut omittamus superiores, Marcone Crasso putas utile fuisse tum, cum maximis opibus florebat, scire sibi interfecto Publio filio exercituque deleto trans Euphratem cum ignominia ess moriendum?"

Granted we should ommit the prior men, Marcus, you think that when he was prospering with great wealth, that it was advantageous for Crasso to know then that he had to die with disgrace for the (advantage of?) Publius who himself was killed by his son, and for the ...
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What does the following Latin tag mean?

Source: Dictionary of National Biography

Reynolds, Walter d. 1327

Reynolds seems to have been one of those evil-living, secular-minded clerks whom Edward I did not scruple to use in his rougher business, and did not hesitate to add to the household of Edward, his young son. He is said to have been made the prince's tutor. Anyhow, he became the chief favourite and confidant of the young prince, who describes him as one ‘qui a ...
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Where can I get an electronic/pdf version of Forcellini?

Does anybody know where could I find and electronic or pdf version of Forcellini's Lexicon totius latinitatis?

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Du Cange

Does anyone have pdfs of those Du Cange volumes (Latin) that are missing from gallica.bnf.fr?

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"vulgar" latin translation

So this isn't about vulgar latin per se, more just a dirty word.

A friend of mine a while back tought me how to say "f*** 'em if they can't take a joke" and I have completely forgotten.

Any help.

P.S. and good book recemendations for "dirty" latin would be great too.
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Latin Movies


haha thought y'all might like these. and the site might have some stuff that y'all like, too. :D
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Latin into Spanish

Hello! I am new to this board, but it seems like a wonderful resource. I am using Wheelock's, among other texts, but will be tested on translating Latin into Spanish, not English, so at times it is a bit tricky. I was wondering if there is anyone on this board who is studying Latin in the context of a Spanish-speaking class or could otherwise help me clear up some doubts as they arise.

Just as ...
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Q. for those who use/used Lingua Latina for self-study...

I am currently moving quickly (so far) through the D'ooge text. (I'm up to Lesson XXXIII. I'm not a big fan of standard grammar/translation texts, but I like this one. However, my old brain gets tired at times.

To approach the grammar from a different angle, I thought I'd read through LL and use a standard g/t text to explain the grammar points.

For those who have used Lingua Latina, how does that sound?

Thanks! ...
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Imperfect tense

Can i assume that any english sentence translates directly into latin the same way as it appears in english with reference to the word 'was'. 'Was' will trigger the imperfect whereever it happens?

I was listening when the cat walked into the room

I was listening=Imp
Cat walked into the room=Perf

My latin is incorrect but it would be something like: Audibam postquam feles cubiculo intravit

Anytime you see an english sentence with 'was' in ...
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Please someone help me

Does anyone have a translation for this Cicero letter?

IV] Scr. in itinere paulo post Non. Iun. a. 704 (50).

Tarsum venimus Nonis Iuniis. ibi me multa moverunt, magnum in Syria bellum, magna in Cilicia latrocinia, mihi difficilis ratio administrandi, quod paucos dies habebam reliquos annui muneris, illud autem difficillimum, relinquendus erat ex senatus consulto qui praeesset. nihil minus probari poterat quam quaestor Mescinius. nam de Coelio nihil audiebamus. rectissimum videbatur fratrem ...
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