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Here you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.

A Little Pedantry

I want to say: 'this is in the optative' in Latin.

What would be most correct:

'in optative's mode': in modo optatiui


'in the optative mode': in modo optatiuo

In other words: would you use an attribute or a genitive? Why?

Cheers and thanks for any help. :)
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Pronunciation of "iī"

I've been curious about the pronunciation of iī, meaning "they." The short initial 'i' perhaps belies the notion of a consonantal 'i', and therefore a distinct "yee" sound. But I'm unaware of any Mediaeval spelling with the letter 'j'; and moreover, the word 'iī" is a synonym for 'eī', so two syllables may be possible. Then again, Sallust among others would tend to simplify "-iī," as in "imperiī" to "impérī," which was in fact the ...
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Prose Stylists

I've taken the opportunity presented by the D'Ooge study group to renew my Latin. After a few months I will probably start to supplement my studies by pushing myself with selections from more difficult texts.

Though I do not expect to be producing vast tracts of Latin prose, I still want to start paying attention to style early, particularly for some prose model. However, I do remember enough from Latin in college that I think ...
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Genitive of Sphere, Rubrik

Okay, I've never heard of these terms. What are they, and what grammar refers to them thus? I haven't seen this in Bennet or AG. ??
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As a matter of principle

I'm doing a translation into Latin. I'm having trouble translating the phrase

(something is done) as a matter of principle.

The best I've come up with is

praecepti elementarii adseverandi causa.

(Which is a translation of my English re-phrasing of it: "for the sake of asserting a fundamental precept")

Can anyone suggest something better. I guess there must be an actual equivalent already in Latin lterature. Anyone know what it is?
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In need of help!

I've been a longtime watcher of this site and an avid reader of the Latin e-books provided here (particularly the d'Ooge one, which I find very clear and helpful). Anyway, I'm sure you all receive a deluge of requests like these, but I was translating a passage from Ashley Carter's 'Latin Unseens for A-Level' earlier this week and have lost my translation for it! I've managed to redo about half, roughly, but I'm stuck absolutely ...
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Beginner's question: What text to start with?

Hi there...

I'm new here, so I apologize if I'm asking a question that has been discussed before.

I am interested in getting a solid grasp of Latin for reading and translation. I'm a PhD Student specializing in literature of the English Renaissance, so Latin is an important language for me to learn.

At this stage, I want to get some of the basics down on my own. I do plan in the future on ...
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i think i got it... but its safer for it to be checked

well... this is a line from Petronius: Satyricon 63 (adapted)

sed homo ille fortis post hoc factum numquam recreatus est sed paucos post dies phreneticus periit.

umm... the main problem i had was what word 'post' should be with... coz when 'post' + acc. makes 'post' into a preposition or should it be just 'post' meaning 'after'

but in the end i came up with this...

but the man, he was never made well after ...
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A beginner begins.

I've been lurking around on Textkit for a little while now and thought I should introduce myself to everybody. For the past couple weeks I've been following the Dowling Recipe for Disaster and have been spending quite a bit of time flipping through the Greek and Latin textbooks on Textkit. I've decided to teach myself these two glorious languages as part of my plan to become an erudite and eccentric madman one day. They're ...
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Reflexive Pronouns

the reflexive pronoun Sui has the possessive adjective Suus. Sui and Suus are always reflexive. are the following reflexive too? Meus, Tuus, Noster,

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