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Here you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.


I'm getting a tattoo and need to know in the present tense how "Church of Death" would be translated in Latin. Thanks.
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Missing pages in Rutherford book.

Did anyone ever find the missing pages in W Gunion Rutherford's book "First Greek Grammar Syntax" (an E book on this site)? I can provide a list of the page numbers if you have the book.


Arghh - wrong section - I'll repost in Greek queries!
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Bucolic diaeresis

i have been told that there is diaeresis between the 4th and 5th foot of this line of Vergil
' iguine, sed vires haud pertulit. ocius ensem'

However, i know nothing of scansion so could somebody point out where it is and what vowel is pronounced differently.

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Paginae absentes!

Salvete omnes,

Tempto discere latinam cum auxilio libri "North & Hillard Latin Prose Composition". In libro solutionum autem desunt nonnullas paginas, quidem paginas 64-67 (exercitationes 157-165).
Scitisne ubinam eas invenire possum?

Gratias ago vobis ob vestrum auxilium,
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Ut without a verb

Hi all,

How do you translate ut in a subordinate clause without a verb? This is the sentence that prompted my question:

Romam quam celerrime regressus, heres Caesaris testamento adoptatus est atque, cum cognovisset qui Caesarem necavissent, statim constituit avunculum mortuum, ut patrem, olim ulcisci.
After returning to Rome as quickly as possible, the heir of Caesar was adopted by his will and, when he had learned who had killed Caesar, he immediately decided one ...
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how do you say it? and a thought


What is the classical pronunciation of the "eu" in words like "Europa" and "Euboea"? Do the e and the u make a diphthong? Are they pronounced separately? Perhaps it's a Greek thing? (Which I don't know yet, so any clues will help immensely.

Also, my ear and mind are at war over magister. According to the rules of accentuation, "gis" is a long syllable; the penult, when long, ought to receive the accent. Yet ...
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newbie confusion

I have a book on grammar that in discussing word order uses the following sentence:

The girl sees the bull on the shore.

Puella taurum in ripa videt.
(girl bull on shore sees)
Taurum in ripa puella videt.
(bull on shore girl sees)
In ripa taurum puella videt.
(on shore bull girl sees)

It states that rearranging the words changes the emphasis to the whatever word is used first.

Pardon my ignorance but ...
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