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Here you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.

Translation spot check


I am participating in the Dooge-a study group and have been supplementing my work with exercises from D'ooge's "Elements of Latin". The following come from sections 63 and 64, Lesson V "The Dative Case/Indirect Object/Predicate Noun". The originals are in bold, my responses in italics:

Filiae reginae fabulas puellis agricolarum narrant.
The queen's daughters are telling stories to the farmers' girls.

The girls give the farmers' money to-the-queen.
Puellae reginae pecuniam agricolarum dant.

The ...
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Reduced form of final -m

I've quite often seen, in manuscript facsimilies and early printed books, forms which by the normal grammatical/lexical understanding of Latin should have final -m drop this; mostly they seem to be written with a macron or tilde over the preceding vowel. Occasionally I've seen it in the interior of words too (e.g. two of the MSS in Cecil Clementi's Pervigilium Veneris have 'cras amet qui nũquã amauit' while the other has numquã). The most obvious ...
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Medieval Latin Sigla, Ligatures, Diacritics, etc...

Anyone familiar with all the sigla, ligatures, diacritics, etc... of the Magna Carta?

1. The elongated "a" in gra and the little & above it (the familiar ampersand - doesn't look like the Latin ligature for "et" nor does "et" fit in anywhere)

2. The 7 between Norm and Aquit - well, some may not draw their sevens like that, but I do

3. I'm supposing the "3" at the end Abbtib3 is a ligature ...
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Comparative of industrie

A quick question to save me hours of searching through my notes.

What's the comparative of industrie?

Do you have to use magis industrie?

Vobis gratias.
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Helpful Tip: Printing out the free downloads from this site

Hi everyone,

I'm sure most of you know this, but for those who are not aware...

I sent my pdf file of the D'ooge text to my local Kinko's, and they printed it out and three-hole punched it for me. The price was much less than it would have cost me in printer ink. :roll: The other nice thing was the fact that they could print ...
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Is this Latin origin - Help

Hi i am new here and I want to learn something in latin.

I heard that in mediaval latin 'bizantine' (east roman empire) was called 'turkus'

Is this true?

Is the country name 'turkey' coming from latin?
In italian the country name turkey is called 'turchia' I think.


Is the name 'turc' coming from latin too to refer to bizantine or anatolians in mediaval times?

For example italians use this sentence sometimes 'Mamma, li ...
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Is this a good book to buy? Vergil's Aeneid

I'm currently study Latin at Univeristy,
and my class will be doing Vergil's Aeneid Book II
at the first term.

I'm thinking about buying this book "Vergil's Aeneid
Books I-VI by Clyde Pharr" ISBN:0-86516-421-5
has anyone ever come across this book before?
Is this a good book to buy? Or can anyone recommend me
any commentaries please?

I need all the help I can get to study Latin.

Thank You Very Much
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help for a flounder

well ashamedly I say that my studies have fallen behind. cessatione mea studiis cecidi, ergo i've decided that i need to catch up. and this sentence gave me a little trouble, especially in the second part.

Feminae pulchrae viros miseros e provincia romana ad amicum oppidum cum magna mittunt ne incolae provinciae esse videantur.
The beautiful women send the miserable men from the roman province to a friendly city (along) with a great crowd that ...
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Listening Comprehension help

Hi all!

I was wanting to understand what is said in a song (by Tristania, called The Shining Path). There is no lyrics for it anywhere... it's in the beggining, I wanna know what the choir sings...

I would be eternally grateful for any help. :D If any of you want the mp3 file of the part i'm talking about, post here, so I can split ...
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