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Here you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.

Latin mottos

Here is a little project I am working on. It's a Latin motto generator. I will be adding more patterns soon, hopefully. And it is not difficult to expand the database.


This may be a nice way to get someone interested in Latin...
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Latin Hendecasyllables

Much talk about Latin hendecasyllables, Episcopus, but you haven't told us yet what they are and what their rules are. Samples are good. Multus fragor et paucae iuglandis.
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A difficult, though liberal latin translation.

Could someone please translate this unecissarily verbose passage into Latin for me?

Why are we speaking in questions? Have you both beaten one another into such a savage state of disrepair so as to render yourselves incapable of forming Latin sentences in the simple interogative?
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The Dowling Method

I was just wondering about the Dowling Method (http://www.rci.rutgers.edu/~wcd/Latin.htm). When the author mentions "the grammatical tables in the back of Wheelock" is he reffering to tables similar to the "TABVULA DECLINATIONVM" in the back of LINGVA LATINA? Would they not work just as well; they seem to include all the various declensions he refers to.
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Lingua Latina Available in Hardcover

For those of us who are big fans of Lingua Latina - it's available in Hardcover now.

Being the bibliophile that I am, I personally prefer hardcover books to paperback. I want my books to last generations, if possible.

Focus Publishing is sending me a free copy to examine - if I approve, I'll send them a check - if not, I'll return it. I'm rather picky about the quality of a hardcover book. The ...
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Black-Adder II in Latin

I like to do English-to-Latin translations for fun, and I've just accidentally translated the entire first episode of Black-Adder II into Latin (I forgot to stop). So I've put it on-linehere (under a different name).

I feel I've succeeded in overcoming most of the difficulties I encountered, except that:

I couldn't find a Latin expression for "to dribble", so I put "salivam profundere" which sounds awful. Anybody know one a better one?

I've ...
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Latin Poetry vs Latin Prose

I have come to a point where with a bit of dictionary turning, Latin prose is pretty easy. But whenever I try to translate latin poetry, it all goes downhill. The problem I guess is that sometimes its really hard to figure out where one clause starts and ends, and how to keep track of all the poetic licenses, uses of certain cases, and sentences with abiguous subjects.

I'm sure its not really that hard, ...
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Genitiv of Gaius

In dictionary stands Gaius, i

Is genitiv Gaii with two i or is it Gai with one i?
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The Everything Learning Latin Book

Has anyone here used the textbook "The Everything Learning Latin Book"? I'm curious as to wheather it's any good.
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Dear all,

Livy's Ab urbe condita I:1 starts "Iam primum omnium satis constat Troia capta in ceteros saevitum esse Troianos,..."

The sense is clear, something like "To begin with, it is well known that, after Troy was captured, the other Trojans were massacred..."

What puzzles me is the -tum in saevitum. It is not grammatically congruent with the Trojans who are massacred, that would presumably be saevitos. This seems to be a neuter form of ...
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