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Here you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.

quin / quin ne

Salvete omnes!

Can anyone please explain to me the correct meaning of "quin"? I have the impression that it can be used sometimes as "that" and some other times as "that not". Which can be extremely confusing, since you don't really know if you're affirming or negating what you're saying....

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Sentence from Cicero's [i]Somnium Scipionis[/i]

Translating a sentence from Somnium Scipionis, I've been unable to figure an idiomatic way to say the following sentence:

Nam cum aetas tua septenos octiens solis anfractus reditusque converterit, duoque ii numeri, quorum uterque plenus alter altera de causa habetur, circuitu naturali summam tibi fatalem confecerint, in te unum atque in tuum nomen se tota covertet civitas;

Here my book (Davis and Lawall) explains that anfractus (4th decl) is breaking round and reditus (4th) is ...
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as previously said...

It looks as if the Internet is teaming with folks trying to find a Latin equivalent for "as previously said". I don' t know what is causing this, but the pattern is clear. Any idea why? Must be some sort or radio show contest or something.

If any of those people end up here, I would suggest "ut prius dictum est".
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another Latin-into-Spanish question...

Hello! I don't know if you are still around, Amadeus (or anyone else who can help) but I have a question on translating the subjunctive in an "oración simple" (or jussive clause.)

I understand what to do when you have ut or ne, but when it is just a simple sentence, in English Wheelock says to use "Let..." or also may or should. So I'm assuming that in Spanish it would be "Que" plus subjunctive-- ...
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Apuleius - advice?

I've picked Aureus Asinus (aka Metamorphoses) as the final text for the Latin readings course I'm currently in. My plan is to read about 50 pages or so of it with the help of a loeb I've checked out.

Could someone suggest to me a certain book or a set of passages that would be most beneficial for me to read? I'm interested in literary merit, historical significance, and mythological interest. Or just plain fun. ...
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Can someone check my translations please

This is the simple stuff, but I am just learning so please be gentle if I'm wrong :)

I am teaching my children from an old latin text and I do not have an answer key. We are on interrogative pronouns and I'm doubting my abilities. The text sentences are first and my translations in Latin follow:

1. Whose son are you?
Cujus filius es?

2. Whose ...
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so most keen

well, this is my first really educational post in a while, things have been pretty hectic lately. I'd get into how my poor excuse for a college dropped me from all but one of my classes :evil: :evil: :evil: , but I'm ...
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The Golden Ass or Metamorphoses by Apuleius

Does anyone know if there is a Latin/English interlinear version of The Golden Ass by Apuleius? Can anyone recommend a modern English translation of this novel?

Also, what is the best English translation of Cupid and Psyche?


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Irridens cuspide figo

Hello everyone. It seems the following sentences are inscribed in Louis XV's desk in Versailles. I've been trying to translate them, but the exercise has proved to be a task that's beyond my capacity. Could anyone help? Here it is:

"Non nisi grandia canto. Irridens cuspide figo.
Brevi complector singula cantu, pastorum carmina ludo."

I really appreciate if I could get some help. :-)

Thanks in advance.
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What do you make of this?

libertas est meum solum malum

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