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Here you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.

Quick question....

Which is more accurate for the phrase "FEAR NO EVIL" and why...

"non malum timere"

"non malum timete"

I thought that the second one would be because it is in the imperative, but on a webstei they have the phrase as the first one.
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Translation to latin

Is my translation ok?

1) Aeneas with his father, son and companions is fleing from city of Troy.
Ex Troiae urbe Aeneas cum patre et filio et comitibus fugit.

2) King Latinus and Aeneas fought against neighbouring nations.
Rex Latinus et Aeneas cum bella propinquis populis gerebant.

3) Aeneas, Trojan leader, creates city Lavinium with his wife.
Aeneas, Troianorum dux, cum uxore Lavinium urbsem creat.

4) Many birds are in swamps.
In paludibus multitudo aves ...
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Doubly periphrastic future (please help!)

In indirect statement, how do you create a passive periphrastic yet to come?

For instance:

sentiunt arcem militibus defendendam futuram esse (???)

It seems strange to have 2 participles one after the other performing the same function: the construction becomes doubly periphrastic and I'm assuming it's wrong, it just doesn't accord with my sense of the way Latin does things.

But how else could you say (it's a stupid example but hey) 'they feel that ...
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Question on Catullus 101

Hi all,

I am having trouble translating most of Catullus 101. Here is my (weak) translation with the original text:

Multas per gentes et multa per aequora vectus
advenio has miseras, frater, ad inferias,
ut te postremo donarem munere mortis
et mutam nequiquam alloquerer cinerem,
quandoquidem fortuna mihi tete abstulit ipsum,
heu miser indigne frater adempte mihi.
Nunc tamen interea haec, prisco quae more parentum
tradita sunt tristi munere ad inferias,
accipe fraterno multum manantia ...
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Translation to LATIN (indicative imperfect active)

Is my translation ok?

1) Ancient people, you often builted big and beautiful temples of gods.

Populi antiqui, pulchra et magna deorum templa saepe aedicabatis.

2) Romans, you haven't been afraid of wars.

Romani, bellorum non timebatis.

3) Many beautiful statues has ornamented Roman forum.

Forum Romanum copia pulchra signa ornabant.

All this latin sentences was for use for indicative imperfect active so I don't know if my english sentences are ok, so do take ...
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You opinions on the accuracy of these poetry recordings...


I was wonder if anyone had comments on the records appearing at this site:


Are they consistent with what you learned / how you pronounce Latin? Any major complaints?

I'm trying to find some faithful recording off the internet, so I know what it's supposed to sound like, although I realize that in the long run I'll probably splurge and buy the recordings to Lingua Latina (although I'm not sure if they're good ...
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N&H Exercise 2

I have decided to try to work through N&H and stumbled at my first attempt. In exercise 2 the 5th sentence to translate is:

Do not send me to ask for peace.

The answer key has:

Ne me miseris ut pacem rogem

I had

Noli me mittere ut pacem rogem

The answer key, to me, sounds more like you should not have sent me to ask for peace, or you will not have sent me ...
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Translation to latin

Is my translation ok?

1) I am opening the book and i am reading story to boys.

Librum aperio et fabulam puero legio.

2) Fields and gardens are dedicated to Faunus, acre to goddess of agriculture.

Campi et horti Fauno sacros sunt, agri deae agriculturae.

3) Miserable boys and girls, why are you opening doors of Troy?

O miseri pueri et puellae, cur Troiae portam aperitis?
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Relative Difficulty of Classical Authors


As my knowledge of Latin and Roman culture grows, so does my interest. After obtaining the syallbi for the first three Latin courses offered at my university---unfortunately, or perhaps for the better, my degree plan and proximity to graduating does not allow me to take any of them---I see that the first work Latin students spend any appreciable time with is Caesar's "De Bello Gallico." Selected readings from this multi-volume work are the topics ...
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In Matt. 6:12, part of the Lord's Prayer, the Vulgate reads, "et dimitte nobis debita nostra sicut et nos dimisimus debitoribus nostris." I am wondering why "debitoribus nostris" is in the dative plural. I think it could be a form of the dative of reference, but I am not sure because I thought that dimitto took the accusative.
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