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Here's where you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get translation help and more!

Grammatical Terms

I am not a native English speaker and therefore I sometimes have a little trouble understanding the grammatical terms in English...

I am used to talking about "genitivus partitivus" and "coniunctivus hortativus" and the like...

I'd like to know the English equivalents when reading about Latin grammar in English.

Can someone point me to a reliable concordance?

Thanks very much.
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Mathematical vocabulary

Now that whiteoctave has gone :cry: there is no master who might tame me and inspire me to actually do any latin indeed I have not for like a month. It always happens. The only thing I do is write and then I stop for ages.

Now I need some funky mathematical vocabulary because I use them often in insults. Does any one have ...
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Bello Gallico


Here's a general question regarding word order in prepositional phrases -

In a passage from the Invasion of Britain, Caesar writes:
"de superioris temporis consilio se excusant."

Now, I gather that the passage ultimately says something along the lines of, "They excuse themselves regarding (their) policy in a previous time."

But why is it that 'consilio' finds itself so far away from the 'ad' preposition that governs it? -- it seems like I've been ...
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Summary of Livy?

Does anyone know where I can find a short summary of each of the extant books of Ab Urbe Condita? I'm trying to select something to read from Livy for a class and I need help picking a passage.

Thanks in advance!
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General translation

I'm very new to Latin, and am questioning my translation of general texts. So I tried translating the following...did it come out right? :) I'd appreciate some help! Thanks!

"Agricola et vitam et fortunam nautae saepe laudat; et poeta vitam et agros agricolae laudat. Sine philosophia avari viri de pecunia sempercogitant: multam pecuniam habent, sed pecunia multa virum avarum non satiat."

Translation: "The famer often praises the ...
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Help someone?

I'm new to this forum and honestly said, I'm terrible at latin. So I need some help in translating this sentence: "In Eternal Dying State"
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Humming hedges (or Virgil's Eclogues I)

I’m really stuck on this line, it’s from Virgil’s eclogues:

The text:
hinc tibi, quae semper, vicino ab limite saepes
Hyblaeis apibus florem depasta salicti
saepe levi somnum suadebit inire susurro;

My translation:
Here to you, as always, the hedges from your neighbours land,
having given as food the flower of the willow-grove to the Hyblean bees,
often with light humming will induce you to go to sleep.

Now, the biggest problem I have with ...
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Catullus II

I'm stuck on a part; does anyone know the role of carum nescio quid, and what the construction is following credo? Can't be indirect statement or can it! thanks again

cum desiderio meo nitenti
carum nescio quid lubet iocari,
credo ut, cum gravis aquiescet ardor,
sit solaciolum sui doloris,
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Is this all I need?

So, I'm flying pretty quickly through Wheelock's with my trusty 501 Latin Verbs and Cassell's dictionary. Is there anything else I might need for when I'm done (or now, for that matter)? I'm planning on starting Pharr's Vergil.
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Genitive Case

I was hoping someone could clarify the genitive case of nouns. I understand that it means possessive, but I don't understand why it seems to change.
Ex. pretty girl of mine = bella puella meae, or bella puellae meae, or bellae puellae meae?

Ex. girls of mine = puellarum mearum? puellas mearum? puellae mearum?

Thanks for any help.
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