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Here you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.

Questions About a Passage in the Confessions

I have a couple questions about a passage in the Confessions of Saint Augustine.

"Da mihi, Domine, scire et intellegere, utrum sit prius invocare te an laudare te et scire te prius sit an invocare te."

1. Is it subjunctive because it is a subordinate clause within indirect discourse?

2. I'm having problem's getting the exact meaning of the bold. I get the jist of it. Augustine is saying whether we call upon God and ...
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Anki Deck (Request) Thread

Salvete omnes.

It seems far more people have made Anki decks than there are available at the official shared deck page for Latin here: https://ankiweb.net/shared/decks/latin

It's possible I'm not searching efficiently enough to find all those that are publicly available, but it seems as if many people don't share their private decks. Can someone explain why? In the past week or so I've come across many mentions of people ...
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Direct Speech in Latin

Dear all,

Cause all people talks much about Indirect Speech of Latin but not Direct Speech which seems far easier than the former, so I was a little bit puzzled when facing this sentence from Fabulae Faciles:

Illī autem cum bene intellegerent dolōrem eius falsum esse, nesciō quam fābulam dē morte puerī fīnxērunt.

Here, nescio is 1st person verb, present indicative, right?

So the English translation will be: Then, when these men quickly regconized that ...
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Video about Oerberg in Latin


I just stumbled upon an interesting 30-minute video by the Vivarium Novum guys on YouTube which is entirely in Latin (except for a short speech in English with Latin subtitles): Vitae et Scholae - De vita et methodo Iohannis H. Ørbergii. It is already four years old, but since it is the first time I have noticed it, others may have missed it as well. Except for the Latin subtitles for the English ...
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memorizing principal parts

I've been through Wheelocks and am now toward the end of Lingua Latina (chap. 29). Once I've got down
the vocabulary of a new chapter, I can read the the story without much problem. In other words, I generally can recognize a verb, however I've never memorized the principal parts and cannot recite them
if given the 1st person singular or the present active infinitive. But is it necessary to memorize the
principal parts? I ...
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Latin verse

Do enough people still study and/or write Latin verse for there to be a need or desire here for a separate subforum to discuss Latin verse?
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any tips on reading difficult short sentences?

In another thread pmda presented this sentence:

Medium erat in Anco ingenium, et Numae et Romuli memor.

I often stumble over short sentences like this.

Is there a set of exercises on tackling short sentences?
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Romanis res repetentibus

I have been neglecting my Latin in the past two months - but am now rectifying matters - and what follows may merely be evidence that I am forgetting what I previously learned. I crave your indulgence.

This is from Orberg's LLPSI.

Igitur Latini, cum quibus Tullo regnante foedus ictum erat, sustulerant animos, et cum incursionem in agrum Romanum fecissent, repetentibus res Romanis superbe responsum reddunt — otiosum Romanum regem inter fana et aras regnum ...
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C. Nepos, Thrasybulus, "sed illa tamen omnia communia"

Context: Often the commander gets the credit that should be shared with the soldiers and Fortune.

sed illa tamen omnia communia imperatoribus cum militibus et fortuna, quod in proelii concursu abit res a consilio ad vices rerum virtutemque pugnantium. itaque iure suo nonnulla ab imperatore miles, plurima vero fortuna vindicat seque his plus valuisse vere potest praedicare.

Translation: but still all those joint credits commanders with the soldiers and Fortune, because in ...
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snakes; trisulcis

Virgil at least twice when mentioning snakes says that a snake "linguis micat ore trisulcis". "trisulcis" (dat/abl pl) means "having 3 grooves/furrows"; but snakes' tongues end in 2 points with only one cleft between them. But when watching snakes in zoos etc I often saw it flicking its tongue out twice so quickly that an observer may see each of the 2 points twice so that it looks as if the tongue ends in 4 ...
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