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what is the meaning of "non" in this sentence?

Cicero signals his intention to begin his philosophical discussion by reviewing Epicureanism.

Ut autem a facillimis ordiamur, prima veniat in medium Epicuri ratio, quae plerisque notissima est. quam a nobis sic intelleges expositam, ut ab ipsis, qui eam disciplinam probant, non soleat accuratius explicari;

Translation: In order to begin with the easiest, we place in review the theory of Epicurus, which is the best known to the majority. Here you will see Epicureanism set ...
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My personal connection to ancient Rome through Vergil

A couple of days ago I was reading this review by Emily Gowers of Graffiti and the Literary Landscape in Roman Pompeii, by Kristina Milnor, in TLS:


My thoughts were stimulated by this:

. . . In view, one reason graffiti should intrigue us is because it shows how permeable the borders were between elite and popular culture. . . .

One of the most extreme forms of high–low exchange takes the form ...
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qua de re

Does qua de re mean something like "on this topic"?

That seems to fit this example:

Qua de re cum sit inter doctissimos summa dissension . . .
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what made Rackham read this as a question?

Cicero, de finibus bonorum ...

Please help me better to see when a sentence is a question. Here is the Latin sentence, which I failed to identify as a question:

III. Quamquam si plane sic verterem Platonem aut Aristotelem ut verterunt nostri poetae fabulas, male, credo, mererer de meis civibus si ad eorum cognitionem divina illa ingenia transferrem.

And here is the H. Rackham translation

Yet even supposing I gave a direct translation of Plato ...
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ne. . . quidem and tam . . . quam usage

Cicero, de finibis...

Context: Cicero defends his project of carrying over into Latin discourse, with his own additions and in his own arrangement, topics much discussed in Greek philosophy. Some say, "Well let's just read the Greeks, in their own language; we don't need any Latin writings on this." Cicero interrogates this objection.

nam si dicent ab illis has res esse tractatas, ne ipsos quidem Graecos est cur tam multos legant, quam legendi sunt.
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Leviticus 20:11a, 12a

Leviticus 20:11a reads qui dormierit cum noverca sua, usually translated "if a man sleeps with his stepmother," whereas 12a reads si quis dormierit cum nuru sua, usually translated "if a man sleeps with his daughter-in-law." I take dormierit to be a perfect subjunctive although the form could also be future perfect indicative. My question is why one verse begins qui dormerit and the other si quis dormierit. Is this simply a stylistic variation or is ...
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Long Cicero sentence

This is from the beginning of de finibus bonorum et malorum

Cicero is writing on the philosopher's problem in dealing with differing audiences. Some just don't like philosophy at all, while others put up with a little philosophizing, but they want it done in a moderate manner. I think Cicero means that the latter like philosophers who "make them think", but don't try patience with close argumentation.

Qui autem, si maxime hoc placeat, moderatius tamen ...
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In siti mea - Psalm 68:22

Et dederunt in escam meam fel: et in siti mea potaverunt me aceto. And they gave me gall for my food. And in my thirst, they gave me vinegar to drink.

Sitis is a feminine third declension I-stem noun. Why is it spelled siti instead of site?

I also don't understand why aceto is in the dative or ablative.
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Medieval Latin

Dear all,

For Medieval Latin, is there anyone interested in and have experiences of studying it?

I think that beside Classical Latin, the Medieval Latin also has lots of amazing texts for our discovery. But I am starting at the zero point . I'm very interested in History, Legend, Mythology. So, please kindly share with me the entrance way for the Medieval

Sincerely yours,

Huynh Trong Khanh
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Commentary for Lysistrata?


I am reading/transcribing a Latin translation of Aristophanes' Lysistrata and am looking for an online (public domain) commentary to the play (its content, not the language). Does anyone know of one?

Thank you for your help,

Carolus Raeticus
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