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Here you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.

Grammar and translation issues

"ob id Pandoram nominarunt. Ea data in coniugium Epimetheo fratri; inde nata est Pyrrha, quae mortalis dicitur prima esse creata."

"Because of this, they named her Pandora. This given(?) in union to the brother Epimetheus; Then was born Pyrha, which was said by mortals to be the first created"

Is it correct to translate the "Ea" as a demonstrative adjective to the participle? And because there is no proper verb in the sentence, it confused ...
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Odd construction of indirect discourse

Saepe enim de L. Crasso illo familiari tuo videor audisse, cum te togatis omnibus sine dubio anteferret, paucos tecum Epicureos e Graecia compararet, sed, quod ab eo te mirifice diligi intellegebam, arbitrabar illum propter benivolentiam uberius id dicere. (Cic. Nat. 1.58)

Shouldn't compararet be something like "se comparare"
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List of Latin Idiomatic Expressions

Is there a good list, preferably online, of idiomatic Latin expressions for conversation? In particular, I'm looking for filler phrases we often employ. For example, we might say, "do tell..." or in the older English "pray tell," etc.
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Another problem with Bradley's Arnold

Ex. 48, B, 6. It is now evident that the enemy intended to attack our camp at the first possible opening, but that at the same time they would wait for a favourable opportunity.

Footnote 5: 14, c. "The participle -rus is always active, and has various meanings. Hoc facturus est. He is going to, likely to, intending to, ready to, destined to, do this."

The Key: Jam satis apparebat (46, c.) hostes primo quoque ...
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how to tackle baffling short sentences?

Problem: I stumble over short sentences that I cannot make out until after I have consulted a translation. Below is the most recent one.
Adeo nihil patitur hominum vita, omni ex parte beatum esse.

(Erasmus, Moriae Encomium, part 14.)

What should I have done after I realized I was baffled, and before resorting to a translation?
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Redeuntibus - Roma Aeterna XLVIII Lines 364–367

Inde variōs vultūs dīgredientium ab nūntiīs cernerēs, ut cuique laeta aut trīstia nūntiābantur, grātulantēsque aut cōnsōlantēs redeuntibus domōs circumfūsōs.

Thence you might discern the various faces of the departing from the news, as happiness or sadness were being announced to each one,...

I'm having trouble make the grātulantēsque aut cōnsōlantēs redeuntibus domōs circumfūsōs clause make sense.
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Nutting, First Latin Reader

I have wanted to work through a Latin composition textbook for a long time in order to improve my mastery of vocabulary and grammar. After years of reading I am still dissatisfied with the speed and ease of my reading even if comprehension is good. Another consequence is that without ease of reading I don't feel that I am able to enjoy the works I read on a literary level. That is, I understand what ...
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Latin Cognate Table

Hello all,
I am endeavoring to learn some Latin to help gain an understanding of its influence in modern languages.
Continuously I am seeing connections of Latin root words which frequently pop up in English and my studies of French and Spanish. So to give me a better understanding of the most commonly used Latin roots shared with the romance languages, I was hoping to find a list/table of all the most common Latin verbs ...
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Pliny, Letter II.6


I am reading Pliny the Younger's Letters and have trouble understanding the exact construction and meaning of a sentence in Book II, Letter 6.
Pliny complains about the dinner he was treated to recently, most notably the fact the his host tried to reduce expenses by serving different qualities of food and wines to different peoples. This, Pliny comments, is not the way to save. Instead,

Et hercule si gulae temperes, non est onerosum ...
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What's the Date?

What is the best way to say what is today or the date? Perhaps, that is two questions, in which case give me two answers. If I am asking for the day of the week, would it be: Quotus dies est? an Qui dies est? What is the best way to ask for the date (i.e., on the kalends of so and so).
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