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Here you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.

Word Order

I'm working through Wheelock's and I've noticed that when I translate from English to Latin, I often get each word right, but the order of the sentence is different. For example

If your land is strong, nothing terrifies the sailors and you ought to praise your great fortune.
I wrote: Si patria tua valet, nihil nautas terret et magnam fortunam tuam debes laudare.
The key on this site wrote: Si valet tua patria, nihil nautas ...
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Basic Question: Active into Passive

Hello all...

I am working through the Minkova Readings and Exercises in Latin Prose Composition and realized that I could not think of the answer to this basic question: When taking an active sentence and making it passive, what is to be done with the indirect object?

Here is my active sentence: Legati omnia bona Cincinnato exoptant.

Then, I rewrote it in the passive voice: Omnia bona Cincinnato legatis exoptantur.

I placed "Cincinnatus" into the ...
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catullus #1

This was confusing me.

Cui dono lepidum nouum libellum
arida modo pumice expolitum?...

To whom do I give this witty new book
just polished with a pumice (arida)

at first, I thought that arida described pumice, but I looked it up and it turned out to be masculine. so what does arida belong to?
I'm assuming it's ablative.

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Second Year Latin - Part 2

As Textkit provides

Second Year Latin - Part 1 - Selections of Easy Latin, edited by Greenough, D'Ooge and Danniel

I just wonder why the second Part, selections from the Gallic War wasn't made PDF. As Gallic War is a popular text for those who touch Latin literary works for the first time, I do think this selection a good one for them. The edition here by Giles is not so easily read, while there ...
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de M&F cpt XII quaesita

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Fer auxilium?


My Latin teacher is leaving our high school after teaching here for seventeen years, and our chapter of NJCL's Latin Club is putting together a plaque to give her at our final convivium.

Here's what I've come up with thus far; any comments on the grammatical aspects would be very, very welcome, as I'm not totally sure if all parts of it are correct (or if some parts could be better phrased). ...
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Some Third Declesion Nouns

I have noticed that some nouns (third declension it seems), have the accusative singular in "im" and not "em". For example: Tiber, the river, has an accusative singular of Tiberim. My question is this: Is there some clue in a nominative or genetive singular that would alert me to an "im" sg. acc.? Or do I have to simply commit to memory nouns of this type when I encounter them?


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Relative Clause of Characteristic

I've a question regarding the use of the RELATIVE CLAUSE OF CHARACTERISTIC:

Catilina, quem omnes oderint, venit ad senatum.

Catiline, the sort of man whom all men would hate, came to the senate.

Of course I'm translating ODERINT as SUBJUNCTIVE and not as FUTURE INDICATIVE. I've manipulated the translation to render the CHARACTERISTIC since the FUTURE just doesn't seem to convey the appropriate sense. Is this correct even though the antecedent is a specific person ...
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Just a few M&F kwesch'nz

just a few from m'n'f

3alux aurea aurorae sidera quae flammis frigidis nocte fulgent vertice caeli removet
the golden light of dawn removes the constellations/stars which shine as a flame to the night from the top of the sky. I wasn't sure which one frigidis belonged to, and I'm having trouble with the double dat. construction.

si pueri felices, Roma discedentes, Athenas eant, carmina pulchra poetae ci audiant the first letters of that word ...
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Elegiarum Question!!!

What does "FRACTA" actually mean in here?
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