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Here you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.

El Caso Vocativo

En la mayoría de las lenguas (Romances y no derivadas del latín) es posible encontrar un caso vocativo, el cual casi siempre es igual o muy similar al nominativo, pues está llamando al sujeto.

El vocativo va muy ligado al imperativo, pues en Español se llama a este sujeto para que realice una acción determinada, un ejemplo puede ser:

Mamá, dame dinero.

Analicemos palabra por palabra esta oración y veremos la razón de ser ...
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Do you guys feel Vulgate Bible is nice reading material?

After finishing Wheelock's, I decided to find some unadopted original Latin text to read. To my dismay, Caesar's works still seemed too hard for me to read it comfortably. Then I found that the Biblica Sacrem were really much much easier. However, I am now also aware that Vulgate Bible was written around 400 AD and in a more colloquial Latin language. Do you guys feel that this is a good reading material? Do you ...
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Hercules vs Hydra

At the end of the story about this labour, there is:

Auxilium enim Hydrae tulit cancer ingens, qui, dum Hercules capita abscidit, crura eius mordebat. Postquam monstrum tali modô interfecit, sagittas suas sanguine eius imbuit, itaque mortiferas reddidit.

A huge crab lent assistance to the Hydra, which, while Hercules hewed off her heads, was biting his legs. After he has killed the monster in this fashion, he soaked his arrows in the Hydra's blood, and ...
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Teaching Wheelock's Latin in high schools

Hi everyone,

I am a professor who needs to adapt her course in Wheelock's Latin to high school pace. For those of you who teach high school, what is a normal amount of chapters to cover per week?


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lingua latina rocks! i love learning latine!

well i got my copy of Lingua Latina a week ago and it's bleeding great... great, I say! I believe a giving of the maddest props is in order to all those who said good things about it, because that made me want to buy it. and i did. and I walk around town, and people know when they look at me that i'm a b.a., they say, 'hey, that guy's a bamf, and he ...
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Juvenalis Saturae translation problem

Hi.. I have a problem with Juvenalis' Saturae (V) translation...
If anyone have seen it anywhere on the net.... please give me the link...
Or, if anyone have it in Word or other text document, please send it to my email adress:

Thank you in advance :lol:
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Legend in Latin

Thanks for the comments to part 1.
Now on to part two :-) ....

Ad crepusculum, Llywelyn sensebat perquam frustatio.
By the time it began to get dark, Llywelyn was feeling extremely disappointed.

Is facerat suonare cornu suum tuto die, sed canes cupidi non erant.
He had been sounding his horn throughout the day but the dogs were not eager.

<Redeamus ad Castellum> regulus aliis venatoris ...
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Words for "Gaul"

I was using my New College dictionary and noticed that it had several entries for words pertaining to Gaul.

Galli, -orum: Gauls
Gallia, -ae: Gaul
Gallicus, -a, -um: Gallic
Gallus, -a, -um: Gallic, a Gaul

My question is this: which words or forms are most commonly used in Latin literature? When Caesar fights against the Gauls, is he fighting contra Gallios or contra Gallos? Are the people the populi Galli or populus Galliorum? When speaking ...
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Latin songs?

Do you know whether I can download some Latin songs somewhere? I love Latin and I love to sing!! It is natural for me to sing some Latin songs while studying Latin!!!

Thank you so much in advance!!
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Clarification of story, Cicero or Ovid.


I saw at the end of an article about Cicero a story about how Augustus came upon a grandson reading Cicero and forgave him for doing so. I remember a similar story told by our Latin teacher during a reading of the Res Gestae, but that the book was Ovid (which makes more sense).

Can anyone validate this and possibly point to where this story may be located. I've had a tough time locating ...
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