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Here you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.

Word for "cloak"

Hi all.

Looking for a word for "cloak".

I have "mantellum" and "sagulum"

Anyone know what the difference is?

Any other ideas?

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Word for "basket"

Anyone have a word for "basket".

I have these:


What are the differences in all these words?

Any help would be appreciated.

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To shake one's head

Anyone have a verb "to shake your head".

i.e. someone asks you a question and to say no, you shake your head.

I have these:

caput nutare
caput concutere

Any help would be appreciated.

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Indirect statements & missing participles

Thus far in my Latin studies I've been entirely on my own. Sometimes I've had questions with no one to ask and wondered if the book just doesn't explain this or if I'm getting impatient, and the subject is discussed later in the book. :-) Anyway, I'm using Wheelock's, and I'm at chapter 25, and I have a couple questions. Having read some of the discussion on ...
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ludus, -i, m.

In the usage I've seen and in my dictionary, ludus can mean both school and play. In LL, the kids in school are always in ludo, but from my dictionary, it seems I could also use the same phrase for kids "at play." Are these both commonly expressed with ludus?

Many thanks in advance,
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that you will learn

I'm working from an old Dutch schoolbook with only exercises and no explanations, and no mentioning of which grammar should accompany it. So sometimes I'm completely at a loss what the author (19th century schoolmaster ;-) ) wants.

In an exercise on 'tempora anomala et defectiva' I've got to find a form for:
"that you will learn" i.e. a future subjunctive. With other verbs, you could use ...
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Word for "rock"

Hi all.

Anyone have a word for "rock".

I have "rupes" but my dictionary says this is "cliff".

What about "petra"?
Can't find it in the dictionary.

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De Auiatione deque Arte Gladiatoria

I've just recently added a couple new pages to Laureola of vocabulary I put together regarding Aviation and Fencing. Enjoy!
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Book of stories on the net

Hi all.

The stories were have been translating are now on the net.

Check out www.linguashop.com/latin

Hope you enjoy them.

Please post any comments.
Also, any criticism at all, please let us know.

You can contact us via the forum or directly at kembreg@yahoo.com
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Carmen Catulli 61

line 79 reads: "tardet ingenuus pudor." does anyone know why the subjunctive is used here? all the translations I have seen have translated it indicatively.

lines 134-136 read: "diceris male te a tuis/ unguentate glabris marite/ abstinere, sed abstine." The best translation I can come up with is "perfumed married man, you are said that you illy abstain from your bald young slaves, but abstain." I know this does not make much sense, but I ...
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