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Here you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.

lots of ablatives

So in the review section of d'ooge there are some sentences reviewing ablatives, this one seems pretty easy, but i just can't piece it together

Duabus legionibus Genavae relictis proximo die cum reliquis domum profectus est.

Two legions (of/to ?) Geneva (left or left behind) on the next day while the rest...(something, something) home, (something something) were set out

profectus est is the ppp of proficiscor, so 'it was originated' (set out?) ? and ...
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Translation help please

Concerning the verb rogo, rogare; could it be translated as "to ask for."

In the sentence, "Hi viri praemia rogant," could I translate it as, "These men ask for rewards."? To say, "These men ask rewards," seems so awkward, or am I just botching up the whole thing. :roll:

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Which Latin Text is your Primary Learning Tool?

Since not many people seem to be interested in creating a new LL Forum, I am curious what Text Books visitors to this site are using as their primary Text for leaning Latin.
I have combined both Readers and Grammars. You could always vote twice if you use both equally.



PS: I had "Other" as a choice... but I must have hit a limit or a glitch... If a moderarter could edit ...
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struggling with Vergil

Salvete, amici ! :lol:
I'm trying to understand a few lines from the Aeneid. But the words aren't being overfriendly with me so far... :wink:
Here are the lines :

Quin et avo comitem sese Mavortius addet
Romulus, Assaraci quem sanguinis Ilia mater

That's a very rough translation (not very good English) : Then his ancestor he will ...
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Gender discordance... or am I just anal?

Sometimes whenever I read Catullus, I see some gender discordances that simply throw me off. An example from his first poem:

CVI dono lepidum nouum libellum
arida modo pumice expolitum?

I'm pretty sure "arida" modifies "pumice". The problem is, arida is declined for a sing f or plural n yet pumice is sing m. Does catullus mean to say that the stone was effeminate?

Also, does his use of "aliquid" in

"meas esse aliquid putare ...
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Testimonia Marci Antonii

Omnes quam faustissime Sanctam Pascham hodie celebretis!

I was wondering where the testimony for quotations attributed to Mark Antony might be found. I thought I'd ask before hunting blindly though Cicero's library.

Sescentas gratias, ualete atque ualete.
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Latin Symposium - Res Gestae Divi Augusti

I’ve decided to do a reading of the entire Res Gestae in Latin at the forum. If you’re interested, sign up here!

Title: Res Gestae Divi Augusti

Scope: A reading and full translation of Res Gestae with a study of the historical events behind it.

Prerequisites: At least some advanced Latin knowledge.

The symposium will be reading Res Gestae Divi Augusti. Every week, we will be working through the selected passages commenting on both the ...
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more land and fleisc her ch. 6

well the Locative case was just introduced (still waiting for it in wheelock's) and wondered why it wasn't used for all nouns, rather than just the names of towns,cities, etc. (which i've dubbed for myself 'proper locations' :) ). and with these 'proper locations', sometimes a preposition isn't needed to express place from/to. same question as above, and are the prepositionless forms only used with uenire?

ruinae ...
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Pronounciation Issues


I'm using the classical pronounciation and I can't figure how to pronounce neither vu nor ji, like in ablativus, vulgus, adjiciat, objicit. :oops:

If anyone could describe it to me or compare with anything, will help me immensely. :D

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Mea culpa! A call to confession.

Anyone reading this board knows that this forum is frequented by a number of talented people ... In the interests of balance, and to encourage those who are starting out, I thought it might be interesting if some of the more experienced were willing to admit their persistent faults. Who knows, newer learners might be able to arrange their studies to avoid these blots.

Pseudo-confessions ("I admit that I frequently miss flights and forget to ...
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