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Here you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.

Latin Vulgate Bible Readers Group

Conor formare gregem ad Sacram Bibliam Vulgatam legendam. Habesne ullum studium erga hanc rem Facturus sum quandam ’skypecast’ pro fine legendi e Sacra Biblia Vulgata. Illae selectiones venient a die Dominica secunda, utens calendario MCMLXII. Perlegemus sine auxilio anglicarum translationum, et etiam identificabimus grammaticam Sancti Hieronymi.Lectio gregalis aperitur pro omnibus, et ille moderator erit ipse, Ernestus. Novicii tironesque, qui non habuerint formalem institutionem in Latina, debent confirmari in mentibus eorum. Tu poteris participare in modo ...
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Translation Request

Hey I was wondering if you guys and gals could help me out with a translation. How would you translate this:

"For anything worth having one must pay the price." I'm getting it tattoed on my arm so it would be a shame if I translated it incorrectly. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

- Mike
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2 words

Hi all.

I'm looking for a word for bus and driver.

I've heard of laophorum. I think it's a bit artificial.

Any other ideas?

carrus omnibus ?
carpentum ?

As for driver:
I have agitator which I really don't like.
I have also heard gubernator which is not much better.

Any ideas?

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Position of 'quoque'.

Does anyone have any example of quoque coming before the noun?

Also other people were there. (where Also comes in front of the noun).

The reason I am asking this, is because I have this sentence in English:

Other kids have dogs too.

If I put the quoque at the end, it's meaning becomes also dogs, but it's also other kids I want to convey.

So, I have this....

Alii liberi quoque canes habent ...
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Single word, many answers

Hi all.

"I give your this as a gift".
"I have that as a longterm goal".

How to translate the "as".

I wish I could offer an attempt, but I have no idea.

Any suggestions?

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Word for "cloak"

Hi all.

Looking for a word for "cloak".

I have "mantellum" and "sagulum"

Anyone know what the difference is?

Any other ideas?

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Word for "basket"

Anyone have a word for "basket".

I have these:


What are the differences in all these words?

Any help would be appreciated.

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To shake one's head

Anyone have a verb "to shake your head".

i.e. someone asks you a question and to say no, you shake your head.

I have these:

caput nutare
caput concutere

Any help would be appreciated.

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Indirect statements & missing participles

Thus far in my Latin studies I've been entirely on my own. Sometimes I've had questions with no one to ask and wondered if the book just doesn't explain this or if I'm getting impatient, and the subject is discussed later in the book. :-) Anyway, I'm using Wheelock's, and I'm at chapter 25, and I have a couple questions. Having read some of the discussion on ...
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ludus, -i, m.

In the usage I've seen and in my dictionary, ludus can mean both school and play. In LL, the kids in school are always in ludo, but from my dictionary, it seems I could also use the same phrase for kids "at play." Are these both commonly expressed with ludus?

Many thanks in advance,
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