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Here you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.

Piratarum Caribbaei taeniolae praeuisio

Saluete omnes! I finally finished a little project of mine, to dub a trailer for the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie into Latin; I thought I'd share:

Ad Piratas

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-ne and first word?


I am taking first year latin and have a question about the enclitic -ne. Does -ne go on the first word of the sentence even if the first word is an adjective? "Ille puer" for example...if these were the first words in a sentence, would it be "illene puer" or "ille puerne"?

Or can it be both? and if it can be both, which would be the more common word order?

Are there any ...
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Confusion with Isidore of Seville

Salvete omnes! Valeo, si valete, cet.

I am having a rough time with a single sentence from Isidore of Seville's Origines. Particularly, 5.XXX.1:

Dies legitimus viginti quattuor horarum, usque dum dies et nox spatia sui cursus ab oriente usque ad alium orientalem solem caeli volubilitate concludat.

My attempt at translating this is as follows:

The day proper is comprised of twenty-four hours, while day and night are separate spans of the sun's course through the ...
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wrath of venus

OK, I am still working on Cupid and Psyche. Perhaps its a bit too advanced for me, these long sentences are just killing me, but it is always pleasant when I can finally figure it out. So here is my newest problem, Venus is speaking to Cupid, asking him to avenge his mommy:

"Per ego te" inquit "maternae caritatis foedere deprecor per tuae sagittae dulcia vulnera per flammae istius mellitas uredines vindictam tuae ...
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More pulices aurei

"Iâsonem igitur ad sê arcessîvit, et eum cohortâtus quid fierî vellet docuit."

"So he summonded Jason, and showed him what he wished to happen."

How does cohortus (urged) fit in? "So he summoned Jason, and urged him what he showed he wished to happen"?


(P.S. please excuse this rush of questions, but I'm reviewing the stories I've been reading for the last few weeks, and I'm tidying up all the bits I didn't understand)
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Jason and the Golden Fleas

"Post breve tempus Peliâs, veritus nê rêgnum suum tantâ vî et fraude occupâtum âmitteret, amîcum quendam Delphôs mîsit, quî ôrâculum cônsuleret. Ille igitur quam celerrimê Delphôs sê contulit et quam ob causam vênisset dêmônstrâvit. Respondit ôrâculum nûllum esse in praesentiâ perîculum; monuit tamen ..."

"After a short time, Pelias, fearing he might lose the power he'd achieved by violence and trickery, sent a friend, Delphos, to consult the oracle. So, as quickly as possible, he ...
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Persius, part II

So Persius goes ahuntin', and to get to where Medusa lives:

"Tum postquam tâlâria pedibus induit, in âera ascendit."

'Then after he put the winged sandals on his feet, he flew into the air.'

Why is pes in the dative/ablative? Is the 'on' assumed, or does induere take a case that my dictionary doesn't mention? In fact, is the word even necessary? Where else would you don sandals?

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I'm reading a story about Persius, and have got to the bit where Polydectes is trying to get rid of Persius, so that he can try his luck with his mum, and Polydectes says to Persius:

"iam dûdum tû adulêscêns es. Quô ûsque hîc manêbis?"

which I assume means something like "You're not a kid anymore. Are you going to stay here forever?" But I can't get a literal translation for 'iam dudum', (now, a ...
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Translation help!

I am puzzled about the translation of the following three latin passagaes,I wonder if anyone can do me a favor! Many thanks!

Atvero, quonian sedet ipse velut omnium princes ae imperator in orchestra, aut potius sedem sibi facit in maelina, ex qua cum stupore et admiratione politicas difficultates componit ,virtutum suarum majestate omne fastigium humanum exceders, certe consultius else mihi persuado, non hune fenui sermone velut hominem, sed eloquanti silentio Deitatis instar venerai.

P122 ...
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istaec in Satiricon - II, 7

Salvete, amici !
I have some troubles with Petrone's Satiricon.
Here's the sentence :

Nuper ventosa istaec et enormis loquacitas Athenas ex Asia commigravit.

Istaec is a pl. neuter ? *furrows brow*
Translation : Recently this huge verbosity full of wind came to Athena from Asia.

But I must be wrong, because in this case, wouldn't it be 'ista' ...
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