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Here you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.

Answer key to Collar & Daniell's First Year Latin?

Hello all,

Happened upon a 1918 copy of Collar & Daniell but cannot find an answer key for it online. I was hoping this site would have one posted along with its answer keys, but unfortunately not. Any suggestions?


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a few questions

Hi all,

I've been going over my Wheelock's vocabulary and rememorizing (to make up for a shameful neglect of study over the summer :oops:), and was wondering- how important is it to memorize the macrons, and what are the rules for placing them? I thought there was a topic on that here, but much searching yielded no results. :? ...
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Double Vowels

I know that when two vowels do not form a diphthong they must be pronounced separately, but do you insert a glottal stop between them or do you just glide through them? I have been pronouncing them with a glottal stop between them but it sounds strange to my English ear and I wanted to find out for sure.

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Optimus magister, bonus liber.

"Optimus magister, bonus liber."

With comma or without? :?

Thank you very much in advance.
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consecutive clause

quantum erat, ut sineres toto nos corpore iungi,
aut, hoc si nimium est, vel ad oscula danda pateres?

Metamorphoses 4.74-75

My book has a note stating that this ut clause is a consecutive clause, but I cannot see how it expresses result in any way. How can you have a result after a copulative and interrogative pronoun?
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Prosody and syllable stress

I'm a Latin language novice learning in isolation and I've only just discovered this forum. I've been looking at 16th and 17th century school books that focus on conversational latin (at Lilly, Erasmus and Corderius, in particular) and, from them, it would appear not unusual to stress a word's final syllable, particularly with adverbs at the end of a sentence. These authorities often mark a final syllable with an acute or a grave or a ...
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De orationibus in Catilinam

I just finished reading the four Catiline Orations, and I liked them so much that I decided to write a number of articles about the history of the plot and the language (vocabulary, rhythm, syntax...) employed by the most famous latin orator.

The first article is an introduction to the political situation of that (dark) period of the roman republic and to some important events which occurred during the years before Cicero's consulship (63 ...
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Seneca the Elder Declamations?

Does anyone know of any English sources on the net?
I found Latin sources, but don't entirely trust my own translations.
Also, which declamation is a question of whether a son should be honored or executed for slaying his treasonous father?

gratias tibi ago
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Not so Innocent Latin translation...

Chris omnibus salutatem dicit...

I translated a paragraph from a papal bull (Innocent VIII, Summis Desiderantes) but am not quite certain that I've managed it correctly. If anyone here could be so kind as to just take a look at the Latin and my translation and point out any problems, I'd be forever in your debt. I'm fairly certain of the palaeography, but can post a jpeg of the original if anyone has any doubts. ...
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De Planetis

Saluete, omnes!

I've recently added a subject to Laureola regarding the planets in our solar system that have recently been discovered. The quæstion I have for all of you is what we ought to call the XI planet, since its codename at the moment is horrendous. I look forward to your responses.


P.S. In the "Audio?" thread, I was asked to record some conversational-speed Latin; you'll notice that I've recorded this subject and ...
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