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Here you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.

Please translate my story to Latin

My father Marcus and I went to see the Gladiators fight in the colosseum today. We arrived in the morning and bought food outside of the colosseum. We were lead to our seats by a slave. The emperor signaled the start of the games and the people cheered. The Morning fights were animal fights. First was a lion against an elephant. The lion was able to win by biting the elephants neck until it died. ...
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Tacitus, Agricola: what kind of subjunctive?

Tacitus opens his admiring narrative of the life Julius Agricola, his father-in-law, with subtle reflections on the problems of the biographer in his own times.

at nunc narraturo mihi vitam defuncti hominis venia opus fuit, quam non petissem incusaturus. . . .

Translation: But in this age, to write in praise of a deceased man, I had to ask permission, which I would not have sought to condemn him.

petissem: pluperfect subjunctive. What is the ...
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Translating News Articles

I've been learning Latin for a year or so, on and off, and I've been trying to translate a few news articles written in Latin. How about 'Non satis fuit tumultuantibus quod Minister Primarius Manuel Valls promiserit se novam legem de operis correcturum esse' be translated?

I think it should mean '(Prime Minister Manuel Valls) is not satisfied with the disruption which he promised new labour legislation would correct'. Is this correct or wrong? What's ...
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Is Neue—Wagener still used?

What is the place of Friedrich Neue's and Carl Wagener's Formenlehre der lateinischen Sprache (1892—1905) these days? Is it still used and can it still be cited, or has it been replaced by, um, something? I have been using Manu Leumann's Lateinische Laut- und Formenlehre (1977), but evidently the dimensions differ a lot.

I used N—W for the first time only a few days ago, as I checked a reference in ThLL s.v. pī(n)so (this ...
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Found a good Windows keyboard layout to input macrons, etc.

If you use a Mac, you may be familiar with the ABC-Extended keyboard layout, which allows you to easily input letters with macrons with <Alt+a>+<vowel char>. I've recently found that someone has ported that layout into something that can be installed into Windows, which can be found here http://andrewdunning.ca/Mac-Keyboard-La ... r-Windows/ .

I hope this helps anyone looking for such a thing in Windows! For me, that means that ...
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mimi numinum niuium minimi munium ...

Wikipedia page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minim_%28palaeography%29 (defines a minim in the handwriting sense, and) quotes "mimi numinum niuium minimi munium nimium uini muniminum imminui uiui minimum uolunt" (translated there as "the smallest mimes of the gods of snow do not wish at all in their life that the great duty of the defences of the wine be diminished") as a text made mostly of minims, and thus difficult to handwrite legibly. I saw this text long ago in ...
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Questions About a Passage in the Confessions

I have a couple questions about a passage in the Confessions of Saint Augustine.

"Da mihi, Domine, scire et intellegere, utrum sit prius invocare te an laudare te et scire te prius sit an invocare te."

1. Is it subjunctive because it is a subordinate clause within indirect discourse?

2. I'm having problem's getting the exact meaning of the bold. I get the jist of it. Augustine is saying whether we call upon God and ...
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Anki Deck (Request) Thread

Salvete omnes.

It seems far more people have made Anki decks than there are available at the official shared deck page for Latin here: https://ankiweb.net/shared/decks/latin

It's possible I'm not searching efficiently enough to find all those that are publicly available, but it seems as if many people don't share their private decks. Can someone explain why? In the past week or so I've come across many mentions of people ...
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Direct Speech in Latin

Dear all,

Cause all people talks much about Indirect Speech of Latin but not Direct Speech which seems far easier than the former, so I was a little bit puzzled when facing this sentence from Fabulae Faciles:

Illī autem cum bene intellegerent dolōrem eius falsum esse, nesciō quam fābulam dē morte puerī fīnxērunt.

Here, nescio is 1st person verb, present indicative, right?

So the English translation will be: Then, when these men quickly regconized that ...
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Video about Oerberg in Latin


I just stumbled upon an interesting 30-minute video by the Vivarium Novum guys on YouTube which is entirely in Latin (except for a short speech in English with Latin subtitles): Vitae et Scholae - De vita et methodo Iohannis H. Ørbergii. It is already four years old, but since it is the first time I have noticed it, others may have missed it as well. Except for the Latin subtitles for the English ...
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