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Eutropius' Breviarum as a single .pdf file?


I want to have Eutropius' Breviarum as a single complete .pdf file on my PC.
I'm aware that The Latin Library has it complete, but apparently as many
individual pages - to facilitate reading I assume. Grabbing those would be
a LOT of cut and paste and tedious - No 'dis to The Latin Library.

Does anyone have a freebie source for a .pdf version of the complete Breviarum ?

Please accept my thanks ...
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Primus Annus / Puer romanus

Hi, I scanned two well-known school books and proof-read them. I'm planning to donate them to
Project Gutenberg such that everyone can conveniently download them.

As I quite likely missed some scanning errors (incl. macron signs), please let me know all typos you become are of. Thanks for any help in advance.

The versions are based on the scans available on archive org:

Primus Annus:
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1S5VXB8 ... sp=sharing ...
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Is this a purpose clause? Catullus 15

commendo tibi me ac meos amores,
Aureli. ueniam peto pudentem,
ut, si quicquam animo tuo cupisti,
quod castum expeteres et integellum,
conserues puerum mihi pudice,
non dico a populo—nihil ueremur
istos, qui in platea modo huc modo illuc
in re praetereunt sua occupati,—
uerum a te metuo tuoque pene
10 infesto pueris bonis malisque.

I think the line in bold is a purpose clause - 'that, if in your heart, you have ever longed for ...
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Quid Sibi Vult

Quid sibi vult means "what does it mean." Can you say quid tibi vis to mean what do you mean? Either way, what is the best way in Latin to say, "what do you mean."
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Archimedes said, "Eureka!" Latin Version?

Greetings All,

I was gonna include in the title of this post - "But the Romans said,...?"
But I knew someone would quip, "You're a dead man, Archie!"
I am curious if the Romans had a similar phrase for such exclamations?

Hope you can help,

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another suus/eius question

1. Postquam Troja a Graecis vastata est,Aeneas, dux Trojanus, cum sociis suis ad Thraciam navigavit.

2. His verbis moti, Aeneas et sociis eius a litoribus Thraciae fugerunt.

in both sentences the companions of Aeneas are referred to , one reflexively and not the other. I fail to see the difference.
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Jenny's First Year Latin Answer Key (pretty please?)


I recently stumbled across an old copy ('58 edition) of Jenny's "First Year Latin" in my local
Goodwill store and nabbed it. It was the same book I remember using in 9th grade in 1968.
Even more amazing it was an Ex-Libris from the same high school I had attended! Now I'd
like to work through it but I have been fruitlessly searching for an answer key for it. Well,
there is the perpetually ...
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His style can be annoying, distracting, repetitive but one finds gems such as this:

aliud clausum in pectore, aliud in lingua promptum habere...
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Grammar and translation issues

"ob id Pandoram nominarunt. Ea data in coniugium Epimetheo fratri; inde nata est Pyrrha, quae mortalis dicitur prima esse creata."

"Because of this, they named her Pandora. This given(?) in union to the brother Epimetheus; Then was born Pyrha, which was said by mortals to be the first created"

Is it correct to translate the "Ea" as a demonstrative adjective to the participle? And because there is no proper verb in the sentence, it confused ...
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Odd construction of indirect discourse

Saepe enim de L. Crasso illo familiari tuo videor audisse, cum te togatis omnibus sine dubio anteferret, paucos tecum Epicureos e Graecia compararet, sed, quod ab eo te mirifice diligi intellegebam, arbitrabar illum propter benivolentiam uberius id dicere. (Cic. Nat. 1.58)

Shouldn't compararet be something like "se comparare"
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