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Here you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.

et pacem gloria?

That wonder of clumsiness, google, gives me "et pacem gloria" as a translation for "peace and glory." Wouldn't it be "pace et gloria?"

(My interest arises from my legal first name meaning "peace and glory.")
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Petrarch's cat

In checking out the Wikipedia article on Petrarch in connection with Bedwere's question about the meter of a Latin epitaph of Dante, I found this epitaph in elegiac couplets for Petrarch's mummified cat:

Etruscus gemino vates ardebat amore:
Maximus ignis ego; Laura secundus erat.
Quid rides? divinæ illam si gratia formæ,
Me dignam eximio fecit amante fides.
Si numeros geniumque sacris dedit illa libellis
Causa ego ne sævis muribus esca forent.
Arcebam sacro vivens a ...
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Conjugation of Irregular Latin Verbs

I've just uploaded a scan of my copy of 'Conjugation of Irregular Latin Verbs' by Edmund Fowle (1882), to the Internet Archive: https://archive.org/details/ConjugationOfIrregularLatinVerbsFowle. In the space of 29 pages the author summarizes all the most important points and tricky features of these verbs, e.g. verbs with two supines, supines which look similar but come from different verbs, irregular supines of the first declension etc.
I later noticed that this pamphlet is actually extracted from the ...
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What Meter?

In what meter is this epitaph of Dante written?


Elegiac couplets? The author is Giovanni del Virgilio. Thanks!
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running glossa under wine

You can find glossa here: http://athirdway.com/glossa/

I've found it a helpful online presentation of Lewis and Short, and a downloadable offline version is available. Installing this under Windows is easy, but there is no Linux version.

Nevertheless Glossa can be made to run under wine, in Linux. Here is how I did it.

1. Use winetricks to install the Adobe Air runtime environment. You'll find it in winetricks under ...
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Medium erat in Anco ingenium...

This is from Orberg's LLPSI Cap XLIV (adapted livy).

Medium erat in Anco ingenium, et Numae et Romuli memor. Pacem avi regno magis necessariam fuisse credebat, cum in novo tum feroci populo, se vero otium sine iniuria haud facile habiturum.

Three questions about this:

1) Medium erat in Anco ingenium, et Numae et Romuli memor.

Orberg provides the following hint for memor : memor : simile

Assuming medium means something like 'central' I would ...
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I wanted to know your guys's opinion on this course: http://www.hieronymus.us.com/Venalia/IndLatin.htm. Is this still available? I have heard Bedwere talk very highly of this course. I am thinking about using it because I am thinking about switching to ecclesiastical pronunciation, as it comports more with my reading interests (medieval and post-reformation Latin).

Also, how does this guy's material compare with Evan der Millner's? How does this course compare with ...
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The Mental Utility and Profit of Studying Latin

Hello to you all,

Let me preface my topic here.

I'm trying to prepare for the Law and a public career,

And I believe there are many auxiliary subjects which could be effective and very useful in preparing me for the mental demands of these fields, and for propelling me to acquire a solid command of language, a necessity in this endeavor.

Mathematics is the primary subject which ranks highest in producing mental benefits and ...
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Inde et civibus otii cupidis et finitimis...

Checking the sense of the ablative here from Orberg's LLPSI Cap XLIV. Ancus Marcus rex novus est..

Inde et civibus otii cupidis et finitimis civitatibus spes facta est in avi mores atque instituta regem abiturum esse.

Subsequently out of both the desire amongst the citizens for spectacle/leisure and among citizens in the border areas hope was created in the old customs and and that the king would go back to the customs of the fathers...
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Modern phrase in Latin

Hi, I've been trying to get a particular modern phrase into Latin for a little while now and I find myself struggling. I'm just learning as I go and I doubt I'll ever be truly proficient at this. I end up second guessing myself wondering if I have the right tense and endings, or even the most correct wording.

The phrase in question is "Always have a saying" and the closest I've managed to get ...
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