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Here you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.

re-reading for self-instruction: what unit of reading?

When I read a a difficult text for a second, or third time, I find myself looking up again words that I looked up the first and second time. Right now I'm on my third reading of Horace's Ars Poetica, nearly 500 lines long. Sometimes I think, "Darn it, I looked this up before, and now I can't recall the solution!"

Is there any recommended length for re-reading? Suppose I decided to re-read until I ...
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Promoting Textkit

Textkit is a very valuable resource - it has served as a student support network, but, perhaps more importantly, as an incubator for numerous important classics-related projects.

It offers, I think, one of the best places online for students who are engaged in self-study of Greek or Latin, as the community here is both knowledgeable and supportive (a rare combination).

I have written a short promo piece about Textkit https://www.patreon.com/posts/studying-alone-9101690 as a post on Latinum's ...
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in laeva praeterire: left or right?


in Newman's Rebilius Cruso there is a phrase I am unsure about:
Newman wrote:Deambulans alacer, saltum tandem meum in laeva praetereo, mox desilientem illum rivulum assequor, videoque non posse trahulam sine ponte hac transire.

Does "aliquid in laeva praeterire" mean that one passes s.t. on that thing's left side, or on it's right side (by leaving it to the left)?


Carolus Raeticus
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Translation for a family crest

Hi there!

My name's Cat. I'm a newbie here and I am a complete novice when it comes to Latin. I'm hoping you guys can help me out with something. We've been talking about our family crest & motto lately and joking about how our motto should be "I'd rather not". I'd love to have a crest made with this but don't want to cobble together a shoddy translation myself, so I figured I'd come ...
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Horace, Ars Poetica, line 231 ff.

Context: light and bawdy verses ill become tragic poetry

Effutire leuis indigna tragoedia uersus,
ut festis matrona moueri iussa diebus,
intererit Satyris paulum pudibunda proteruis.

Translation: Tragic drama disdaining the blabbing of light verse,
like a gentlewoman dancing by command on festal days,
will be somewhat shamed among ribald Satyrs.

: isn't this the present passive infinitive? I don't have a rationale for this.

intererit: I have made this the verb for both tragoedia ...
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Horace, Ars Poetica, line 220 ff.

Context: Horace is giving notes on the history of dramatic poetry, as he understands that history. Here he presents an idea of the origin of satiric drama out of tragic drama.

Carmine qui tragico uilem certauit ob hircum, 220
mox etiam agrestis Satyros nudauit et asper
incolumi grauitate iocum temptauit eo quod
inlecebris erat et grata nouitate morandus
spectator functusque sacris ...
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Disputatio pro Declaratione Virtutis Indulgentiarum

In view of the year, Timothée has suggested that the 95 Theses might be some decent Latin practice for me. Before attempting the translation of each one, I'll post my parsing for correction. I'm using Morwood's Latin dictionary, which has a nice summary grammar, and guessing at terms not included.

Here is the 1517 Basel edition:


Disputatio D. Martini Luther theologi, pro declaratione virtutis indulgentiarum.

Disputatio: sing. nom. ...
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North and Hilliard exercises for revison

What are "exercises for revision", as the phrase is used in the North and Hilliard book on beginning Latin composition? How is an "exercise for revision" different from other instructional exercises? What is the purpose to keep in mind while working on such exercises?

I'm doing a little North and Hilliard each day. Most of the time it's obvious what the exercises are meant to teach.
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Translation help: Luther's commentary on Judges

This is my extremely poor attempt at a translation of a few sentences from Luther's commentary on judges.

Nota, quod ex presenti historia nascitur, primum scilicet: Noli esse Iudas sine Simeone, i. e. si vis esse dux belli, scilicet predicator, non sis audax aut nimium confidens sine sacra scriptura, quia impossibile est quin vincaris.

Note what comes from this present history: first it is obvious that you should not be Judah without Simeon, that is ...
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How difficult is the Vulgata considered to be?

Sorry for my English, it's not my native language. I'm reading the Vulgata, but I have no means of comparason to know if the Vulgata can be considered difficult or not. What is your opinion?
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