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Janua Linguarum Latin-Greek transcription online

Hello all. I've been transcribing Comenius' Janua Linguarum Reserata in an edition with a parallel Greek translation by Theodor Simon.

See this page for the pertinent files:
  • A PDF of the transcribed text, hopperized (i.e. with links added to Perseus word lookups).
  • The Word file, latest revision.
  • Some notes on useful Greek and English editions of the Janua.
  • The Word macro used to add the Perseus links to the text. ...
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Cicero, de natura deorum, help needed on sentence

context: Cicero wants to examine the main philosophical doctrines dealing with the nature of the gods.

"Sed iam, ut omni me invidia liberem, ponam in medio sententias philosophorum de natura deorum."

my translation: in order to free myself from captious criticism, I place before the public the doctrines of the the philsophers concerning the nature of the gods.

My trouble starts here:

"Quo quidem loco convocandi omnes videntur qui quae sit earum vera iudicent...."

In ...
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aliquot, nonnulli, quidam -> Nominative or genitive


Can anyone should some light on the usue of 'aliquot', 'nonnulli', 'quidam' and 'aliqui'.

Allen and Greenough's is not entirely clear if these take the nominative or the genitive.

For example, taking the English sentence "I see some women"...

Would the Latin be rendered:

Aliquot feminae video
Nonnullae feminae video
Feminae quaedam video (or quaedam feminae??)
Aliquae feminae video
Or rather with the genitive?

Aliquot feminarum video
Nonnullae feminarum video
Quaedam feminarum video ...
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Something found in the "Praeco Latinus"


While perusing the Praeco Latinus I stumbled upon this Latin story which I wanted to share with you:

H.A.S. wrote:Origo Nicotianae (Fabula Arabum)
Propheta aliquando in agro ambulans serpentem invenit frigore paene exstinctum. Quem misericordia commotus sustulit et focillavit.
Quum iam serpens animum recepisset, dixit: "Dive propheta, scito quod te nunc mordebo."
"Eccur?" quaerit Mohammed.
"Quia genus tuum hoc meum persequitur et exstirpare conatur."
"Nonne etiam genus tuum," inquit propheta, "adversus meum quotidie bellum ...
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Simple Question from Caesar

I noticed this and now it's bugging me, from Caesar's commentaries:

Disciplīna in Britanniā reperta atque inde in Galliam trānslāta esse exīstimātur...

My question is, what is 'esse' doing there? I see the meaning of the sentence, 'atque inde translata in Galliam,' but if existimatur is introducing an indirect statement, shouldn't translata at least be 'translatam'? If this might have created confusion be appearing to modify Galliam, why include the 'esse' at all? So, in ...
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Peculiar passage in Terence's Phormio

So I came across this passage (577-587) and couldn't make heads or tails of it before turning to a translation.

Demipho: Quid gnato optigerit me absente audistin, Chreme?
Chremes: Quod quidem me factum consili incertum facit.
Nam hanc condicionem si quoi tulero extrario,
quo pacto aut unde mihi sit dicundum ordinest.
Te mihi fidelem esse aeque atque egomet sum mihi
scibam. Ille, si me alienus adfinem volet,
tacebit dum intercedet familiaritas;
sin spreverit me, plus ...
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SCHOLA has moved

Due to ongoing problems at NING, Schola has moved:
We are now using a new network, and the service is vastly improved:

The new address is http://schola.network-maker.com/

There are 3 locutoria - including a new one for text chat, that is very elegant.
You can use it without login, or login using twitter.

We also have a video/voice chat facility - this you can log in to using twitter ...
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New Latin-only IRC chat (Instant Messaging)

Sī quis vestrum mēcum et cum aliīs amīcīs meīs Latīnē loquī velit, 'chat' nostrum novum generis IRC adeat!
Per litterās loquimur, at in 'tempore praesentī' (ut vulgō 'in real time' dīcitur) omnia aguntur.

http://latinitas.linguax.com hīc legite plūra

Linguae vernāculae/hodiearnae in sermōnē omnīno interdīcuntur, prohibentur, vetantur! Neque anglicē, neque aliīs linguīs (nisi Latīnē) ibi loquī cuicumque licet!

Sī rogātis, cūr novum colloquium/scriptōrium huius generis fēcerim, cum iam illud 'schola.ning' exstāret: ...
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Two latin texts for Numbers Cap 8 v2-3

My Weber-Gryson Latin Bible has this for the Book of Numbers Chapter 8 v.1-3

locutus est Dominus ad Mosen dicens
loquere Aaroni et dices ad eum cum posueris septem lucernas contra eam partem quam candelabrum respicit lucere debebunt

fecitque Aaron et inposuit lucernas super candelabrum ut praeceperat Dominus Mosi

Whilst almost every other version I find on the internet has the following

locutus est Dominus ad Mosen dicens
Loquere Aaron, et dices ad eum: Cum ...
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"Praeco Latinus" accessible from US?


While searching the Internet for information about Arcadius Avellanus I stumbled upon a (probably short lived) Latin periodical edited by him, the Praeco Latinus. Some editions have been scanned, as can be seen from the following Google-books entries:

According to the publication dates these should be in the public domain (in the US and probably anywhere else). Still, they cannot be downloaded from ...
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