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Here's where you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get translation help and more!

am I saying this right?

Im trying to say roughly, shade of rust. I started with umbra aerugo but I don't really understand the declinations part. Should I say umbrae aeruginis? or umbram aeruginem?
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hit the road jack

Y'all, I'm trying to translate the chorus of the Pointer (Andrews?) sisters song "Hit the Road Jack." Here is my nonliteral but rhythm and melody compliant attempt. Is it correct?

"Ite, ite
Et nec venture iterum
Ite, ite
Nec reverti nusquam."

Gratia vobis, y'all
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Menses anni Latine

Salvete omnes. I need someone to please check me on this to see if I am correct and to correct me if I am wrong. I want to say "The month of January has 31 days". Simple Latin,I know,should be a no-brainer but I have to be sure that what I am saying is 100% correct.

My way: " Mensis Ianvarii triginta vnvs dies habet."

My reasoning behind this:
mensis-nominative singular (month)
Ianvarii-genitive singular (OF ...
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Omnia mihi eripuistis - Familia Romana XXIX Line 44

At nolite me monere ut laetus sim, postquam omnia mihi eripuistis! But don't tell me to be happy after you took everything from me!

Is this an example of the dative of separation?
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Commentary for Aeneid VII - XII?

I've been working through Pharr's commentary on the first six books of the Aeneid, and getting to the point where I'm looking for more to read. I'd like to finish out the second half of Aeneid, but Pharr doesn't cover those books, so I'm looking for recommendations on commentaries.

Desires: working online or from printouts isn't very satisfying, so I'd prefer a physical book. The price should be reasonable, and I'm very willing to purchase ...
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Ecclesiastical Latin Dictionary

I am looking for recommendations regarding Ecclesiastical Latin dictionaries.
Does anyone have one that they would recommend?
I want to use it to supplement my reading of the Vulgate.
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Illud te, Tulle, moneo - Roma Aeterna XLIII Line 56

Illud te, Tulle, moneo—I warn you, Tullus.

What is illud doing in this sentence? It doesn't seem to be necessary.
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Hale Method and English universities (french student)


First' i'm sorry for my langage errors, i'm a french latin and greek student from Bordeaux and I search informations about how to teach Latin in England. In France, we study with the basic method, it means where is the verb, where is the subject...We cut the sentence. How you learn latin and Greek in England?
But, I read the Hale Method, with a traduction from left to right of the latin sentence: ...
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Help with translating Medieval Catalan into Latin

Well, to keep things short.

I am currently working on a personal project and for the hypothetical reader, I would like to provide a 'homemade' translation of a Medieval Catalan text (The Homilies d'Organya, said to be one of the first Catalan texts) into 'standard' classical Latin.

Here is the original transcribed Catalan text:

-Senniors, aizó vol dir e mostrar qe si om parlave tan gint co un del món, e ere cast ...
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Fun and Interesting Latin Passages - suggestions?


I have a summer group of Latin students who plan to study Latin on our own.
We're all university students but still need a bit of guidance.
We've all completed Wheelocks and have read Caesar's Civil War Bk. 3.
As part of our independant summer study group we were wondering if anyone could suggest fun and interesting selections for us to study.
We come from a wide range of backgrounds, Classics, Religious Studies, English, ...
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