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Odd adjective noun agreement

Hey guys, it's winter break for me right now, and I'm doing some Latin translations to sharpen my skills for the upcoming semester. Usually Wheelock's answers all my questions for me, but not this time.

In the sentence: Sumus sapientores illis, quod nos naturam esse optimam ducem scimus.

(Working translation: we are wiser than them, because we know nature is the best leader)

Can the ablative be used sans prepositions to work as a comparison? ...
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quaeque, quoque, in a hard sentence

Boethius, Consolation, Book 2, Prosa 6

Context: in the body, considered by itself, the human is weak.

Quid vero, si corpus spectes, inbecillius homine reperire queas quos saepe muscularum quoque vel morsus vel in secreta quaeque reptantium necat introitus?

Now here is a truth: if you would examine the body, you would find humans very weak. Why, the bite of little flies often kills men, as can an invasion of them, crawling into ...
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sui again, please critique

Boethius, Consolation, Book ii, prosa v.

Philosophy is explaining how the beauty of gems, and other such objects, falls short of the beauty of living beings.

Quae tametsi conditoris opera suique* distinctione
postremae aliquid pulchritudinis trahunt,
infra vestram tamen excellentiam conlocatae
admirationem vestram nullo modo merebantur.

Which even if, owing to the work of the creator
and with a special distinctiveness of their own [sui: antecedent is plural ...
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Henle Latin

IS it reasonable to think you will be able to read Latin fluently or pretty well after finishing Henle I, Henle II, Henle III, and Henle IV? How modified are the Latin sentences he uses? They seem to be modified and adapted to be easier. I Would not want to spend that much time while not receiving the due progress and benefits. Maybe combine it with the direct method as well? But the mind can ...
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BLD 1st year Latin, what for 2nd year?

I'm using BLD Latin for Beginners for my 1st year of Latin, and am making a SRS online flashcard set of the 8,000 most common words in Latin with principal parts which I hope will be finished by 2017. Is there anything I should be doing in addition to working on Latin for Beginners, and once I complete this, what books should I buy for the 2nd and 3rd year of Latin? I wish to ...
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Translating "less than should have been"

Given the following English-to-Latin translation:

"Yet the oath of his own son and the evil deeds that it had wrought did injury to the design of the king, and he had less aid than should have been."

Sed ius iurandum ipsius filii et scelera ex eo orta ita consilium regis laeserunt ut minus adiumenti comparandi acceperit.

I'm looking to determine whether "minus adiumenti comparandi acceperit" aptly translates the less-than-should comparison, and/or if there are alternative ...
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Participle of esse

Does the participle praesens of praeesse indicate that the participle of esse should properly be sens and not ens?
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Great Latin sayings about education or knowledge

I'm trying to find any quotes about education, and was wondering if anyone could help me with some Latin sayings. This is for a potential school sweatshirt, maybe a little Latin saying or quip for the back of it.

My school is private and pretty small --- 5 students in high school. It is a classical school, so we are learning Latin and Greek and reading a lot of the great books. Boethius, Plato, Homer, ...
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Quam comparative

Iohel omnibus Latinae sodalibus s.d.

I'm wondering of the following would be an acceptable English-Latin translation. Though I'm not aiming at a literal translation, I'm hoping the essence has been retained. (The original English precedes my Latin attempt).

Then, when the defenders were assailed by a tide of foes thrice greater than all the force that was left to them, the battle line broke, and they were scattered, fleeing this way and that.

Inde, cum ...
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still working on sequence of tenses

Boethius, Consolation of Philosophy, Book 2, Prosa 2.

Philosophia, wearing the persona of Fortuna, asserts:

Audacter adfirmem, si tua forent quae amissa conquereris, nullo modo perdidisses.


Confidently I would declare, if those things belong to you, which you complain were lost, then you would not have lost them.

Partial Parse, to explain verb forms.

affirmem: present subjunctive, A & G call this the subjunctive of modesty, an instance of the potential subjunctive.
forent: imperfect ...
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