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Here you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.

Give us this day our supersubstantial bread

I’ve only recently discovered that Panem nostrum quotidianum da nobis hodie, “Give us this day our daily bread” (Mt.6:11), is not the Vulgate version as till now I’d assumed it was. Instead of quotidianum the Vulgate has supersubstantialem. (And I know why, but never mind that.) So if only the Church had adopted the Vulgate (as it did everywhere else but here?), Christians would be praying “Give us this day our supersubstantial bread.”

For the ...
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negative imperatives

I understand that ne plus perfect subjunctive can be used for negative commands. On one occasion I saw the present subjunctive used. Does this indicate some nuance of meaning?
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modifiers and other things embedded in a Latin phrase

Does anyone have any good strategies for learning/teaching the skill of reading and understanding in a natural way a Latin phrase that has modifiers or other words embedded in it? For example:

Caesar, Civil Wars:
Reliquiae copiae missis ad Varum noctu legatorum numero centurionibus sese ei dediderunt.
"The remaining troops, having been sent to Varus by night of envoys with the rank centurions, surrendered themselves to him."
i.e., centurions having been sent to Varus by ...
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Beginning with Latin Prose Composition


In a different thread the question was raised how to gain a more active command of the Latin language. I suggested turning to a book about Latin prose composition, and feeling that this topic deserves its own thread, voilà.

I am myself facing this exact problem, namely that I would like to be able to actually use Latin, at least a bit, with improving my reading skills as an important benefit.

Learning Latin prose ...
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Utopia and alea

Hi everyone,

I have practiced Latin a long long time ago and I need your help to find a name for a website I wish to create.

The website will globally be about an utopian world governed by blind chance. So I was thinking about the words utopia and alea, and wanted to find a meaningful name combining the two (or any other similar terms)... But I long forgot how to conjugate words in Latin, ...
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Learning Latin with Audiobooks

I have been very happy with my German progress, mostly centered around listening to audiobooks that I already know in English. So far mostly Tolkien translated to German and various fairy tales.

I'd like to try something similar for Latin. What are good resources? On the Greek forum, mwh once recommended Wilfried Stroh, and he sounds good, but I don't know the Aeneid well. What is available as far as simpler texts with good -- ...
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Translation for a gift!

Hello everyone!

I was wondering if I could get a correct translation for : "This wild heart is yours." in as short a way as possible, maybe "My wild heart you own"?

Would "Fera corda vestra" work?

Thanks in advance, I appreciate any replies.
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unwinding some genitives

Rependitur quippe et compensatur leve damnum delibatae honestatis maiore alia gravioreque in adiuvando amico honestate, minimaque illa labes et quasi lacuna famae munimentis partarum amico utilitatium solidatur.

From Gellius, Attic Nights. Gellius summarizes teachings on the extent to which one may commit wrongs in coming to the aid of a friend in trouble. Above, Gellius quotes Cicero to the effect that it's OK sometimes to commit wrongs if one helps a friend.

I am translating ...
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Subjunctive and Eius

Advertendum secundo, quod matrimonium dicitur per ministros Ecclesiae dispensari, non quidem quantum ad aliquid quod sit de essentia sacramenti: sed quantum ad aliquid accidentale, quod est completivum eius et perfectivum, ut est nubentium benedictio.

I understand 99% of this text but have two questions:
1) why is "sit" used? i.e. why is the subjunctive used here?
2) how does "eius" fit? It doesn't make any sense to me? the accidental is completive (the adj. of ...
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"ipse . . . is" as intensifiers for 1st person

I request a grammar commentary on this point.

The sentence is from Gellius, Attic Nights, Book 1. The historical figure Chilo, nearing death, tells his friend of an action of his that still bothers him: was it right or wrong? On a three panel panel considering capital punishment for a friend, Chilo had decided to vote guilty himself secretly but to persuade the other two jurymen to vote innocent. He had preserved his devotion to ...
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