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Here you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.

corvus eī suprā - Roma Aeterna XLVI Lines 164–166

Tum sē M. Valerius tribūnus mīlitum obtulit, et cum prōcessisset armātus, corvus eī suprā dextrum bracchium sēdit.

Then Marcus Valerius, a tribune of the soldiers, presented himself, and when he had gone forward armed, a crow sat above his right arm.

Why is in the dative? Also, why is it in this sentence at all? It seems superfluous.
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Translation Question Again

Hello! Me the beginner in Latin come again.

A friend of me gave me some examples to translate to English like:
There is no one beautiful under the sky.
His answer is:
Est nemo pulchro sub caelo.

I don't how to treat the adjective beautiful here. Why isn't it pulchrum? And the content after "there be" structure in Latin still confuses me, especially its cases. Thanks for your help!
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Luciano Canepari on Latin pronunciation?

Has any of you Textkittens acquainted themselves with Luciano Canepari's take of Latin pronunciation? I can only guess that it isn't totally new nor hardly the length of Allen's Vox Latina, but there may still be a little something. I have very vaguely understood that he reconstructs sandhis etc. Apparently a chapter or so in his book Manuale di pronuncia italiana (2004). Canepari is a phonetician as was Allen.
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Instagram Latin

If any of you have Instagram, I have some Latin videos on my account
You can find me by looking for Evan der Millner
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Suggestions for Intermediate Level Translation

As part of my undergraduate studies I decided to take Latin for fun since I had space in my course schedule. I took two semesters of Latin (taking me through the "beginner" level). I'm now currently working on completing a Master's degree which is requiring me to take a proficiency exam before I am eligible to graduate; I've decided to go with Latin even though I took those two semesters years ago (it's still way ...
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Thoughts on this Vulgate Bible?

I am considering this paperback Vulgate Bible. Does anyone have any thoughts on this edition?


Facsimile Edition: Desclée Lefebvre and Co (Tornaci), 1894. Facsimile, Washington, DC: In Res Press, 2016.

Series: Biblia Sacra Vulgata Editionis Sixti V Pont. Max. jussu recognita ed Clementis VIII auctorita te edita
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Please help translate a sentence

Hello my friends! I am a beginner and learner of Latin. Nice to meet you here!
Could you help me translate this sentence:
They give the crowd of men weapons.

When alone, the crowd of men = turba virorum,
but I don't know here in this sentence which case I should use.
Maybe Arma turbō virorum dant?

Thank you:)
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Cicero, de Senectute, general question

I'm well into my second (or third?) reading of de Senectute, and a question of interpretation keeps nagging at me: is this supposed to be funny?

At times I want to believe that the the main speaker, an old man, Cato, is meant to exhibit some of the flaws of old men, while being wise enough to transcend his age group (and mine). On the surface, he defends old age against the accusations made against ...
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Reformation Latin


I'm working through Martin Luther's Latin treatise from the early 1520s, "Against Latomus." I've encountered a construction that, while not necessarily obscuring the overall point, seems odd. He uses it several times. I was hoping somebody more skilled than I could break it down syntactically for me.

Take the following passage:

Nunc cum apertis verbis inclinet, & solus metus est, ne quid occulte habeat, sitque nec plene obscurus nec plene apertus sensus, potior sit ...
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Lingua Latina:Commentarii de Bello Gallico after Wheelock

Is the Lingua Latina edition of Commentarii de Bello Gallico good after Wheelock?
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