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Here you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.

second declension feminine nouns

While the second declension is considered to be masculine/neuter are there not in fact many feminine nouns?
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Find peace who is seeking for peace

I'm trying to translate this sentence from English to Latin.

“Find peace who is seeking for peace.”

Is the following translation correct?


Any suggestions or correction will be appreciated.
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The Bees in Virgil's Georgics IV

Hi Everyone

This is my very first foray into the world of Latin here, please excuse my nerves.

I am doing Honours in Latin and my tutor and I (just me - no one else is enrolled this term) are reading Books 3 and 4 of Virgil's Georgics. I have to write a 3000 word paper on a topic of my choosing and I am not particularly good at writing literature essays. After wading through ...
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In Classical Latin, "tu" is singular and "vos" is plural, absolutely, and polite use of "vos" as singular had not yet started. But when writing in Latin to people who speak Romance languages descended from Latin and having pronouns similar to "tu" and "vos", and are accustomed to "tu" being intimate/familiar/condescending in their own languages, are any of them likely to dislike being addressed as "tu" in Latin?

During World War 2 there was a ...
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Prendergast's Mastery Series (Latin): Q&A


I found sentence 43 of Prendergast's The Mastery Series: Latin somewhat surprising:

Prendergast wrote:My angry friend has hastened in order that he may chastise the messenger of thy uncle.
Amicus meus iratus properavit ut nuntium patrui tui castiget.

Considering that the main sentence has a secondary tense, I expected the verb of the dependent clause to be in the imperfect subjunctive (ut...castigaret). Why present subjunctive instead? According to A&G it is possible, but ...
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Adler Exercises: (slightly) updated version


a Textkit-user was so kind as to point out an error in my transcription (actually in a sentence I added, obviously a tad too hastily):

Exercise 2:

WRONG: "ADDED: Taeniam tuam pulchram habeo (Mihi est taenia tua pulchra mihi est)."
CORRECT: "ADDED: Taeniam tuam pulchram habeo (Taenia tua pulchra mihi est)"

I uploaded corrected versions (including ANKI and fortune-file) to my homepage.


Carolus Raeticus
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Setting up a reading plan for Latin Elegy

I'm trying to set up a plan for reading Latin Elegy. Could you give me some help making a representative (or capricious!) selection of texts, and choosing some bibliography? I understand the topic is immense, but I would like to dedicate some time to it, and I would appreciate some orientation. With bibliography I mean text books, papers, but also editions and commentaries. I would prefer to focus on entire collections (not isolated poems), maybe ...
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help in translation

Would appreciate a little guidance on what clearer translation would be or maybe a confirmation. I included my attempt.

"ad eos quorum terram flumen dividit mercatores mittunt"

literal word order: to them of-which land river divides merchants sent.

English word order: The merchants sent them to the land of which the river divides (?)
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Mistakes in my self-instruction

This is a good time to point to some errors I made in my self-instruction.

1. I moved too quickly from the beginner textbooks to reading unadapted Latin. The textbooks have easier sentences on which to learn the grammar.

2. Because many Latin texts have no macrons, I finessed vowel quantity. I'm playing catchup on vowel quantity now.

3. I assumed that lots of unadapted texts read superficially would add up to an intuitive grasp ...
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Internal rhyme in elegiac couplet

Reading Propertius' 4.4 elegy, I've noted there occurs an internal rhyme after the caesura of the pentameter in a significative number of verses. It does not occur always, but take a look to this example:

ignes castrorum et Tatiae praetoria turmae
et formosa oculis arma Sabina meis,
o utinam ad uestros sedeam captiua Penatis,
dum captiua mei conspicer ora Tati!
Romani montes, et montibus addita Roma,
et ualeat probro Vesta pudenda meo:
ille equus, ...
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