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Here you can discuss all things Latin. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.

What does "setius" mean?

In Virgil Georgics III is this text, in a description (which makes me think of Ice Road Truckers) of a winter in the steppes back of the Sea of Azov :-

Interea toto non setius aere ninguit:
intereunt pecudes, stant circumfusa pruinis
corpora magna boum, confertoque agmine cervi
torpent mole nova et summis vix cornibus extant.

What does "setius" mean exactly? I cannot find it in my good big voluminous Latin to English dictionary. Google ...
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Help with Roma Aeterna

Having finished Familia Romana. I proceeded to the Lingua Latina Caesar, which I had trouble I with, so was therefore quit and read Sermones Romani. I was then advised to continue to Roma Aeterna which I have been reading currently. I zoomed through chapters one to three in several days with no vocabulary issues, but when I got to the forth chapter I have been ground down through grammar. I have been trying do the ...
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realistic learning goals for scanning??

Context: I've been working on scanning hexameters. My recent scanning, say the last 150 lines is going pretty well, so far as mechanical application of rules is concerned. I can mark off the feet with fair accuracy.

But I can't perform an "unseen" line correctly, while automatically detecting the poetic feet and speaking the Latin in correct meter. Each line is like a grade-school math problem in say long division.

I can imagine the Romans ...
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why the subjunctive in this sentence?

Caesar eos in eo loco quo tum ESSENT suum adventum expectare jussit. Caesar ordered them to await his arrival in that place where they then were.
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adsuetus: how many syllables?

Context: I've been working on scanning, having scanned about 350 lines over the past month. I'm getting about three-fourths of them right, using this web site as a criterion of correctness:


I keep having trouble with the letter "u": vowel or consonant?

Here is a dictionary entry, with a single macron over the "e": adsuētus. [ In case the macron doesn't come through for you, I'll uppercase the ...
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Your suggested materials for learning of the Latin language?

I am still very new on this forum, I am also new to learning Latin :roll: .

I would like your opinion on the best learning options available in all forms, via Online, Programs, Apps, books, etc.

Here is my experiences so far in my personal searches - - - -

Programs: The most structured self-teaching I have at the moment is using Rosetta Stone's Latin ...
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why genitive?

1) In Orberg's LLPSI Cap XLIV (simplified Livy) Orberg is describing the division of Roman men into Centurias.

Having described the prima classis he goes on to describe the secunda as follows:

Additae huic classi duae fabrum centuriae, quae sine armis stipendia facerent.

He's saying that added to this first class was this second class but why is it all in genitive case? Aren't they the object of the sentence?

--- unless duae is fem ...
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aetātem eōs - Roma Aeterna XLVII Lines 17–20

Incipiēmus igitur ā Solōne clārō — quoniam dē Homērō et Hēsiodō inter omnēs ferē scrīptōrēs cōnstitit aetātem eōs ēgisse vel iīsdem ferē temporibus vel Homērum aliquantō antīquiōrem;

I shall begin, then, with the illustrious Solon; for, as regards Homer and Hesiod, it is agreed by almost all writers, either that they lived at approximately the same period, or that Homer was somewhat the earlier;

This is John Rolfe's translation. Unless I'm missing something, he doesn't ...
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Is anyone familiar with the term perindie? I am having difficulty finding a dictionary entry for the word.
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Latin Word "Opiscum"

Does anyone know where I can find a dictionary entry for the word opiscum in Latin. I came across the word while editing/transcribing the Vestibulum. The translation given is "of workmen," which I take is an accurately translation, but I am trying to be thorough in my re-translation and transcription of the renaissance text; furthermore, I would really like the vowel quantity if I can get it (part of my project is putting in all ...
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