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question about the word "ceteri"

Nutting exercise 38, English to Latin. "Three boys came to school today. Tomorrow the others will be punished." The key translates the second sentence "Cras ceteri poenas dabunt. Ceteri I suppose is masc., pl.
nominative referring to "boys". But why wouldn't "others" be considered the direct object of "punished" and therefore in the accusative?
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audio latin

hi textkit
does anyone know if there is an audio of lingua latina available online (book 1 or 2)i was told that scorpio martianus has a version on youtube but i cant find it.
little flower
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From Apuleius' Metamorphoses

The following occurs in Apuleius' Metamorphoses

The narrator is describing how he almost choked on cheese pudding...

Ego denique vespera, dum polentae caseatae modico secus offulam grandiorem in convivas aemulus contruncare gestio, mollitie cibi glutinosi faucibus inhaerentis et meacula spiritus distinentis minimo minus interii:..

In my case, eveningtime, while I ventured, after the manner of my dinner companions, to scoff a slightly larger piece of cheese pudding and the soft food clung to my throat ...
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use browser to study Latin composition

I use the Chrome browser, which "just works" to display a pdf file in a Chrome tab.

Step 1: I load the North and HIllard Latin composition book in one Chrome tab, and then load the corresponding answer key into another tab.

Step 3: I load an online English-->Latin dictionary into a separate tab. Now I have three tabs in Chrome: North & Hillard qestions, North & Hillard answers, and an English to Latin dictionary. ...
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Question about the enclitic "-ne"

Nutting exercise 37; English into Latin--"Are there apples on the tree? Do you see berries in the garden?"
The key translates this as "Suntne mala in abore? Bacasne in horto vides?". Why does the verb "sunt" take
"ne" while "vides" dosen't? A&G says -ne is added to the emphatic word. This sounds a little subjective. Why is sunt more emphatic than vides. Is there more to the rule or is this a subjective free for ...
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sentence question

Primum, ne quam multitudinem hominum amplius trans Rhenum in Galliam traducas. Does 'quam multitudinem hominum' mean 'such a multitude of men'?
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Does this phrase have the same meaning as et........et?
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Ovid, Metam., XIII, ll. 177-180

Context: In the debate over who should now bear the weapons of the slain Achilles, Ajax or Ulysses, now the latter is speaking. He reminds the assembled Greeks that he was the one who identified Achilles, whose mother had dressed him as a girl, to save Achilles from war and prophesied death. Ulysses uncovered Achilles's disguise by holding out to him a spear and small shield, which the youthful Achilles took in his hands. Presumably ...
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Plautus Amphitruo, Argumentum I

Salvete amici,

"Hinc jurgium, tumultus uxori et viro, donec (...) se Iuppiter confessus est."

Miror cur hic "uxori et viro" in dativo sint. (I'm wondering why "uxori et viro" are in the dative).

Thanks for any hints.

Curate ut valeatis.
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Ovid, Metam., XIII, about line 12, ff.

Context: Ajax with extreme contempt continues insulting Ulysses for a coward in order to show that Ajax, and not Ulysses, is worthy to bear the arms of the great Achilles.

Starting about line 112, not 12. I don't know how to edit the subject line.

debilitaturum quid te petis, Improbe, munus?
Quod tibi si populi donaverit error Achivi,
cur spolieris, erit, non cur metuaris ab hoste,
et fuga, qua sola cunctos, timidissime, vincis,
tarda futura ...
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