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This board is a composition workshop, like a writers' workshop: post your work with questions about style or vocabulary, comment on other people's work, post composition challenges on some topic or form, or just dazzle us with your inventive use of galliambics.

Short Compositions from my Notebook

I am not a student, this is not my homework. I am teaching myself Latin and have begun to try to put sentences together. Please check my work and give me your comments: I'll include my sentence in latin and what I intend it to say.


incepi hodie, compositionis sententias latine discere.

"Today I started to learn composition of latin sentences"

Ante diem sextum Nonas Martias

"March 2"
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English to Latin #2

As usual, all comments and corrections are welcome.

Thanks in advance.


Pyrrhus was unwilling to fight until his allies had arrived a few days after. The two armies then joined battle on the banks of the river, and for a long time the issue was in doubt. Finally one wing of the Roman army was victorious, but the other was driven back to their camp by the elephants of Pyrrhus. Although the Romans fought ...
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English to Latin

I would greatly appreciate any comments, corrections, and even alternate versions for the following translation.

Many thanks.


At midnight the famous general set out from his camp to seize the strong position which he had examined six hours earlier, before the enemy could notice, weary as they were with fighting and marching. And so, when the three cohorts had been led around by a secret route, he was able to draw up his front ...
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Translation Please

Im sorry if this the wrong place to post this bu i was wanting some help translating htis into latin, the online translators aren't very good and can't translate Micro or macro as they are Greek words. I think Magni could be used for macro but im unsure of the endings. the phrase is

In the micro, the macro is revealed.

I would very much appreciate your help.

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Bradley's Arnold Continuous Passage #81

I would appreciate any comments and corrections to the following translation.



A spirit of desertion began to prevail among the troops; and the deserters, instead of seeking their safety in flight or concealment, infested the highways. Maternus, a private soldier, collected these bands of robbers into a little army, set open the prisons, invited the slaves to assert their freedom, and plundered with impunity the rich and defenceless cities of Gaul and Spain. ...
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I'm unsure as to whether the composition board is the right place for this or not... we'll see, I guess.

I have to write a research paper in my High School English class. I was thinking about making it have to do with the Classics.
Would anyone have any idea of good sources to read over?
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Short Poem.

As an inaugural Post, I've decided to include a short greek poem. Αs I am a student, it would be great for some suggestions.

σοῦ μόνος, ἐγώ κλαῖω.

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An in depth look at Catullus' poetry A schizoid use of elegi

I have an essay to write in my Latin AP class and I already have quite a lot of information on the subject, but I was wondering if anyone here could provide anymore information on it?

Basically, if you do not understand what I mean, Catullus uses Elegiac Poetry, poetry usually used for emotional, sometimes mournful, deep subjects, to grieve over the loss of his brother in 101 and then tell Rufius he will never ...
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Horti amoris


Suntne in infra scriptum menda corrigenda aut grammaticae aut orthographiae? Estne eum facile intellectu?

Horti amoris in Villandry

Quadra quattuor horti amoris sunt:

* "Amor tener": corda disjuncta flamis parvis sunt, et in medio personis
saltationis quae non solum sermones gravissimos sed etiam levissimos
* "Amor cupidus": scissis propter libidines, corda cancellata
saltationem evocant.
* "Amor mobilis": in angulis flabella quattuor indicant levitatem sensus
et mendacii feminei cornibus decepti amoris disjuncti , et ...
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Elegia Pro Solzhenitsyne (in memoriam)

Elegia Pro Solzhenitsyne (in memoriam)

dum virtus ursi confusae mens et hominis,
impetui veri quit retinere nihil.
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