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This board is a composition workshop, like a writers' workshop: post your work with questions about style or vocabulary, comment on other people's work, post composition challenges on some topic or form, or just dazzle us with your inventive use of galliambics.

Horti amoris


Suntne in infra scriptum menda corrigenda aut grammaticae aut orthographiae? Estne eum facile intellectu?

Horti amoris in Villandry

Quadra quattuor horti amoris sunt:

* "Amor tener": corda disjuncta flamis parvis sunt, et in medio personis
saltationis quae non solum sermones gravissimos sed etiam levissimos
* "Amor cupidus": scissis propter libidines, corda cancellata
saltationem evocant.
* "Amor mobilis": in angulis flabella quattuor indicant levitatem sensus
et mendacii feminei cornibus decepti amoris disjuncti , et ...
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Elegia Pro Solzhenitsyne (in memoriam)

Elegia Pro Solzhenitsyne (in memoriam)

dum virtus ursi confusae mens et hominis,
impetui veri quit retinere nihil.
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Catullus 51 Translation


Here is my translation of Catullus 51. Comments and criticisms are more than welcome.

Ille mi par esse deo videntur,
ille, si fas est, superare divos,
qui sedens adversus identidem te
spectat et audit
dulce ridentem, misero quod omnis
eripit sensus mihi: nam simul te,
Lesbia, aspexi, nihil est super mi

Lingua sed torpet, tenuis sub artus
flamma demanat, sonitu suopte
tintinant aures, gemina teguntur
lumina nocte.

Otium, Catulle, tibi molestum ...
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Help Translating a Phrase


there's a certain phrase i'd like to translate into latin, but my skills turned out not be so good, i've only managed to figured out a few scattered words, which might even be wrong, here's how the phrase goes:

"my ideals are my spear, my convictions are my shield"

i cant think of a plural for "idealis", but turned 'convictions' into "convictiones". for 'shield' i used 'scutum', though for 'spear' i'm not sure which ...
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If you've got leaving on your mind (or, Patsy Cline greeked)

My iPod handed me this Patsy Cline song this morning on the way to work. For some reason I decided it needed a version in Greek. Here are the original words:

If you've got leavin' on your mind
Tell me now, get it over
Hurt me now, get it over
If you've got leavin' on your mind

If there's a new love in your heart
Well, tell me now, get it over
Hurt me now, ...
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Quote for my classroom..help..

ok well I am not very good with computers, but I don't know who else to turn to. I could really use your help. I am a high school science teacher and I have always loved the quote, "Never forget the people that make you who you are." That line, plus my love for the Latin language, brought me to the decision that I need that quote on a poster in my room. Only problem, ...
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De Numismate Miraculoso

Salve et salvete. Nuper hanc scripsi epistolam ut darem acroasem Latinam coram multis populis in bibliotheca publica. Illa nocte, die III, mensis Aprilis, circa septuaginta hominum apud nos adfuerunt. Postea, multis diebus completis, amicus meus magisterque errores emendavit meae epistolae. Et nunc volo transmittere hanc acroasem vel epistolam vobis omnibus.

Vos etiam quoque spectare pelliculam huius acroasis potestis per 'Google Video'; vide hunc situm: http://tinyurl.com/5ofvmf

Vale et Valete,

Ernestus ...
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Fabula de mure arcanoque

Caris lectoribus omnibus salutem dico!

I wrote this story for this year's German Federal Competition of Foreign Languages but got kicked out at the very first stage :cry: Since they don't tell the participants what they didn't like about their stories, I don't know what is wrong with my story.
I would be very pleased if you read my little tale and commented on ...
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Hello guys!

I had two very boring economics classes today so I decided that instead of wasting my time away I wanted to write a short Greek prose text (I admit that my motivation to do this derived from reading Arthur Sigdwick's "Introduction to Greek Prose Composition" yesterday night ;)).
I would like to know if there are any grammar or spelling mistakes (major or minor) and, ...
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De Femina Quadam Mira

Mane frigidissime, horrido flante vento, paene lucente sole, dum coenautocinetum expectans ut mercenarii more negotium irem, quadam femina mihi propinquavit et variis de rebus agere incipit. Hoc per se novi minime habet, quia saepe cum eodem loco expectantes homines inter se de parvulis rebus colloquuntur ut otii superfluum absumant. Sed admodum miris de rebus me monstravit. Primum (quasi naturalis), ut valde mihi necesse esse petasum quia aliter cerebrum meum (quod hercule bonissimum esse admirmavit) certe ...
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