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This board is a composition workshop, like a writers' workshop: post your work with questions about style or vocabulary, comment on other people's work, post composition challenges on some topic or form, or just dazzle us with your inventive use of galliambics.

Actus Apostolorum 9:1

Hello All

Saulus autem, adhuc spirans minarum et caedis in discipulos Domini, accessit ad principem sacerdum.

Why would St. Jerome have put minae and caedes in the genitive? Is there evidence of this use among classical authors? Perhaps this had crept into popular latin by the fourth century.

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Mirabilis: A Whole New World

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Dicta Bene Nota in Lingua Latina

I just thought it would be fun to see what some random famous sayings might look like in Latin.

Artifex suî ipsîus censor pessimus est.

Cor absentiâ amantius fit.

Nôlîte interrogâre quid prô vôbis possit facere patria vestra. Interrogâte quid prô patriâ vestrâ possîtis facere vôs.
-Iohannês F. Cennedius

Sî hominî piscem dâs, diem edit. Sî hominî piscâre docês, vîtam edit.

Nôn finitur dum canât crassa.

Rosa nomine ûllô aliô tam ...
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in peloponneso

salvete. I wanted to offer up some Latin I've written for criticism. This except comes from a journal I kept while travelling abroad last summer, in which I had sought out a nearby castle. If any words are unclear it may be due to the fact that I can't read my own handwriting. All the same, I'd greatly appreciate any comments on style, usage, incorrect usage, etc. vobis gratias agam!

(scripsi a.d. vi idus iul ...
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Lexica help (Deutsch-Griechisch)

Hi all. I stumbled across this site a couple of days ago and am quite excited to find such a lively and active forum here. And other people who are interested in composing in Greek and Latin.

I'm trying to translate some poems into Greek as a personal challenge and I'm getting fed up with having to go through a bunch of English dictionaries to try to come up with a Greek equivalent of the ...
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Christi dies natalis

Thought I'd try out my new "Lexicon recentis latinitatis"

Intra dona sunt (ridebis!):

-"Neues Latein Lexicon": id est lexicon, quod multa verba nova, quae haud facile in communibus lexicis inveniuntur, continet.
- "Taylor's Late Bottle Vintage 2000 Port": id est alcoholica potio
- Pulcritudo Americana (pellicula cinematographica)
- cinematographica machinula digitalis (est perexiguua!)
- Aedes Christi gemmae

Dum multa nocte Pulcritudonem Americanam sine familia in cubiculo video, de familiae disiunctione meditabar.
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ki/ndunoj qu/mou

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Challenge for Intermediate to Advanced Latinists

Translate this passage. It is from a Yale entry test ca 1900. Episcopus, your participation is mandatory.

Before Caesar set out from Rome the Helvetians decided to burn all their villages and abandon their country because they were being hard pressed by the Germans. But as soon as Caesar was informed of this design, he hastened from the city, and after gathering as large an army as possible, pitched his camp near Geneva, in order ...
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A Forest Path to the Spring

This is a little something I did in Latin class last month. I'd appreciate any comments or suggestions, alternate renditions.

From Malcolm Lowry's A Forest Path to the Spring:
“Nothing is more irritating and sorrowful to a man who has followed the sea
than the sound of the ocean pounding mercilessly and stupidly on a beach.
But here in the inlet there was neither sea nor river,
but something compounded of both,
in eternal movement, ...
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First latin prose- Matris Patri

Hi, this is my first bit of latin longer than just a line or two that was thought of without having to translate English-Latin. I'm actually kinda pleased that I thought of some of it in latin. haha. baby steps. :) That said, I need practice and criticism, so here it is.

Sōle trāns caelum rubrō ardente et, ultrā caelō, lūnā caelum idem nocte dōnante, caelum caeruleīs ...
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