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This board is a composition workshop, like a writers' workshop: post your work with questions about style or vocabulary, comment on other people's work, post composition challenges on some topic or form, or just dazzle us with your inventive use of galliambics.

Modern vocab: I have it! Graphoplitae = Textkittens

I was thinking about the word o(/plon a few days ago, and suddenly I knew how to say "Textkit" in Greek: to\ Grafoplei=on. Of course we're used to the plural, o(/pla meaning a soldier's armor, but the basic meaning fits quite nicely with "kit."

The -ei=on indicates place, like Mousei=on, "Museum."

Textkittens: grafopli</thj, ou, o( m., grafo/pli<tij idoj h( f.
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An elegaic couplet composed in 15 minutes

nu=n m' e(/le, daimoni/h, h9\ m' e)/qelgej e)n nh/sw|
ku/knwn tw=n leu/kwn qu/mon e)xou=sa meu=

ou)\ baqu/ e)sti/n
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Fabula primera!


This is my first-ever attempt to write a story in Latin! I'm a complete self-learner thus far in Latin and am currently attempting "Latin for Beginners", which I found on this site! I have just reached lesson #20 and I thought it would be fun if every ten lessons I wrote a story to help gauge my progress.

All criticism is heartily welcomed. I tried to do the best I could with the long ...
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Im fresh out of ideas here guys....

okay im writing a little bit of dactylic hexameter in latin.... nothing huge

i just need 2 more lines to fit into my poem

it needs to be something about world poverty, and in dactylic hexameter

if you have any ideas or lines that u make urself pls post them

im new to this site so (a NOOB if you will) so plz give me ur info on it

a couplet i guess

it doesnt ...
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Help requested on translation


I am looking for the translation of a sentence from English to Latin. As a non-Latin speaker I can find the words but I am not sure how to build a correct sentence with them.

The sentence I would like to translate into Latin is:

the innocent do not need to defend themselves

I do not know if this can be translated exactly as such but the importance is in the meaning of the ...
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Opto domire possim

Juga nostri resecant
Ut Flores erant
Et lactos nostri bibiti erant.

Ubi desideres id,
Id abeat;
Tempi odiis id,
Id semper endurare videat.

Opto dormire possim,
Sed iacere in tergo non possum
Quod hic est gladia pro omnibus dieibus
Quas te cognovi.

Opto vincere celeratatem poenae pro alia dies.

Ubi desideres id,
Id abeat;
Tempi odiis id,
Id semper endurare videat.

lacrima mihi, da mihi,
iace cum me, peri cum me, da mihi.
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Revenivit scriptor "ariae"

The bits of aria/recitative/sprechgesang:

Rape, rape, rape de solo farinam
Pulvem panis college, tum indolonem
Sanctum frica. Tantillum hordeum
Se colerit, coleretque cum perfluam
Ad maria aqua. In deorum incudem
Pompeii, Vulcano satis habente ut fama est pisc-- convenevit
Lucrum mei adficitur; ita farinareutimur
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I found this quote from The Yeoman of the Guard by W S Gilbert and felt to inspired to give it a fresh version. So here it is in in a pair of iambic trims

e)/cesti/ moi se paidiai=j frenou=n sofai=j
u(ma=j plana=n gelw=nti d' ou=n e)/cesti/ moi
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My first Elegaic Couplet

gh=j d / a0palh=j propa/roiqe pro\ d / ou0rano/qen poliou= te/
dendrw=n me\n korufa\j mikrh\ e)ou=sa q / o(rw=

It took several days to compose this. Even now I wonder if there is a metrical problem in the last hemiepe. I know hiatus is not allowed, but I am relying on the rule in Pharr 1173 to make it scan. Since I am trying to imitate an earlier rather than later poet, is this ...
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mu/qoi nhpi/oi

ti\ mh\ me me/lh| me/lainan maka/rh|si u(mi~n;

h(n me\n ku/knhn leukh\n teu~xe Qxaiko/bskioj, h(n de\ me/lainan te/.

o( me\n to\n ourano\n teu~xe, o( me\n to\n po/nton te/. o( me\n to\n le/onta teu~xe, o( de\ to\n ba/traxon te/. o( me\n to\n O(mh/ron teu~xe, o( de\ to\n O(mh/ron Si/myonta te/.

essi\ h(me/rh eremnota/th h(me/rwn xeimo/noj nuklia/rou.

pi/mplhmi ka/rh xeiraj te a)ta/llousa glukou~ filo/thtoj.

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