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This board is a composition workshop, like a writers' workshop: post your work with questions about style or vocabulary, comment on other people's work, post composition challenges on some topic or form, or just dazzle us with your inventive use of galliambics.

Old friend re-revisited

cum graviter noctu quatient in turribus aeres
tum misero prisco vir rubicundus ero


... which gets around the ~~e before prisco. But I wonder whether the plethora of o's makes it sound like a jingle for car insurance on independent telly.
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Has anybody had any luck in getting
http://visualiseur.bnf.fr/Visualiseur?D ... NUMM-73779
link to work? All I manage is one page of a .pdf with a bit of scribble.

There is a very old one for sale on 'that' internet auction site somewhere, I noticed yesterday.

I'm convinced that with a clever bit of searching the Perseus 'search English defs in L&S, LSJ' should act as a GaP, but lack the ...
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Timeless Values

A letter appeared in The Times. London yesterday with this title. I wonder if it could have been written by Pericles, Kleon perhaps more likely...

parh|nei men o( e)moj pappoj w(j kallwj kai eu)tuxwj diacwn e)xrhn a)ei dexqai seauton w(j ton qeon se pepoihkenai, to genoj te kai touj gerontaj timan, kai swfrwj exein.
e)pi e)mou de memarturhka metaballomena tauta i)atrikh| peritth|, au)cw| teknwn a)patrwn, u(brismati oi)keiw|, daneizomania| kai u(po daneistwn.
ou)k exw noein ...
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pur fqinuqon

On reading Scribes and Scholars.

e)lla/mpei to\ ma/qhm' e)re/bei skoti/h| te mi/nunqa:
  h)\n mhdei\j ai)/qh|, pu=r a)xlu/ei fqinu/qon.

h)/n: o(mhriko\n e)a/n
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two odes, two translations, two epigrams

some compositions i have to hand, i.e. in digital form:

'The London Eye' (Horatian alcaics):

uides ut alti per nitidas means
caeli, palumbes albide, semitas
cursusque praecelsos quietus
pectoribus uolitam serenis?

hic in cubili conspicuo super
urbem uirorum Londiniensium
plenam nec in pennis columbae
nec merulae sedeo coruscis,

sed ferrei me palma uolubilis
tutum gigantis certaque sustinet.
dum Phoebus intonsus pererrat
aetherium radiansque cursum,

labor gregem inter, candide auis, tuam,
nec Noctiluca desuper omnia
crescente ...
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Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.

I'm trying to put Humpty Dumpty in A.Greek.
Kufo/paxuj tei/xw| e(/zet'.
Kufo/paxuj kate/pese.
pa\nq' i(/ppoi a)/ndre/s te basile/oj
ou)\ du/nant' au)= to\n suntiqh/menai.

I beg your corrections and advices. Vocabs, syntax, meters, everything.
Thanks in advance!
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For whom the bell tolls mk II

cum sonat hoc crotalum per turres nocte solute
tum conturbabor rebus ineptis heri.

AEH 'Additional Poems' IX

... following whiteoctave's perceptive comments on the faulty mk I
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I am tempted to spread my pencil further afield from hexameter & iambics, have found a DH Lawrence WW1 poem that looks like it would work in Greek, mebbe even Latin too if I get on a roll. Can someone fill out some details on glyconics please... I only know what is in OCD and Goodwin's Greek Grammar.

Paul McK
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Housman Epitaph Part 1

a)ll' e)dafoi g' e)fugon ghj, piptei d' ou)ranoj. h)dh
misqoforeit' ai)nwj. h)lqete kai qanete.

a variation on
Epitaph to an Army of Mercenaries
A E Housman

... not too sure about ending the pentameter with a short, but I think Zenodotos does in his 'A Statue of Love' (among others).

Paul McK
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Catulli carmen XIII

Fabulle, deipnhseij trapezh| 'mh| kallwj,
qewn ge xarisontwn, di' o)ligou, ea)n ferh|j
kallouj te kai pollouj sitouj seauton, ou)k
a)neu e(tairaj eu)prepouj tou, kai topou
te kai d' e)pisthmhj te kai pantwn gelwn
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