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This board is a composition workshop, like a writers' workshop: post your work with questions about style or vocabulary, comment on other people's work, post composition challenges on some topic or form, or just dazzle us with your inventive use of galliambics.

First latin prose- Matris Patri

Hi, this is my first bit of latin longer than just a line or two that was thought of without having to translate English-Latin. I'm actually kinda pleased that I thought of some of it in latin. haha. baby steps. :) That said, I need practice and criticism, so here it is.

Sōle trāns caelum rubrō ardente et, ultrā caelō, lūnā caelum idem nocte dōnante, caelum caeruleīs ...
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Aust qualified for world cup tonight!! Last time was in 70s

)Anti/podej, mega/loi mega/loi, po/daj w)ke/ej a)/ndrej,
o)/fra ku/pellon e)/xwmen, i)/men nu=n Germani/hnde.

(the breathing on the 1st letter isn't showing up on my pc)
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In Luce Solari (Walking On Sunshine)

One of my hobbies is song translation. It's a unique challenge, since I almost always have to capture the original meaning of the lyrics as best I can and paraphrase it in order to make the words fit the music and rhyme scheme. I have done song translations in Spanish, French, and Italian.

I'd like to get some feedback on what I consider to be my first viable Latin song translation. I have so far ...
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Latin Dedication

I want to write a Latin dedication in a present to a classical friend.

I believe the format should be something like:

name of recipient (first name Latinised and inflected, surname uninflected)
object of dedication (hoc saxum/librum etc.)
reason why (I am not sure how best to introduce the virtues)
name of donor

and a verb of giving implied.


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A phenomenon I have observed among my peers recently

ei) me/n tij fh=| e)/xein ka/maton, to/te d' a)/lloj e)/xein fh=| :
xei=tai ga\r mu/qoij wku/teron ka/matoj
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Modern vocab: I have it! Graphoplitae = Textkittens

I was thinking about the word o(/plon a few days ago, and suddenly I knew how to say "Textkit" in Greek: to\ Grafoplei=on. Of course we're used to the plural, o(/pla meaning a soldier's armor, but the basic meaning fits quite nicely with "kit."

The -ei=on indicates place, like Mousei=on, "Museum."

Textkittens: grafopli</thj, ou, o( m., grafo/pli<tij idoj h( f.
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An elegaic couplet composed in 15 minutes

nu=n m' e(/le, daimoni/h, h9\ m' e)/qelgej e)n nh/sw|
ku/knwn tw=n leu/kwn qu/mon e)xou=sa meu=

ou)\ baqu/ e)sti/n
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Fabula primera!


This is my first-ever attempt to write a story in Latin! I'm a complete self-learner thus far in Latin and am currently attempting "Latin for Beginners", which I found on this site! I have just reached lesson #20 and I thought it would be fun if every ten lessons I wrote a story to help gauge my progress.

All criticism is heartily welcomed. I tried to do the best I could with the long ...
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Im fresh out of ideas here guys....

okay im writing a little bit of dactylic hexameter in latin.... nothing huge

i just need 2 more lines to fit into my poem

it needs to be something about world poverty, and in dactylic hexameter

if you have any ideas or lines that u make urself pls post them

im new to this site so (a NOOB if you will) so plz give me ur info on it

a couplet i guess

it doesnt ...
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Help requested on translation


I am looking for the translation of a sentence from English to Latin. As a non-Latin speaker I can find the words but I am not sure how to build a correct sentence with them.

The sentence I would like to translate into Latin is:

the innocent do not need to defend themselves

I do not know if this can be translated exactly as such but the importance is in the meaning of the ...
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