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This board is a composition workshop, like a writers' workshop: post your work with questions about style or vocabulary, comment on other people's work, post composition challenges on some topic or form, or just dazzle us with your inventive use of galliambics.

Need Help With Ancient Greek Translation

Hey everyone,

I've taught myself basic Greek online, but am not too confident in my ability. I'm trying to say "Loyalty above all else" in ancient Greek - but I'm not sure if I've translated it correctly.

Here's what I have thus far: πίστη πριν από όλο άλλο
Is that correct?

Also, can someone give me a pronunciation key? I tried to do it myself, but...it came out pretty ugly...
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A couple grammar questions.

I hope that I'm not using this message board for the wrong purpose, but I have a couple specific grammar questions. I have written a Latin Wikipedia article and there are a couple places where I'm unsure about how to translate.

1. If a city is in the 3rd declension, the ablative would be -e, wouldn't it? But someone corrected my sentence and turned it into this:

Nunc in regione Los Feliz in Angelopoli, California ...
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please help!!!

please help translate this to latin


thank you!
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please help translate this to latin


Thank you very much!
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Gettysburg Address

Since the board is kind of slow today, I present this for your edification and diversion. I wrote it as a Prose Comp assignment last year - it probably still has mistakes in it, but I only had time to do a brief revision. For those unfamiliar with American history, this was the speech given by President Abraham Lincoln after the Battle of Gettysburg (1863), during the US Civil War. My translation is first, followed ...
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Song translations

These are a couple of stanzas from Joanna Newsom, a singer-songwriter. She's by far my favourite lyricist at the moment.

Whose is the hand that I will hold?
Whose is the face I will see?
Whose is the name that I will call,
when I am called to meet thee?

Cuius manus est quam tenebo?
cuius os quod videbo?
cuius nomen est quod vocebo,
cum vocata congredi ero cum te?

Stand here and name
the ...
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"Don't Talk to Me, or I'll Kill Myself with a Brick"

Hey All,

A friend of mine wanted this translated into Latin for some reason I have yet to ascertain. Anyway, it's been a while since I've read any Latin, nevermind composed, so I'd appreciate some help. My first idea was to use ne + present subjunctive for the negative command and ne + present subjunctive for the monitory part. This was my best shot, but it doesn't really look or feel like Latin to me: ...
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A Wendell Berry quote

Praise ignorance, for what man has not encountered, he has not destroyed.

So far I have:

ευλογει αγνωσιαν, ὅ γαρ ανθρωπος ουχ ευρηκεν, ὅ ουκ απολωλεν.

I am struggling with the relative pronouns. Is it OK to use a relative twice (as I did) without a referent when its generic? Please excuse the lack of accents. ;-)
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Churchill Challenge, if you dare...

"In this crisis I think I may be pardoned if I do not address the House at
any length today, and I hope that any of my friends and colleagues or
former colleagues who are affected by the political reconstruction will
make all allowances for any lack of ceremony with which it has been
necessary to act.

I say to the House as I said to ministers who have joined this
government, I have nothing ...
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Quaedam nova discipula cum in nostram universitatem pervenisset, hedera ubique in muris visa exclamavit, "Plus est hic hederae quam in tota Hederae Societate!" Ad hoc ego respondere volebam, "Quanto meliores sumus illis, tanto plus hederae opus est!" Tacui, sed fabulam in hoc foro narrare institui, ut vos, sodales, Latinitatem meam emendetis; quod si facietis maximas vobis gratias habebo.

EDIT: changed quo and eo to quanto and tanto.
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