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This board is a composition workshop, like a writers' workshop: post your work with questions about style or vocabulary, comment on other people's work, post composition challenges on some topic or form, or just dazzle us with your inventive use of galliambics.

Quaenam prae patrono in solo videatis scire volo


Non umquam tristiorem virginem vidi neque minus vegetum puerum divinum. A dextera sedent duae sanctae quarum nomina ignoro. Videntur contemplari omnia mundi peccabilis tristia. Talibus umbris divinitatis choros caelestibus in regiis ducentibus quisnam non mallet - veniam deus da, precor - manere sub humo apud beastiolis caecis. Sinistrorsum parvulo extra circulum beatum genibus nixum supplicem patronum, qui picturam solvit, vidimus necnon ejus canem. Quaenam autem prae eo in solo iaceant miror quisnam possit dicere? ...
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Acuite cultros et deo agite gratias

Okay here I am in the writers workshop. I sure hope some writers can help me with their critiques. The piece that follows started out being a simple composition in which I imagined myself giving a cooking class which is another hobby of mine. Then I got distracted with trying to be amusing and now I don't know if it holds together well. However, your perspective on that aspect is not so important to me ...
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de regulis adhibendis cum clausulis relativis scribimus

Salete amice

Est quid quod prope semper mihi provocat magnum dubium. Cum clausula relativa (est probum dicere latine "clausula relativa?, nescio ) scribo numquam scio num conjunctivum adhibendum sit aut indicativum. Mirror num sit inter nos quis homo bonus qui valeat mihi explicare latine (vel anglice si nulla est altera via) quales regulae sequendae sint. Valete conmilitones!
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De Fiducia fele


Ante nonnullos septimanas hanc historiam scripsi et scire velim, quid de ea putetis. Quid melius fecissem in scribendo? Suntne aliquae errata grammatica/verba falsa etc?
Spero historiam vobis gaudio fore :D

De Fiducia fele

Olim erat felis quae appellabatur Fiducia. Vivebat cum familia sua in villa magna gloriosaque. Tamen vitam beatam non habebat, nam homines familiae eam sember male tractabant: quandocumque cenabant, numquam ei pabulum dabant; ...
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Original Poetry

Who here writes poetry in Greek or Latin? And I'm not talking about translations or interpretations; I'm talking about real poetry wrought from your own flesh and blood and sweat and tears and love and hate. (True poets know that all or most of these things are necessary for and included in poetry!)

I wrote a poem about Boadicea once, and I was extremely proud of it; as soon as I have the time and ...
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translating macbeth

Hi there,

Would anyone be interested in translating some passages of Macbeth into Latin for me? Even Greek would be fine. Basically, if you know the play, it's the Weyard Sisters lines. I'm working on a production of the play at the moment & would like to experiment with the lines in Latin.

Here's a sample:

SISTER 1 When shall we three meet againe?
In Thunder, Lightning, or in Raine?
SISTER 2 When the Hurley-burley's ...
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Historiae et fabullae ex imaginibus


In pictura hac feminas quattuor videmus. Tres sunt regis filiae: ex his, duo adhuc puellae sunt, una iam matura est. Prima, a sinistra, Lucretia, filia regis maior. Dein Quintam habemus, parvam puellam septem annorum. Tertio, est a dextera Antonia, parva quidem sed multo prudentior sororibus suis. Postremo, vix ancillam vetus videmus a tergo Antoniae.

Fortasse quaeras quam ob rem Quinta rideat Antoniam. Illa vero minime ridet Antoniam, sed Lucretiam quia ea stulte spectat camaram ...
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A Sunday Trimeter (Greek)

Some people do the Times crossword puzzle on Sundays, others write Greek tragic trimeters. (And at least one aspires to do both!)

In honor of annis's posting of the link to Sidgwick's Introduction to Greek Verse Composition, here is my draft rendering of exercise XLVIII from the same. The passage is from Shakespeare's Henry VI:

I cannot joy, until I be resolved
Where our right valiant father is become.
I saw him in the ...
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An elegiac translation

I have been busy of late and unable to comment on some others' recent translations, for which I apologize. Nevertheless, here is a recent effort of my own, rendered with the help of Gepp's hints (exercise XXVIII) in Progressive Exercises in Latin Elegiac Verse.

Summer is gone with all its roses,
Its sun and perfumes and sweet flowers,
Its warm air and refreshing showers:
And even Autumn closes.

Yea, Autumn's chilly self is going, ...
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