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Are you learning Koine Greek, the Greek of the New Testament and most other post-classical Greek texts? Whatever your level, use this forum to discuss all things Koine, Biblical or otherwise, including grammar, textbook talk, difficult passages, and more.

A letter of Hort

I have been reading the NT in Westcott and Hort's original edition (on PDF). It is such a pleasure. They print the verse and chapter numbers on the side, like the OCT, so as not to deface the text for reading, like modern Bibles do. The textual notes in the separate volume are detailed and interesting.

Liking the edition so much, I took a look at Hort's collected letters. And I thought that this was ...
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Fun with Papyri

While researching something else, I came across this:

κυρίῳ μου ἀδελφῷ Ἀμμινέῳ
ἐπειδὴ ὁ κύριός μου ὁ δεσποτικὸς
νοτάριος εὐτυχῶς σήμερον
ἐπιδημεῖν ἡμῖν μέλλει τῆς
τῶν τιρώνων συλλογῆς
ἕνεκεν καλῶς ποιήσεις κύρι
υ ἄδελφε̣, ἐκδέξασθαι τὰς

P.Abinn.: The Abinnaeus Archive: Papers of a Roman Officer in the Reign of Constantius II. (n.d.). Perseus Digital Library.

We'll never know what Ammineus was supposed to receive, but does this remind anyone of any particular biblical story ...
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Michael Psellos

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Galatians read-through

I read Galatians last night and have some questions:

1:10 Ἄρτι γὰρ ἀνθρώπους πείθω ἢ τὸν θεόν;

πείθω is an interesting word for a Christian to use about God, isn't it? It especially surprised me in light of the "win the approval of" or "seeking the favor of" translations of this verse that I hear in church. I would think that the KJV's rendering "persuade" captures this better.

2:3 ἀλλ' οὐδὲ Τίτος ὁ σὺν ἐμοί, ...
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Hebrew tenses in Greek translation [topic split]

Altair wrote:I have almost no academic background in the Greek, but happened to stumble on a site with various parallel translations of Genesis. I could read enough to be surprised at the degree of difference between them and to wonder about the sequence of tenses to render the Hebrew.

I read a very long time ago that there is something going on with the Hebrew tenses at the beginning of Genesis that is not captured ...
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Graecus Venetus and the divine name in Greek [topic split]

Altair wrote:I also recently enjoyed comparing various Greek and Latin translations of Genesis...

Have you seen the Graecus Venetus?


What did you make of it?
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Acts 9:11-12. Inception

ἰδοὺ γὰρ προσεύχεται, καὶ εἶδεν ἄνδρα Ἁνανίαν ὀνόματι εἰσελθόντα καὶ ἐπιθέντα αὐτῷ χεῖρας ὅπως ἀναβλέψῃ

For behold, he is praying, and he perceived a man with the name Ananias having come in and having laid hands (upon him) so that he would see again.

I must be misunderstanding this. Just to fit the narrative I would have expected this to be more instructions to Ananias. (Behold, you will ...
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Difficulty with Acts 7:53

Roberto and I were a little stumped by this tonight.

οἵτινες ἐλάβετε τὸν νόμον εἰς διαταγὰς ἀγγέλων, καὶ οὐκ ἐφυλάξατε.

I haven't looked up any translations (except the Latin), but I read it as: "You who have taken the law for commandments of angels/messengers, and not kept it."

That doesn't make much sense to me, I'm afraid. Is he really arguing that the Jews ignored the law because it came from angels, not God? The ...
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Genre of Luke and/or Acts

The Hermeneutics of Lucan Historiograph, By Roger Stronstad
http://enrichmentjournal.ag.org/top/Hol ... 200609.cfm

Luke 1:1 Ἐπειδήπερ πολλοὶ ἐπεχείρησαν ἀνατάξασθαι διήγησιν περὶ τῶν πεπληροφορημένων ἐν ἡμῖν πραγμάτων, 2 καθὼς παρέδοσαν ἡμῖν οἱ ἀπ᾿ ἀρχῆς αὐτόπται καὶ ὑπηρέται γενόμενοι τοῦ λόγου, 3 ἔδοξε κἀμοὶ παρηκολουθηκότι ἄνωθεν πᾶσιν ἀκριβῶς καθεξῆς σοι γράψαι, κράτιστε Θεόφιλε, 4 ἵνα ἐπιγνῷς περὶ ὧν κατηχήθης λόγων τὴν ἀσφάλειαν.

NASB 3 it seemed fitting for me as well, having investigated ...
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Codex Sinaiticus

During some reading about biblical textual traditions in Wikipedia, I came across an article on the Codex Sinaiticus with an image of part of Luke 11:2. I don't think I yet have rights to post a link or an image, but I will try to put the address below:

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Codex_Sin ... -small.jpg

Thrilled at a chance to test my Greek on genuine unedited text, I went ahead and tried ...
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