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Are you reading Homeric Greek or studying Homeric Greek with Pharr's Homeric Greek - A Book For Beginners? Here's where you can meet other Homeric Greek learners. Use this board for all things Homeric Greek.

M. L. West's edition of the Iliad

Does anyone know what happened to West's edition of the Iliad? It doesn't appear to be available for purchase at any online site.
I know that there were some critical reviews of it when it was first published, but was it really so bad that it would go out of print so soon?
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"Scanned" text of Homeric Greek

Hi-has anybody seen the scanned version of Pharr-Homeric Greek? My old paperback copy is really falling apart-need a new copy, & i notice the "scanned" version is cheaper than the original. Wonder about the quality though, if it's quality printing or not. Any thoughts? Thank you!
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What does face=spionic mean? Is that the code to indicate that the SPIonic font will be used? In any case, although I have the SPIonic font installed on my MacBookPro (OS X 10.6.6), enabling me to read the SPIonic font on the Cornell College Athenaze Resources website, I see only letters in the Roman alphabet in the Pharr Discussions by Chapter links, e.g., viewtopic.php?t=3225 : A)trei/+dhj. Is there something ...
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Audio component for Greek?

Greetings everyone,

I have been lurking around on the forums for a long time while I have been studying Hebrew. Now I am on my way to learning Greek (classical and Koine, and little Latin when I get bored) and I have no real concept of Greek pronunciation. I was curious if there is an audio component for Homeric Greek or any complementary resources. I have searched the forums and these resources seem either scant, ...
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Homeric Greek study group?

I wanted to know if there are any Homeric Greek study groups around.

Eh, are there?

I have "A Reading Course in Homeric Greek" and the Pharr PDF, so anybody wanna get friendly? I hoped a few people here would care to start one up if there isn't a group already. I just found out how awesome skype is as a tool. And, how awesome would it be to have regular Homeric Greek parties (wut, ...
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Chp XLV- line 201 scansion

When scanning Iliad 1. 201 there is an extra syllable, or so it seems. The third to last syllable, the omicron of prosheda needs to be ignored for the meter to work out. The West scanned text seems to have left it out. I guess the question I have is should it be left out? If so, why does it not count towards the meter?

_ _ _ _ _ /u u_ u u_ _ ...
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Pharr Lesson VIII (Section 38.9) - Typo in Greek sentence?

So. I'm wondering if there is a problem with the gender of the last pronoun in sentence 9 of section 38 of Pharr's Homeric Greek.

The sentence is:

ἡ θεά της δεινης θαλάσσης ἔχει τὸ σκηπτρον χρύσεον.

(roughly transliterated: 'h Thea ths deinhs thalasshs exei to skhptron xruseon')

My question is about the pronoun τὸ (to) - shouldn't it be 'τὸν' (tov) in reference to/agreement with σκηπτρον χρύσεον (skhptron xruseon)? σκηπτρον χρύσεον (skhptron xruseon) seem ...
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Confused by 601 vs. 681

In 601 it says that omicron, by compensative lengthening, becomes oυ, but 681 reads that δαιmov becomes daimων and γεροντ becomes γερων (which is what I thought it should do). Which is correct? Is there something here that I am not understanding correctly?

601 also says that epsilon becomes ει. Why doesn't it become η?

Thank you!! This is a wonderful website for self-learners.
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Metrical quantity of the participle, grapsas?

I hope you all don't mind me asking for your opinions on something. Thank you in advance for your time and trouble.

In Iliad 6.169, the participle (at least the only way I can scan it) grapsas must be a spondee. Since the preposition en which follows begins with a vowel (and never had an initial digamma as far as I can tell), the aorist active participle nominative masc/fem singular ending, -as, must be intrinsically ...
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Help with questions, please

Hello! I am self-taught with Pharr's wonderful book, and I'm about to start Chapter 13. I've been doing a review in advance, and come up with several questions that have me stumped. Does anyone know the answers to these? Thank you! possum

1) Ἀχαιοισι θυμω -- there is an iota subscript under omega. Does this mean "to the Achaeans to the spirit"? If it's "to the spirit
of the Achaeans", shouldn't it be Αχαιων ?? ...
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